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Weekly group hypnosis sessions to get the breakthroughs you've been waiting for...


And equip you to guide other people to their breakthroughs. 


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What time are the calls in my time zone?



The group hypnosis sessions happen every Tuesday at...

10:00 Pacific Time

1:00 pm Eastern Time

6:00 pm UK Time

4:00 am Wednesday Sydney AUS Time (You'll love the replay if you can't attend live! 💜)

NOTE: If you can't join the live sessions, it's ok. People experience breakthroughs by watching the replay too.


Freddy Jacquin's 2-Day Hypnosis Certification Course

With Lori Hammond

This is like no other online training you’ve experienced. Expect to come away equipped with the confident ability to use hypnosis as a hobby or a full-time business.
Two days packed with The Arrow Technique, Weight-Loss Without Willpower, Dream Architectural Therapy Protocol, Total Perception Management, and so much more.

$2,729 VALUE

Skryrocket your INCOME and IMPACT


Master your ability to create Transformational Group Hypnosis Sessions.

This step-by-step blueprint gives teaches you the tech, mindset, and methods that give you everything you need to guide people to a breakthrough in a group hypnosis session, both in person and online.

$1,877 VALUE

Time is an Illusion

A hypnotic workshop that shows you how to stop trying to manage time and step out of it...

So you can stop procrastinating because of life's overwhelm...

And FINALLY make your dreams happen.

What if you can accomplish more than you thought possible, while enjoying yourself!

$535 VALUE

The Magic Words

How to get people to LINE UP to SIGN UP for your group hypnosis sessions (or anything else you sell)...

So you can impact more people and make an excellent living...

Without being salesy or pushy.

You'll discover how to uncover the Magic Words that help people understand why it's so valuable to sign up with you.

$793 VALUE

The Breakthrough Protocol

This 90-minute Reprogramming Session heals the part of you that used to feel out of control of your habits and behaviors so you can permanently release that problem that was keeping you stuck. 

"This opened up a Pandora’s box in a really really good way. I got to the point in the protocol where I was free. There was nothing to drag in." - Caroline D.

$369 VALUE


Power Up Self-Hypnosis

With Freddy Jacquin and Lori Hammond

This fun, interactive 4-hour workshop shows you how to access a deep, hypnotic state that lets you...

  • Eliminate physical and emotional pain
  • Experience complete control of your emotions in any situation
  • Create the body, health and happiness you desire

If you've ever felt like you're not good at self-hypnosis, you'll absolutely love this workshop.

$1,529 VALUE

Mastering Self-Hypnosis

What if you could reliably access your subconscious mind through self-hypnosis?

Learn simple, effective, highly enjoyable techniques you won't find anywhere else so you can quickly Master Self-Hypnosis.

One of the things you'll love most is how this course works for even the most skeptical and analytic people who aren't sure they're hypnotizable. 

$379 VALUE

Sad to Glad

I have to admit, this one just might be my favorite. 

I chose to become a hypnotist because hypnosis let me walk away from life-long clinically diagnosed severe depression. 

I'm so grateful that I don't have to stay stuck in constant doom and gloom that I want to share this message with the world. 


(I can't put a price on this one. It's worth all the money in the world to me.)

Metabolism Kick Start Program

Get immediate access to the powerful hypnotic weight release protocol that gives you an enjoyable way of eating while the weight just melts away. 

Zero food rules or deprivation required. 

"Two months later and I'm down 22 pounds! My inflammation is gone, which is a huge win. I'm not starving. I'm not struggling. It's easy. Thank you!" - Chelsey D.

$729 VALUE

Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Release

I almost didn't include this because it's the very first program I sold and I'm amused by my pink hair and outrageous outfits.

BUT, this program is near and dear to my heart because it created weight-breakthroughs for many people and ended up kicking off the weekly group hypnosis session we do every week now.

Not available ANYWHERE else!

$329 VALUE

The Next Hypnosis Session Happens










What if I can't join live?

That's ok! The live sessions are healing and revitalizing. Many people block their schedule and make it their highest priority to attend. 

Some people choose to watch the replay and experience the same healing and revitalization as if they are there live. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You get access to every single replay and 2 years of past group hypnosis sessions about every topic you can imagine.




What time are the calls in my time zone?



The group hypnosis sessions happen every Tuesday at...

10:00 Pacific Time

1:00 pm Eastern Time

6:00 pm UK Time

3:00 am Wednesday Sydney AUS Time (I apologize Aussies. I see you. 💜)

NOTE: If you can't join the live sessions, it's ok. People experience breakthroughs by watching the replay too.




How do I join the group sessions? 


The instant you save your spot as a group hypnosis member, a page with a link to join the Private Facebook group will open on your device. Click the link to join the group right away. There will be a link at the top of this Facebook page every Tuesday so you can join the live session. I will also email you a link to join every week.



How do I watch the replay?



You can find all the replays inside your searchable VIP member library. You also get immediate access to the scripts and protocols I've customized for group sessions. There's no need to watch all of them. Just know that they're available anytime you need extra encouragement and support. 



Why do you use scripts?



Scripts are a controversial topic. Some people love them, some people hate them. If you're a hypnotherapist, your membership will equip you to confidently deliver group hypnosis sessions with OR without scripts.

If you're not a hypnotherapist, this is for you too! You can just sit back and enjoy the heck out of your weekly hypnosis sessions that feel like a spa treatment for the mind and body. 


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What time are the calls in my time zone?



The group hypnosis sessions happen every Tuesday at...

10:00 Pacific Time

1:00 pm Eastern Time

6:00 pm UK Time

3:00 am Wednesday Sydney AUS Time (I apologize Aussies. I see you. 💜)

NOTE: If you can't join the live sessions, it's ok. People experience breakthroughs by watching the replay too.


Past Hypnosis Sessions Include...

You can watch the reply of any of these calls to experience a breakthrough in that area or use the scripts and protocols in your own 1:1 or group sessions with clients.

  • Age with Grace, Joy, and Health

  • Deep Relaxation and Healing 

  • Tapping into Resilience

  • Meet your Spirit Animal

  • Abundance: The Skyscraper of the Mind

  • White light meditation: When life is hard

  • Harnessing Confidence

  • Hypnosis for Physical Healing

  • The Hypnotic, Healing Train Ride

  • Calming Anxiety

  • Healing the Inner Critic

  • Tap into Highest Wisdom

  • Stepping into Self-Love and Forgiveness

  • Healing Relationships (this is such a beautiful script!)

  • Release Fears and Phobias

  • Hypnosis for Weight Management

  • Sleep Hypnosis 

  • The Control Room: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Dream Hypnosis (Learn to interpret your dreams to get answers to tough questions.)

And MUCH MUCH more.

This is just a small sample of the topics you'll get immediate access to when you join. 


What would YOU like a session about?

All members are encouraged to suggest topics for upcoming group hypnosis sessions. 

If you're interested in a topic and you don't find it in the searchable library of past sessions, just email [email protected] and I'll schedule your topic for an upcoming session. 



Letter From Lori:

Our weekly group hypnosis sessions are my very favorite thing about my business because the members are like family.

If you need extra support or encouragement...

Or even if you feel like you need therapy...

These group sessions will fill your bucket every week.

You can attend live, or watch the replay.

You can watch every week, or every once in a while. 

There's nothing to catch up on. 

There's nothing to miss.

Just show up if you need extra love, connection, and encouragement.

You'll be amazed by how ONE HOUR per week can change your life. 

If you've been toying with the idea of hosting group hypnosis sessions, Trancy Tuesdays will equip you to do that because I'll give you all my scripts and you can model anything I do that you like. 

I encourage "copycatting" (which is really just an elementary school idea that means "modeling" in NLP).


Video Transcript...

3 LIES That Keep People Stuck

And how group hypnosis solves it

Did you know that the most powerful way to help someone change has nothing to do with talking about their problem?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about

getting to the root cause of the problem

or understanding WHY we’re stuck.

But I’m going to uncover 3 hidden lies that, when exposed, will revolutionize your ability to...

quickly get free of problems that felt like they were ruining your life before.

I’m Lori Hammond, a professional hypnotist, who has done hundreds of online group hypnosis sessions with thousands of people around the world.

I’ve uncovered a proven formula that ensures EVERY PERSON in the session can experience a personal breakthrough...

No matter how long they were battling with their issue.

Even if each person is there with a different problem.

So what is the key?

The key is that group sessions can unlock each person’s subconscious miracle generator...

Because every single time a person gets free from trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, procrastination, and so on...

It happens because something shifted inside that person.

So, as we expose the following 3 LIES, you’ll realize that you already have everything you need to unlock your subconscious inner miracle generator so you can get breakthroughs during group hypnosis…

And have an absolute blast doing it.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, "It's not that easy!

I'm still trying to get to the root cause of MY issue…"

This brings us to the first lie that keeps people stuck.

1) The lie is that we need to know WHY in order to get free.

As humans, our meaning-making machine thinks we need to know the root cause in order to heal and be free.

But evidence proves that asking “WHY” is a lie that keeps people rooted in the problem.

Group hypnosis sessions can guide every single person to the internal "aha!" moment that answers the question...

HOW amazing will life be when you’re free of that problem you had?”

Because that question puts subconscious processes in place that we can never consciously figure out by asking "why?"

2) The second lie that keeps people from getting free is saying

“I’ll invest in this when life slows down and I have the time and money to deal with the trauma, anxiety, addiction, procrastination or..."

Whatever was keeping you from living your best life.

This is a trick because we NEVER EVER feel ready, and this is why life will always sabotage us when we wait for the “right time.”

But when YOU CHOOSE that NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR BREAKTHROUGH, you can invest in ONE. SINGLE. HOUR per week to join the live VIP hypnosis session or watch the replay at the perfect time for you...

Because people are amazed that they can get the same experience by attending live, OR watching the replay.

So lie #2 is thinking that there’s going to be some magical "right time"

Because you get to choose that NOW IS THE TIME for your breakthrough.

Fast forward one year and imagine how rich, full and free your life is going to be because of your one hour weekly investment.

3). The third lie is that change takes years…

or a magic formula…

spoken in the perfect hypnotic voice…

from the perfect person.


Because it only takes ONE aha moment...

During ONE group session...

For a person's subconscious mind to say,

"Oh, now I understand that it's safe to heal and let go of that problem!"

Are you ready to drop the idea that change must be complicated and involve talking about the problem...

Searching for the root cause...

Or seeking out the specialized expert who knows the perfect magic formula for that specific thing that's been haunting you.?

Because your subconscious is an expert at how to fix the specific thing that's been haunting you.

And THAT is what you unlock in group sessions.

Now, I know what you’re thinking....

"Lori, I've tried EVERYTHING! I've read books and visited therapists!"

Maybe you've tried meditations and medications or incantations or any number of methods.

Maybe you’re starting to feel a little hopeless?

I know how frustrating it is to feel that way.

The tricky thing is that it's nearly impossible to find healing in isolation...

Because freedom comes when you IMMERSE YOURSELF in the kind of healing environment that happens in group sessions!

I’ve spent decades researching the clear, simple reason that transformation happens when it happens.

I have sought out the patterns, practices and protocols that are PROVEN to work.

Then I bring them in...

Tear them apart to test what actually works in a group setting...

Then combine the proven techniques with the power that happens when a group of people comes together with the shared intent to heal...

Which generates RAPID transformation.

So all you need to do is...


Enjoy yourself...

And allow transformation to take place.

Even if you, like me, are an analytical thinker who's not sure you can be hypnotized.

Many people use weekly hypnosis sessions like a spa treatment for the mind and look forward to this hour as the highlight of the week...

Because that one single hour transforms you on an identity level...

And you’re finally going to feel less alone while you do it!

When you click the button to join...

You get immediate access to dozens of recorded group hypnosis sessions inside a searchable library so you can find any resource you need for self-transformation….


One of the things you’ll love most is that you can get all of the protocols and tools that let you...

Create your own group hypnosis sessions with absolute confidence if you so desire.

Make sure you look at the BONUS section on this page to see the thousands of dollars worth of extra resources I'm giving you that show you how to build a group hypnosis business.

Because if you’re a hypnotist, then you already know...

The quickest way to get really good at something is to model someone who is already where you want to be.

And I give you full permission to use ANYTHING you like from my group sessions.

Because I’m giving you everything you need.

The scripts, protocols, and tools to create a thriving, effective group hypnosis business...

Reach more people...

AND make an excellent living doing it.

I bring in 6 figures per year JUST doing group work, and you can too.

When you click the button to sign up now...

You’ll get immediate access to the group hypnosis script library...

A VIP invite to join a live group hypnosis session every week (or watch the replay).

AND I’ll give you thousands of extra dollars worth of trainings...

That show you EXACTLY how I find people and get them to sign up for group sessions.

So you can experience financial abundance doing group sessions too.

Please don’t fall for the trick that there will be a better time than RIGHT NOW...

Because experience shows that if you leave without signing up...

You’ll stay stuck.

Group hypnosis sessions can give you the same personal breakthroughs and transformations that myself and people just like you have achieved...

AND equip you to guide others to the same transformations.

So click the link to get started today while this opportunity is still available.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.