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I know how scary it can be to try new things or reach out for help. Many people are intimidated by the thought of getting in touch to find out how well online sessions work. Some people are worried they can't afford a one on one session. 

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If you’re a yo-yo  dieter, a mindless snacker, or a binge-eater who feels trapped in a body that won’t cooperate and discouraged by slow progress, you're in the right place. 

You probably already know that diets don’t work. 

Counting calories or carbs, time-sucking meal prep, and killing yourself in the gym never works once motivation slips (and it always slips.)

You may have heard that the only way to lose weight - and keep it off - is to adjust your mindset and behave like a *naturally thin person.

*Naturally Thin Person: Someone who never worries about what they eat and always fits in their favorite jeans. 

Easier said than done, right?

I know because I’ve been where you are. And I can show you exactly how I went from a US size 16 to size 2...

...without using willpower.

Here's what you might not know about a naturally thin mindset...

When you ditch food rules and diet plans, you stop obsessing about food and start enjoying life more than ever.

The side effect?

You stop thinking of yourself as a person with a weight problem (or a food obsession) and your body naturally slims down to your ideal size.

Here's what you can expect...

...slipping into your favorite outfit and it fits perfectly.

What will it be like to look in your closet every morning knowing everything fits. You've gotten rid of those old fat clothes because you KNOW you'll never need them again. You hold your head high and feel confident in public because you are no longer the kind of person who struggles with your weight.

...forgetting to obsess about food.

It's lunch time and you realize you haven't thought about food once. You feel peace and relief because you've reprogrammed your mind and body to feel completely content with just the right amount of food to maintain your ideal weight. 

...savoring your food more than ever.

You've stopped avoiding your favorite foods and restaurants. Now you enjoy and truly taste food more than ever.

You trust yourself to lose interest as soon as you've had enough - just like the naturally thin person you've become. 

After special occasions, like a wedding, you remember the way the groom's eyes lit up when he saw the bride instead of the guilt you felt when you ate that second piece of wedding cake.

...being kind to yourself when you look in the mirror.

Yes, you've achieved your ideal body. But more importantly, you know it's yours from now on. You look yourself in the eye and celebrate your great choices. Feeling supremely confident, proud of yourself, and worthy of your healthy, vibrant, attractive body. This. Is. You. You've forgotten what it was like to have an overweight, dieter mentality.

...your success inspiring loved ones

People’s eyes light up when they see your transformation. They ask, "How did you do it?" because you've given them hope that they can do it too. Old friends don't recognize you at first because you're absolutely glowing. New friends can't believe you ever struggled with your weight. 

Even though your reasons for wanting to lose weight are obvious, the path to doing it is anything but.


Email me at [email protected] if you want to make sure Weight Loss Without Willpower is a good fit for you. 

Maybe in your most motivated moments, you’ve made the commitment to lose weight. 

You chose a new diet, thrown all your junk food out of the house (or had that famous “last supper” to get ready for the deprivation to come).

You shopped and maybe even prepped your meals for the week. 

If you were extra motivated, you might have gotten a new gym membership or purchased a shiny new treadmill - promising yourself you wouldn’t let it gather dust in the corner. 

Even with the best intentions, most dieters end up abandoning ship when life gets in the way. They end up having to buy BIGGER jeans instead of dropping a size.

Weight loss success remains in the mystical, yet elusive, someday. 

Here’s why most yo-yo dieters “fall off the wagon”...

Without super clear, step-by-step guidance, most dieters are clueless about how to stop thinking, feeling, and acting like a fat person. They don't know how to maintain their ideal body like a naturally thin person.

  • They fall victim to paralyzing guilt and shame when they eat “forbidden food”. 
  • They’re overwhelmed by adding time-sucking meal plans to their already busy life. 
  • They’re discouraged by slow progress and are afraid their metabolism is broken. 

Here's why this mentality is irreversibly crippling.

You're already overwhelmed by your mile long to-do list. It’s unrealistic to eat like a dieter, especially when life throws a curve ball.

The moment you get lost in a “just-this-once” temptation, it’s almost impossible to recover. 

You throw in the towel and decide to start again later. Or you decide to just accept that you'll always be overweight.

It’s imperative to find someone who's been there to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to stop dieting and think thin!

(And yes, you can do this.) 

Unfortunately, there are very few dieters who ever get this right.

In all likelihood, they tried the latest fad diet for a few days or a few weeks. Then life got in the way, or the cravings got too intense so they gained all the weight back, plus a few extra pounds... 

...plus extra guilt and shame.  

Avoid Mistakes Other Dieters Make 

Even if you’ve tried every diet, pill and potion, there’s still a golden opportunity for you to jump in, adjust your mindset, and tap into the part of you that knows how to think thin (and therefore become naturally thin). 

That is, if you can avoid making the same deadly mindset mistakes the diet industry pushes on people.

and the TRUTH that ensures 2020 is the year you reach your goal.


(Or worse, something is wrong with you if you can't stick with a diet.)

Weight loss should be a straightforward process, but diets create a laser focus on forbidden foods and keep your head full thoughts like...

“What am I having for lunch?” as soon as breakfast is over. 

You already know that being told “No” makes you want it even more. 

Food rules create “Forbidden Fruit Syndrome.”

Each diet gives new rules about how many calories you can eat, how few carbs you get, what foods you have to ban from your house and what restaurants you have to avoid.


Every new rule makes you MORE obsessed with food, more discouraged about your lack of willpower, and more entrenched in a fat-person mentality.


When you try to lose weight with a "Diet Mentality" you will always struggle.

When you think like a naturally thin person, you free yourself from obsessive food thoughts.

You become empowered and completely in control around food.

Your thin-mindset lets something almost magical happens...

...your body lines up with your mindset and the extra pounds just fall off. 

It’s time to acknowledge how worthy you are to stop dieting and become naturally thin.

Most people are skeptical that they can become naturally thin, but I promise, you are not the exception to the rule. 

You CAN do this.


Most dieters "motivate" themselves by constantly shining a spotlight on their so-called failures.

One slip up means they blew it!

They look at their body and feel disgusting and unlovable.

But you’ve already proven that guilt and shame can never motivate you to lose weight in the long run.

That’s because your subconscious mind ALWAYS drives you toward your focus.

When you focus on what you did wrong and feel discouraged by your tight clothes, you're destined to keep struggling.

If you manage to arrive at your goal using guilt and shame, you will still see a fat person when you look in the mirror.

When you shift to a thin person mentality, you release guilt and shame. 

When you slip on those jeans in the just-right size, you’ll feel sheer gratitude for your healthy, attractive body.

Do this right now. Close your eyes and say to yourself, “I forgive you. I deserve to have a healthy attractive body. I CAN DO IT!”


(This one fires me up the most!)

You probably think you’re overweight because you don’t have enough motivation or willpower.

But guess what?

It’s scientifically proven that willpower will never ever re-shape habits.

Yes, it may work for a little while. But as soon as willpower slips, the weight comes right back on.

When you shift to a naturally thin mindset, excess food no longer calls your name so you don’t have to use willpower.

Naturally thin people don’t eat when they're bored, lonely, etc. They know how to soothe themselves without using food.

I promise, you can learn to do the same.

There's a powerful tool that's proven to work better than willpower. In fact, this little secret is shown to be the #1 best way to keep extra weight off permanently. 

That tool is...


Hypnosis seems a little scary to some people. 

I used to be scared of hypnosis too but it turned out to be the answer to my prayers because it taught me to adjust my mindset to think like a naturally thin person, once and for all. 

Instead of the hypnotist controlling my mind, I learned to control my own mind. 

I realized food had been controlling my mind and hypnosis put me in charge.

Many people don't realize that food obsession is just a form of hypnosis. If you struggle with your weight, you're an excellent hypnotic subject!

You can use the same exact process that got you stuck to get un-stuck.

(I answer your hypnosis questions in the FAQ lower on this page.)

Ok, this one's a doozy!

Many well-meaning, but under-informed people have been recycling this idea based on outdated science from the 1980's. 

Have you ever heard someone say, "All you have to do is eat less and move more?"

This is just one more rule to cause guilt for chronic dieters (see lie #2). 

They think they don't have enough willpower (lie #3) so they give up. 

Here's the science-backed fact about weight loss:


The only reason people have extra weight on their body is because they put extra food in their mouth. Period.


When you adopt a naturally thin mindset, you will lose weight, whether you exercise or not. 

Here's another little known fact. When you do lots of cardio, it sends a metabolic message to the body that says...

"Store fat! We need lots of extra energy for all this cardio!"

This is why you're more hungry when you do more cardio. Your body is desperately trying to store fat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Exercise is important for mental and physical health but is NOT an effective way to lose weight.

Naturally active people move because it feels great. Not to lose weight.  

Even though there are thousands of diet plans, more people battle with their weight every year. 

This is because impossible to become permanently thin with a fat-person mindset.

But when you avoid the blunders of most yo-yo dieters, the path to naturally thin is paved for you.

Now you can hold your head high in public, get happy when you look in the mirror and feel completely peaceful and in control around food.

The key is to tap into your inner thin person.

With your permission, I’d love to show you how...


The complete guided program to ensure 2020 is the year you stop battling your weight and become NATURALLY THIN.

Here's why 2020 is the year you become naturally thin.

In Weight Loss Without Willpower, I’ve taken everything I learned from...

  • Losing 70 pounds 
  • Studying the neuroscience of habit and mindset change
  • Guiding my clients to weight-loss success
  • The exact hypnosis protocols that gave me the mindset of a naturally thin person.

...and channeled it into a complete, step-by-step program.

I hold your hand, every step of the way to show you the proven way to release excess weight FOR GOOD.

This system works no matter why you struggle with your weight.


If you are... 

  • An emotional eater
  • A mindless snacker
  • A binge eater (I was too)
  • A sugar addict
  • Over 40 and think your metabolism is broken

You CAN get off the diet roller coaster and step into a new world of freedom as a naturally thin person.

Weight-Loss Without Willpower is the only program of its kind that re-trains your subconscious mind, body, and metabolism to easily maintain your ideal weight.

You'll release the guilt and shame that kept you stuck in a downward spiral after a just-this-once taste.

You'll savor food more than ever and still fit into your favorite jeans. Just like a naturally thin person.

You’ll know exactly how to stop food cravings, mindless snacking and obsessive food thoughts WITHOUT using willpower.

Just like a naturally thin person.

No food rules.

No guilt and shame.

No willpower.

Diets, guilt, and willpower seem righteous on the surface, but they only create overwhelm and keep you stuck in a fat-person mentality.

In Weight Loss Without Willpower you learn to think like, behave like, and therefore become a naturally thin person.

This sets you apart from the yo-yo dieters who only experience fleeting success.

Since Weight-Loss Without Willpower is a guided system, I'm beside you every step of the way.

I take nothing for granted and give specific formulas to make sure you know how to tap into the naturally thin version of yourself that IS inside you.

And no, you aren’t the exception to the rule.

The end result is freedom from obsessive thoughts about food and a mindset shift that lets you enjoy a healthy thin body for the rest of your life.

Here you get the bulletproof foundation for automatic, permanent weight loss.

By the time you finish Section 1, you’ll be on your way to a naturally thin mindset.

In section 1 you get an overview of:

  • 3 things you’ll start doing:
    Three ways to stop cravings and easily sooth yourself without food. These specific actions are so clear and simple, a child could do them.
  • 3 thing’s you’ll stop doing:
    Weight Loss Without Willpower lets you...
    • Stop using diets and food rules.
    • Stop exercising to lose weight. (More about this in the bonus exercise module below.)
    • Stop using guilt and shame to motivate change.
  • 3 ways you’re supported in this program:
    • You get access to a private VIP Facebook community with ongoing coaching from me there.
    • Weekly group hypnosis sessions.
    • Coach In Your Pocket videos you can access anytime, anywhere from your smart phone.

Now that you understand where you are going and how to get there, it’s time to learn the 3 step formula that lets you stop the the food battle without using willpower. 

By the time  you finish Section 2 you’ll never feel enslaved to food rules again.

  • You’ll know how to steer clear of just-this-once backslides.
  • You’ll savor food more and feel satisfied with less. 
  • You'll know how to soothe yourself without food so the urge to emotionally eat or mindlessly snack goes away all by itself. 

Now the blinders are coming off and it’s dawning on you that you AREN’T broken.

Nothing is wrong with you.

Nothing is wrong with your metabolism.

You aren’t a genetic freak destined to battle your weight for the rest of your life. 

Here’s where the seed of hope is watered and begins to grow as you realize, “I CAN DO THIS!”

Here’s what section 3 gives you:

  • The secret weapon of Emotional Freedom Technique: If you don't know what EFT is, you're in for a treat! If you’re an EFT skeptic like I used to be, I'll show you a little known secret that makes EFT work for you so you can release that cloud of discouragement that used to hang over you. 
  • Rehearsal Protocol: I won't tell you what to do then leave you hanging. Every technique I teach includes a short video walk-through and a step-by-step PDF so you know exactly how to become a naturally thin eater for life.
  • Daily checklist: These are 3 magic questions that trigger automatic, subconscious success. 

Never feel stuck again.

That’s the *pinky swear* promise I make with the Coach In Your Pocket Section. 

I’ve gone to extreme measures to make sure you're confident using the tools that let you become naturally thin. 

You can watch the Coach In Your Pocket videos from your phone. I'm right here with you anytime you need me to transform and empower your mindset and abilities.

The result?

Step out of, “Why do I keep messing up” and into “How can it be so easy?!”

Here you'll find very short video walk-throughs that let you...

  • Easily stop mindless snacking.
  • Feel completely content with appropriate portion sizes for your ideal weight 
  • The transformational Weight Loss Without Willpower formula at the heart of becoming a naturally thin eater. 
  • Release limiting beliefs and negative self talk. 
  • Become your own biggest cheerleader. When you truly believe in yourself it becomes easy. 
  • And more! 
  • Each Coach In Your Pocket video comes with a clear, quick PDF you can use instead of the videos.

With Coach In Your Pocket, you never have to feel stuck or alone again.  

($297 Value)

This module releases 30 days after you join Weight Loss Without Willpower

By then you will have already proven to yourself that exercise is not necessary to lose weight because I urge you to start no new exercise for at least 30 days.

This bonus module teaches the scientifically proven method to become a naturally active person. 

You’ll exercise for health, vitality, flexibility and strength.

You will not exercise to 

  • Lose weight
  • Punish yourself for overeating
  • Earn an extra serving of cheesecake later.

That's a diet mentality and it keeps you battling the bulge. 

From now on you'll exercise because you CRAVE it and love the way it makes you feel.

($997 Value)

I truly believe this bonus is priceless. 

Imagine being cheered on to the finish line by a rock-solid support group of people who have already done it.

Did you know statistics prove that a supportive community like this one skyrockets your success? 

When you join Weight Loss Without Willpower you'll never feel alone again because you'll have lifetime access to this vibrant, friendly VIP community. 


But here's where Weight Loss Without Willpower stands apart from the rest...


This program is my full-time work. I'm active inside the VIP Facebook group every day and offer guidance to your specific situation. 

In fact, experience shows that participants of Weight Loss Without Willpower get even better results than one-on-one clients because of daily support and encouragement inside a community of people just like you. 

People who have stopped dieting and are becoming naturally thin.

($1,997 Value)

Here’s where everything clicks into place.

The fact that you’ve been fighting food and your weight proves it’s a subconscious problem.

You would never consciously choose to struggle with your weight.


The only way to change a subconscious problem is with a subconscious solution.


Weight Loss Without Willpower is effective because it uses hypnosis to permanently re-program the subconscious mind to be naturally thin.

Hypnosis is proven to create permanent weight loss because it speaks directly to the subconscious part of you that kept you overweight. 

The Weight Loss Without Willpower program gives you access to 8 weekly hypnosis sessions.

These 1-hour sessions are specifically designed to give you every subconscious tool you need to make weight loss automatic and permanent. 

If you're nervous about hypnosis or your ability to be hypnotized, the FAQ below will set your mind at ease.

Here’s what you get from these pre-recorded weekly sessions: 

  • Deep relaxation that lets you tap into the the naturally thin person inside you. 
  • Release the overweight, diet mentality that kept you stuck.
  • Turn your inner critic into an inner cheerleader.
  • Release guilt and shame and truly embrace your worthiness to be thin. 

When you invest just 1 hour every week you will notice yourself forgetting to remember to mindlessly snack, eat overly large portions, or obsess about food because you’ll be too busy feeling empowered and amazing. 

Don't want to wait til next week?

That's okay! You get instant access to all 8 pre-recorded group hypnosis sessions so you can watch them at the pace that's perfect for you.

Take the 




Let me say this up front. I'm going to hold your hand and guide you, step-by-step, down the path of becoming a naturally thin person.

Your VIP community is full of encouraging, supportive people, just like you, who are proving Weight Loss Without Willpower works!

I’m in this community every single day answering your specific questions with patience and gentle guidance. Weight Loss Without Willpower is my life’s work and your freedom is my highest priority.

Unlike diet programs, you don't have to white-knuckle your way through cravings anymore.

You won't go to bed feeling deprived because you couldn’t eat what you wanted or guilty because you did.

So here’s my promise to you...

Enroll right now. Start exploring Weight Loss Without Willpower.

Consistently use the 3-Step Weight Loss Without Willpower formula.

Schedule when you’ll watch the group hypnosis session each week.

Go all in for 30 days and if you show me you’ve done the above steps and haven’t seen measurable results, email me personally at [email protected] and I will return every penny of your investment.

You can have this... 

  • The Complete Weight-Loss Without Willpower Program - $597 Value
  • BONUS: Become a Naturally Active Person Exercise Module - $297 Value 
  • BONUS: VIP Facebook community with daily access to me inside - $997 Value 
  • BONUS: 8 Weekly Hypnosis Sessions - $1,997 Value
  • Lifetime access to the complete program and recorded hypnosis sessions.

Total Value: $3,888

But today you have the opportunity to join Weight Loss Without Willpower for just $395.  

Choose the right option for you below.

Click each question to see the answer.

I get this question a lot!

Most of the people in Weight Loss Without Willpower are over 40 (many are over 50).

Almost all participants have been on and off of extreme diets for decades. They still get phenomenal results in the Weight Loss Without Willpower program.

Their transformation happens because hypnosis literally reprograms your metabolism to work appropriately.

How hypnosis impacts metabolism...

Because the subconscious mind is in charge of your metabolism (that's why you can't consciously control it).

Hypnosis signals your metabolism to shed excess weight - even from those stubborn areas.  

Weight Loss Without Willpower works, no matter what your age or the current state of your metabolism. 

There's a common misconception that hypnosis is mind control.

Some people think they can’t be hypnotized because they’re too analytical or don’t know how to relax and let go. 

Here’s the truth about hypnosis:

Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone (even you) goes in and out of every single day. Have you ever paid so much attention to your phone that you didn’t hear someone talk to you? That’s what I call phone hypnosis. 

Have you ever been so immersed in a movie that you jumped when the bad guy appeared? If so, you’ve proven that you’re an excellent hypnotic subject because the director of the movie hypnotized you to act like the movie was real.

Hypnosis happens anytime someone gets you focused on a certain way of thinking. Like the news taking you out of a good mood and getting you focused on the latest bad news. 

What if you're already hypnotized? That's why you struggle with your weight. Diets kept you focused on obsessive food thoughts and discouragement about your body. (Those obsessive thoughts are hypnosis.)

When you watch the weekly hypnosis sessions inside Weight Loss Without Willpower, you'll experience deep, healing relaxation.

You'll remember as much from the session as you would from any normal conversation. 

Each session creates a subtle, effective subconscious shift that lets you release limiting beliefs and become naturally thin. You’ll be amazed at how your body responds to this profound mindset shift. 

These sessions are nothing like stage shows or Scooby Doo. You'll simply sit and relax in the comfort of your own home as you watch and listen. 

Diets are a sure-fire way to take people out of touch with our body.

You are not the exception to the rule.

If you were in touch with your body you wouldn’t be here. 

I have meticulously engineered Weight Loss Without Willpower to relieve this common fear.

The very first hypnosis session is all about re-connecting you to your internal hunger and satisfaction cues.

I say RE-connecting because you WERE born with this ability but it likely got turned off in early childhood. 

You may not remember what it’s like to hear your body. But your subconscious mind remembers.

Hypnosis elegantly and effectively re-connects the vital mechanism that lets you experience the same peace and control around food as your naturally thin friends.

I feel your pain. I’ve tried everything from HGC injections to 7 years on the keto diet (before it was cool) to fasting for an entire month.

Each time I failed, I felt more broken and discouraged. A few times I decided to just stay overweight. But even if I could accept my body, I HATED feeling enslaved and controlled by food.

Weight Loss Without Willpower is different because it takes your focus off food and shines a spotlight on your ability to have peace and control around food.

And something magical happens with this mindset shift. You start to ENJOY and truly savor food more than ever before.

You discover what it’s like to feel completely satisfied with appropriate amounts of your favorite foods. 

No more feeling deprived.

No more willpower or motivation required.

Weight loss becomes a process of “allowing” instead of forcing.

Let’s talk about overwhelm for a second.

Overwhelm happens when you don’t have an actionable, easy to follow, proven path to success.

I created Weight Loss Without Willpower as the antidote to the overwhelm of shopping lists, food rules, and menu planning.

You’re not going to invest your sacred energy into acting like a dieter anymore.

Instead, you’re going to use the super simple, 3-Step Weight Loss Without Willpower Formula to rack up the wins. You'll leverage the same tools and strategies as the naturally thin people you’ve envied for so long.

Before you know it, you'll have morphed into a naturally thin person yourself. 

Weight Loss Without Willpower is all about the mindset shift that lets you think like a naturally thin person.

You already know that when you feel you “should” exercise it feels like an overwhelming burden. 

This causes the all-or-nothing diet mentality that leads straight to couch-potato status when you miss a couple days.

The first 30 days of Weight Loss Without Willpower include NO ADDITIONAL EXERCISE because I want you prove exercise isn't about weight loss.

On day 30 you’ll get the BONUS exercise module that teaches you how to become a naturally active person.

Surprise! There’s no willpower or motivation required here either.

Instead, you’ll become the kind of person who craves moving your body because you love the way it makes you feel and you love yourself enough to cultivate health, flexibility, vitality, strength, and stamina.

As you become a NATURALLY thin and active person, you will never exercise to lose weight, punish yourself, or earn extra calories again.

Those are fat-person reasons to exercise and you’re a naturally thin eater now.

You get immediate access to all 8 pre-recorded group sessions the instant you join Weight Loss Without Willpower. 

In addition, you get access to ongoing group calls with people just like you in the WWW community. Many people consider these calls the highlight of their week.

If you join live, you'll simply click a link that puts you in a virtual room with me and other participants. You'll join with your camera off and you decide if you want to turn it on. 

These enjoyable relaxing sessions are a great way to bond with others in the program while you reprogram your subconscious mind for success.

Every call is recorded and placed in the VIP Facebook group so you can watch the replay and still get the full benefit as if you were there live.

I highly encourage you schedule when you’ll watch the call every week because it’s the most valuable 60 minutes you will ever invest in yourself.

We’re gonna make a little deal, ok?

I’m 100% committed to Weight Loss Without Willpower being the LAST program you need to become naturally thin and healthy from now on. 

I want you to commit to using the Weight Loss Without Willpower Formula, and attend the weekly group hypnosis sessions.

If you show me that you’ve done that, and you aren’t experiencing the weight loss that comes from being a naturally thin eater, then I insist you email me personally at [email protected] within 30 days to get 100% of your investment back.

I’ve intentionally made this program clear, enjoyable, and simple...

… while also making it more thorough, complete, and meticulously engineered for success than anything else on the market.

I want you to stop missing out on living in a healthy body, and finally utilize a proven, step-by-step formula that works every time.

I can’t wait to welcome you inside the Facebook community of people just like you who are ready for Weight Loss Without Willpower.

Here's what you get when you enroll today:

  • The Complete Weight-Loss Without Willpower Program - $597 Value
  • BONUS: Become a Naturally Active Person Exercise Module - $297 Value 
  • BONUS: VIP Facebook community with daily access to me inside - $997 Value 
  • BONUS: 8 Weekly Hypnosis Sessions - $1,997 Value
  • Lifetime access to the complete program and recorded hypnosis sessions.

Total Value: $3,888

But today you have the opportunity to join Weight Loss Without Willpower for just $395.  

Choose the right option for you below.

10 Ways To Know If Weight Loss Without Willpower Is Right For You

  1. You’ve tried so many diet plans, pill, potions, and maybe even surgeries that you believe it’s always going to be a struggle. Maybe you’ve decided to just stay overweight. But something has sparked inside and you realize it doesn’t have to be that way. Food doesn’t have to hijack your thoughts and actions anymore. 
  2. You remember the size you were the first time you went on a diet and it’s dawning on you that food rules have only increased the struggle (and your waistline). 
  3. You want to be more active but every time you start a new exercise program you can’t find the “discipline” to stick with it. 
  4. You have no problem investing a 60 minutes to watch the hypnosis sessions each week as long as you know every bit of attention you invest is a strategic and meaningful step toward reprogramming your mind and body to be naturally thin.
  5. You’re already investing time and energy doing things like planning your meals for the week, avoiding your favorite restaurants or choosing the most boring thing on the menu, and throwing all your “bad” foods out of the house. This diet-metality gives you why-the-heck-do-I-even-bother results followed by crippling guilt and self-shaming. 
  6. You’re excited to have a simple 3-step formula that takes less than 30 seconds to immediately stop cravings and obsessive food thoughts without using willpower. 
  7. You've thought, “If only I had someone to coach me and support me in my weight-loss efforts” and the idea of having a solid, active group of people who are finding success lets you breathe a sigh of relief because you know you don’t have to do this by yourself. 
  8. Even if you’ve “fallen off the wagon” more times than you can count, there’s a wave of renewed optimism growing inside knowing that, by this time tomorrow you can be plugging yourself into an easy-to-follow, super-effective methodology for releasing subconscious food obsession and becoming naturally thin.
  9. You’re open to the idea that you can be naturally thin. Even if it’s hard to imagine how good life will be when you're done obsessing about food and your weight. You're ready for the self-forgiveness that comes as you realize you're not broken and this is the solution you've been praying for. 
  10. You feel excited to start now knowing you have 30 days to be delighted with the relief of autopilot success.

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