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Hey there, I'm Lori Hammond.

I'm just another person who's been discouraged by life's ups and downs.

I've tried to change things about myself more times than I can count. Every attempt ended in frustration.

Honestly, I had almost given up hope on overcoming my struggles with depression, shedding extra pounds, and tackling other challenges. Then, by chance, I stumbled upon hypnosis.

I don't easily buy into stuff like hypnosis. I'm naturally skeptical and tend to overanalyze everything. So when I encountered hypnosis, my skepticism got in the way and kept me from changing at first.

But here's the thing: I discovered some simple, powerful secrets that many hypnotists overlook. These secrets transformed my ability to experience the kind of hypnosis that transformed my life.

And that's what Trancy Tuesdays is all about. It's a space where you can step into the role of the hero in your own story, without the pressure of trying to fix yourself. (It happens on it's own.)

It's about embracing the power of hypnosis and allowing yourself to receive its benefits. (No EFFORT necessary.)

And here's the kicker: if you happen to be a hypnotherapist yourself, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of powerful protocols that you can use with your own clients.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, the Trancy Tuesdays family is here to welcome you with open arms.

Let's rewrite your story together.



What if THIS IS the answer you've been searching for? 


Discover PROVEN Hypnosis Protocols

Did you know that virtual group sessions are proven to be as powerful as private one-on-one sessions?

With online sessions, you're guaranteed a front-row seat every time, all from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, you'll have access to ALL the replays, so you can revisit sessions or catch up on sessions you miss whenever it suits you."


Empower Yourself

Access all the scripts and protocols from past and current sessions.

(Easily find what you need in your searchable library.)

You'll get full permission to use the protocols with your own clients, earning you a reputation as a miracle worker. 

(Get ready, because referrals will start flooding in.)

Experience the Power of RECEIVING

Perhaps you're used to guiding others to their breakthroughs with hypnosis...

But deep down, you yearn to experience the transformative power of hypnosis for yourself.

Join us and immerse yourself in some of the most potent hypnosis protocols in the world.

Discover the magic that unfolds when you let go of the need to "fix" yourself.

Relax as Lori skillfully guides your subconscious mind to transformation without any effort on your part.



Pro Tip: Even if you can't attend live, you'll gain just as much value inside your searchable library of hypnosis session replays.


How It Works

Getting started is easy. Here's how it works.

Sign up for Trancy Tuesdays

Gain instant access to your searchable hypnosis library, whether you choose to join the weekly calls or not.

Explore Your Member Portal

Identify the areas where you want transformation then immerse yourself in the pre-recorded hypnosis session for that topic. 

Experience Transformation

Relax and let yourself be on the RECEIVING end of the most potenthypnotic protocols in the world.  



If you've ever felt stuck after trying hypnosis, it's because the secret to true transformation was missing.


Trancy Tuesdays unlocks this secret, delivering it in every session to ensure you finally achieve the breakthrough you've been seeking.



  Pro Tip: This is especially powerful for Hypnotists who guide others to transformation but struggle to achieve their own breakthrough. What if it's finally YOUR TURN to experience your breakthrough?


FINALLY, Unlock Your Breakthrough


Your monthly investment is less than the cost of ONE therapy session.

The unique hypnotic protocols you experience in Trancy Tuesdays are proven to be as effective as private, one-on-one sessions.

(It's like having a private session from the comfort and privacy of your favorite chair at home, with the option to keep your camera on or off.)



Get instant access to a searchable library of proven effective hypnosis audios.




When do sessions happen?


Join us on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm Eastern Time/6:00 pm UK Time for a live, one-hour hypnosis session.

Can't make it live?

No problem‚ÄĒyou get access to ALL replays, including past sessions.





Get All The Tools You Need To Change Your Life

You get immediate access to the entire Trancy Tuesdays library with over 2 years of searchable, archived hypnosis sessions. 


You get the digital programs below so you can have the breakthroughs you've been searching for.

Mastering Self Hypnosis

Learn the enjoyable techniques that let you reprogram the subconscious mind for success. 

If you've struggled to change, THIS is the secret method you've been looking for.

And guess what? These fun tools even work for people who are skeptical about hypnosis.

$379 Value

Power Up Self Hypnosis

Join Freddy Jacquin and me as we reveal the true secrets of transformation.

Discover why change occurs and learn how to consistently ignite change for yourself and others.

If you've ever felt frustrated about your ability to change, you'll love this enjoyable training.

$595 Value

Hypnosis for Abundance

Uncover the underlying reasons why some people constantly struggle...

While others effortlessly attract abundance and never worry about money because they always have what they want and need.

Pro Tip: I used this easy technique to go from sleeping on my brother's couch to consistently making 6-figures.

$456 Value


The Breakthrough Protocol

This powerful hypnosis protocol is tailored to address addictions, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, and stubborn habits that seemed impossible to change.

If something about yourself has been haunting you...

You've TRIED, over and over, to get free and failed...

This transformative hypnosis protocol is designed to provide the breakthrough you've been longing for. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let the magic unfold.

$369 Value


Sad to Glad

This program holds a special place in my heart because these are the very tools that liberated me from severe, lifelong, clinical depression.

Now, you too have the pathway out of depression once and for all.

BONUS: These protocols are effective for seasonal depression as well.

ANOTHER BONUS: If you're a hypnotist, you're granted permission to utilize these protocols with your own clients."

Time is an Illusion

Have you ever found yourself saying, "I would do _____, if only I had enough time!"

Are you constantly putting your desires on hold because life feels too hectic?

Time is an Illusion illuminates magic pockets of time and guides you to consistently achieve what truly matters and brings you joy. 

(Includes hypnosis!)

$535 Value



Unlock "The Answer Room" Hypnosis Audio and Experience:

  • Crystal-clear inner guidance that illuminates your next steps with certainty.

  • A transformational hypnosis journey, even if you're skeptical about your ability to be hypnotized.

  • Feel the weight of confusion lift as you gain clarity and purpose in The Answer Room.

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Personal Transformation

$97 Per Month

  • Unlock the secret to transformation with weekly hypnosis sessions. (These will be the highlight of your week.)

  • FINALLY, get your¬†breakthroughs¬†that used to seem impossible.

  • Get instant access to the searchable hypnosis library of past group hypnosis sessions. (Get the same breakthrough as a private 1:1 session.)

  • Power Up Self Hypnosis: With Freddy Jacquin and Lori Hammond. This¬†$595 program¬†unlocks¬†the secrets that let you reliably generate transformation for yourself and others.

  • Hypnosis for Abundance: The¬†$456 program¬†that unlocks¬†the¬†real¬†reason some people endlessly struggle and never have enough, and some people never worry about money and always have¬†enough.

  • Time is an Illusion: The¬†$535 program¬†that shows you how to find magic pockets of time to do what you WANT to do.

  • The Breakthrough Protocol: The¬†$369 program¬†that gives you the breakthrough¬†you crave.

  • Mastering Self-Hypnosis: This¬†$379 program¬†unlocks the secret to hypnotizing yourself for transformation... even if nothing worked in the past.¬†

  • Sad to Glad: The proven hypnosis process that lets a person step out of depression once and for all.¬†

    HINT: This is the system Lori used to step out of chronic, life-long depression 


Use ANYTHING you receive here with your own clients. (I give you everything you need.)


(but are certainly not limited to...)

Overcoming Addictions

Healing from Past Trauma

Release Excess Weight

Hypnosis for Abundance (End money struggles)

Hypnosis for Better Sleep (end insomnia)

ADHD and Hypnosis

Hypnosis to end fears and phobias

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying


Healing Relationships

Improving communication

Step into Worthiness

Mastering Self Hypnosis


Sports Performance

Awakening Creativity

Hypnosis for Gratitude

Hypnosis for Easy Learning and Memory

Cultivating Compassion

Hypnosis to End Allergies for Good

Hypnotic Time Travel

Hypnotic Healing

Cultivating Intuition

Managing stress, fear, and worry

Age with Grace, Joy, and Health

Developing Intuition

Hypnosis to Stop Complaining

And MUCH More


Sessions happen on Tuesdays at: 

10:00 am Pacific Time

1:00 pm Eastern Time (US)

6:00 pm UK Time

NOTE: If you can't be there live, you'll get just as much value from the replay. You get access to the full, searchable library of ALL replays.




Most Popular

 You get lifetime access to EVERYTHING in the monthly option, PLUS...


Extra BONUSES just for LIFETIME members ūüĎáūüŹľ


2-Day Hypnosis Certification Course

Featuring Freddy Jacquin and Lori Hammond

Get equipped with the ability to use hypnosis as a hobby or a full-time business.

$2,729 VALUE


Create Transformational Group Hypnosis Sessions.

Step-by-step blueprint to everything you need to guide people to a breakthrough in a group hypnosis session, both in person and online.

$1,877 VALUE


The Magic Words

Unlock the Magic Words to say to people that make them line up to sign up with you.

$793 VALUE


Metabolism Kick Start Program

This powerful hypnotic weight release protocol gives you an enjoyable way of eating while the weight melts away. 

Zero food rules or deprivation. 

$729 VALUE


Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Release

I almost didn't include this because it's the very first program I sold and I'm amused by my pink hair and outrageous outfits.

BUT, this program is near and dear to my heart because it created weight-breakthroughs for many people and ended up kicking off the weekly group hypnosis session we do every week now. People loved the weekly sessions so much that Trancy Tuesdays was born

Not available ANYWHERE else!

$329 VALUE

(You also get EVERYTHING in the monthly option.)