Create Powerfully Effective Group Hypnosis Sessions


Have you ever wondered if group sessions can work as well as 1:1 sessions? 


Does the thought of speaking in front of an audience (in person or virtually) seem intimidating or overwhelming?


If I could show you how to create group hypnosis sessions that are even more effective than 1:1 sessions and let you make an excellent living, would you be interested?


This comprehensive course gives you everything you need to do the following:

Find the courage and confidence to lead group hypnosis sessions


If the thought of doing group sessions freaks you out, that's ok. 

You're exactly where you're supposed to be. 

You'll learn my proven S.I.P. formula that lets you feel at ease and capable when you present to a group. 

Get my step-by-step formula for creating transformation in a group setting


This is the structure I wish I would've had when I started doing group Zoom calls in 2017. 

After doing 100's of group sessions, I've discovered 5 key components that ensure success...

Even if every person on the call is dealing with a different obstacle and needs a different solution.

Learn my 3 favorite group inductions.


By the time you finish this training you'll feel 100% equipped to lead a group into hypnosis, whether in a virtual setting or in person. 

I'll even show you the exact words that let you demystify hypnosis so participants become eager, willing, and capable of going into a trance.


Get the keys to highly effective group calls:

I've been doing weekly group hypnosis sessions over Zoom since 2017 (before anyone knew what Zoom was).

This is the program I wish I would've had save me months of frustration and learning from scratch. 

This mastering Zoom course shows you...


🟠  The foolproof, step-by-step call structure that lets you build massive rapport with your Zoom audience.

This is important because statistics show that the number 1 indicator that a person will get results if if they have rapport with the person guiding them.

Rapport simply means that people know, like, and trust you.



🟠 How to step into instant confidence using my proven S.I.P formula

The S.I.P. formula equips you to lead your calls with confidence and authority AND have a blast doing it...

Even if group calls seem scary or overwhelming right now.



🟠  How to make people feel comfortable, calm, and safe within the first 10 minutes of the call. 

THIS is the reason my group calls are more powerful and effective than my 1:1 calls. When people come together as a group it creates an energy that can't be duplicated in a 1:1 session. 

Participants feel connected to you AND each other.

I'll show you the Ice-Breaker activity that I stumbled on through trial and error that lets people feel deeply connected so they can experience healing and transformation.


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As you can see, The Magic Words is currently $234 and you get it for free when you purchase this Mastering Group Calls training.


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