Here's what you'll learn in the Magic Words training:

I'm going to share my exact process for using Facebook to build a thriving hypnosis business...

...without being salesy or pushy.

How I went from terrified to confident

I felt like a complete fraud at first.

I thought, "What do I have to offer when so many people are doing it better than me?"

Learn how I went from being intentionally invisible on Facebook to confidently putting myself out there.

BONUS: I'll teach you my favorite 30-second self-hypnosis protocol that lets you step into the confidence to put yourself out there. 




Do you hate the word "Marketing?"

I understand how you feel. I don't like that word either. 

When I made a decision to spend as much time understand how to get my products and services out into the world as I spent on ongoing education in my craft...

It was a complete game changer. 

I've spent thousands of hours and several years of trial-and-error to discover what works and distill it down into a simple, repeatable step-by-step system called "The Magic Words".  


How I went from feeling "salesy" to using Magic Words

I hated the idea of "selling" or talking people into signing up with me.

I feel so yucky when people try to push me into buying products and services and I didn't want to do that to others.

Then I learned an astonishingly simple secret to talking in a way that helped people understand how I could help them... a way that made them line up to pay me for the value I could give them.

This training gives you the step-by-step blueprint I used to help people understand the value of investing with me without feeling salesy.


Jackie Brennan


"Lightbulbs galore!

In the past I’ve not been very engaged in social media but Lori’s Magic Words is certainly making it easier to amend that limiting belief!

The day seems brighter already! I know that I’m in the right place to figure out what I actually want to do.

Thank you Lori for putting this together!"

Joshua Wagner


"I'm getting in the "Magic Words" material and seeing how you are doing things is really helpful.

You aren't spending a bunch of time on complicated systems but good, simple, straight forward content.

No elaborate systems. Just building relationships (with us) and giving us solid content that is easy to digest and apply."



($1200 Value)

Immediate access to the Magic Words Program

Before now, this program was only available to The Hammond Inner Circle Mastermind members. 

This program gives you an in-depth blueprint for the Magic Words formula you learn in the training.

I'll walk you step-by-step through the exact process I used to build a thriving business through Facebook. 


You get The Magic Words workbook that lets you get crystal clear about how to use this system to discover exactly who you want to serve and how to attract them to your business. Then speak in a way that makes them eager and willing to invest.



Tatiana Alexeeva


"I'm reading the Magic Words, and it's mind-blowing! So simple, so true and practical! Pieces of a puzzle start to come together!

 I suddenly clearly see the elements I needed and intuitively knew (but not quite!) + the new elements, of course.

Wow. 😃

I was feeling behind in my business and Lori is showing me that I am where I'm supposed to be right now."