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I just changed the name of this program because I received some brutally honest feedback about why people didn't care for the old name (The 2021 Metabolism Kick-Start Program). 

Click the button below if you want to know why the program is now named...

Love Yourself Leaner: The Metabolic Self-Love Program that Sets You Free From Food Fads


Meal Timing Secret That Fires Up The Metabolism

You get the secret for TIMING your meals (NOT count calories) to regulate hormone levels and become a fat burning machine.

These meal timing secrets are scientifically documented to...

✔ Enhance physical energy 

✔ Give you mental clarity 

✔ Boost HGH - a hormone that generates rapid fat loss while retaining muscle.

You even get meal timing options that let you experience...

Autophagy: the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate new, healthy cells. This is the Fountain of Youth and a proven way to heal yourself. 

Virus Protection: This program restores metabolic health which is the most powerful virus protection on the planet.

LOVE YOURSELF LEANER is a health and wellness program with the side effect of weight loss so  2021 can be your healthiest year yet!

Hypnosis and Mindset Tools

Have you ever started a weight loss program and felt super fired up at first...

...only to lose motivation and "fall off the wagon" before you reached the finish line?

That's all about to change.

You get the power of hypnosis to let you easily stay on track without willpower.

Bedtime Hypnosis Audio: 

✔ Fall asleep easily and stay asleep soundly while you program yourself to LOVE this way of eating. 

✔  Change your body's natural set point to align with your desired weight.

✔ Hypnosis to make this change permanent so you can always open your closet and know that your favorite clothes fit perfectly.

Daytime Hypnosis Audio:

This bonus audio gives you a quick powerful boost anytime you need it during the day. 

If you notice energy slipping, this will invigorate and inspire you.

Coaching and Community

Have you ever thought...

"If I had a personal coach like celebrities, I know I could get to my goal!"

You get full time access to me and my team inside the Private VIP Facebook group. 

Studies show that having the support of a community skyrockets your success and creates lasting results. 

I'm proud to say that mine is one of the most kind, encouraging communities on Facebook.

People who join my programs know that I'm 100% committed to your success.

I'm here to answer questions, celebrate your victories (there will be lots) and take you by the hand to gently guide you past obstacles. 

Every week I'll send a short new video module to encourage and inspire you to have an absolute blast as you restore your metabolism and become a fat burning machine. 

You'll discover that this way of eating is MORE enjoyable and that your body easily releases extra weight.


Letting go of stress...

"I'm at my target weight. (Have been for 2 months and it's effortless.)

I credit your programme and just letting go of the stress (cortisol etc.)

I am now easy-going instead of anxious and worried. 

Thank you!"


How Does It Work?


On January 1...

We kick off The LOVE YOURSELF LEANER Program together as a group at the beginning of January. You can start anytime from January 1 through January 8.


You don't need any special foods and there's no calorie counting.

(You've tried that before. If it worked long-term or you wouldn't be here, right?)

This program focuses on timing your meals to boost your metabolism, not food rules and calorie counting.


What if I'm not ready on January 1?

That's ok. You can start anytime within the first 8 days of January. 

You get full time access to coaching form Lori until February 19. That gives you 7 weeks of support for this 6 week program. 

By the end of 6 weeks this program you will have mastered this incredibly enjoyable eating lifestyle. You will be on the path to life-long weight loss and maintenance. 


How is it organized?

This is a 6 week program. 

Every week I will send you organized, step-by-step instructions and fresh content to keep you inspired and excited about the transformation taking place in your mind and body.

Come spend about 20 minutes with me when the new module comes out each week.

You can watch this short, pre-recorded teaching any time to find out what makes this week unique and special. 

What happens when the program ends?

You get full time access to coaching from me for 6 weeks.

At then end of 6 weeks your clothes will fit better and you may have dropped a couple sizes. You'll do a happy dance that this has become a way of life and it so much more enjoyable than you could've dreamed.

The best part is what comes next.

The metabolism-healing secrets you've learned allow you to easily arrive at your desired weight. 

Zero dieting. Zero calorie counting. Zero food rules. 

You get to keep the change.

Enjoy a new body....

An empowered relationship with food....

And the exhilarating joy of knowing you're free from now on. 

What If I Want Extra Support?

When you join The LOVE YOURSELF LEANER Program, you get an exclusive invite to my Trancy Tuesdays group.

I do a live, group hypnosis session every Tuesday so you can hang out with like-minded people and experience support and healing for whatever you're going through in life.

Watch your confirmation email for details about how to join. You can also click here to learn more about this opportunity.


Sugar/Chocolate Buster

I'll walk you through the most powerful protocol I've seen for breaking food addiction. 

It works in less than 10 minutes and you can use it for ANY food or drink that makes you feel out of control. 

The Exercise Habit

This 25-Minute Micro Course shows you a little known method to help you CRAVE exercise... exercise will be your favorite part of the day instead of something you "have to" do.

Heal The Past

I hold your hand and walk with you, step-by-step, through my Trauma Release Protocol that lets you heal past wounds. 

If you emotionally eat or feel that you are protecting yourself by being overweight, you'll experience freedom and relief. 

Here's the email I sent out explaining why I'm changing the name:

(NOTE: I received TONS of amazing name ideas. The current name - LOVE YOURSELF LEANER: The Metabolic Self-Love Program that Sets You Free From Food Fads - is a combination of 3 different suggestions combined into one. Thank you to every one who participated! 

Here's the email...


This morning I got a message from one of the most compassionate people I know.

She has been my biggest cheerleader since the moment I decided to quit my hairstyling job and become a full time hypnotist.

She sent a short text last night asking if I wanted to know how she felt when she read about the weight management program I'm starting in 2 days.

I said, "Yes PLEASE!"

She's the kind of person you can trust to be honest even when it hurts.

It hurt her more than it hurt me because I've learned that honest feedback is a precious gem.

I took notes as I reviewed her message and here's what she gave me.

1. The phrase "Metabolism Kick-Start" sounds like the headline of those annoying magazines we've trained ourselves to ignore at the grocery checkout stand.

I wanted to be defensive and say...

"People WANT to heal their metabolism!"

But deep down I knew she was right and I felt sad that I hadn't listened to my gut.

2. Her favorite part of my programs is the promise that she can say...

"I can love my body. I can love myself. Food is just food and I can be free!"

As she said that I was humbled.

Because that's the number one thing people say when they've taken my weight management programs.

Sometimes I'm afraid to share that because people are sometimes afraid that self-love stops them from achieving their goals.

The opposite is true.

Self-love lets us release the things that kept us stuck and release extra weight in the process.

3. I wish you placed more emphasis on hypnosis because people who are at the end of their rope (like you used to be) need to know they can be free....

"...Now it seems like you're going to tell people to follow a diet instead of adjust their mindset and habits with hypnosis."

I have a knot in my throat as I write this.

My life-long quest has been to heal people's relationship with food and their body in a way that lets them RELEASE food rules and enjoy their life.

Even as a little girl who ate mac and cheese to comfort myself, I was looking around me for answers.

My whole life I've seen WAY too many people who DON'T obsess with food rules...

...and easily maintain health and a lean physique...

...for me to believe we have to "make the food behave".

This program is my celebration of the final piece of the puzzle falling into place for me.

I got so caught up in finding ways to share that excitement that I let myself get tabloid-y.

From the bottom of my heart I want you to know...

I'm sorry.

I've forgotten to spotlight all the things that offer hope!

Like the freedom people experience in their relationship with food...

And how that freedom lets them stop obsessing about what and how much to eat.

They stop beating themselves up and replace self-loathing with self-love.

And this let's the extra weight just fall away.

Most of the time.

And that's a biggie.

I'm so passionate about guiding people to freedom that I've been searching for answers for women like me who are close to (or in) menopause.

Women who feel like they're doing everything right but their pants aren't getting any looser.

My heart goes out to them.

So when I learned about the benefit of TIMING meals in a way that skyrockets health and heals hormones associated with body weight, I lit up.

The first book that gave me this aha moment was "The Obesity Code" by Jason Fung.

I devoured it and realized,

"THIS is the reason I forgot to obsess about food when I was on a specific medication and meal timing is the key to unlocking that secret without medication."

I've been focusing on that idea so much that I've given the impression that this program is about food rules.

If I'd stopped with Dr. Fung's book that might be true.

Next I read a book called, "Fast. Feast. Repeat." by Gin Stephens. (She has a better physique than Dr. Fung.)

Gin is a 50 year old woman who lost 80 pounds and has easily kept it off for the better part of a decade... eating whatever she wants.

Her first book, "Delay, Don't Deny" explains that sometimes she holds off on eating certain "junk foods" from time to time but ultimately nothing is off limits.

This resonates so strongly with me because I'm absolutely convinced that worrying about what we eat is more detrimental than having treats now and then.

There are as many ideal ways of eating as there are humans.

There is no one-size fits all program.

In this program I show you how to discover the right eating program for YOU.

The right program is the one that feels decadent and lets you savor mealtime more than ever...

...while experiencing the peaceful relief that comes from not obsessing about food all the time.

I want to ask your forgiveness for not doing a better job explaining that this is a self-love and wellness program with a side effect of weight loss.

You are precious, valuable, and worthy...

...exactly as you are.

I'm going to do something a little crazy and change the name of my program.

Even though registration closes tomorrow.

I'm thinking of something like,

"The Love Yourself and Shine Program"

As you can see, naming things is not my strong suit.

May I ask you a favor?

If you have an idea for a great name that sums up the following ideas, will you reply to this email?

I'll pick one winner and change the name by the end of the day.

These are the ideas I'd love to convey...

1. You are worthy and loveable exactly as you are and the more you love yourself the easier it is to release extra weight.

2. You don't have to do this by yourself. I'm giving you my most powerful hypnosis protocols and full-time access to me inside my FB group.

3. There are NO forbidden foods. There's NO calorie counting. You're going to enjoy this way of eating more than anything you've ever tried.

I know that's too much to say in one title but that's the hopefulness I want it to convey.

I'd love to hear your ideas!

And if you think your idea is silly, I want to hear it anyway. Sometimes the silliest ones are the best ones!

Thank you for taking time to listen to my heart.

I'm so grateful for you.