Join me for a live Zoom training!

I'm going to share my exact process for using Facebook to build a thriving hypnosis business...

...without being salesy or pushy.

How I went from terrified to confident

I felt like a complete fraud at first.

I thought, "What do I have to offer when so many people are doing it better than me?"

Learn how I went from being intentionally invisible on Facebook to confidently putting myself out there.

BONUS: I will walk you through a powerful hypnosis protocol that lets you step into the same confidence immediately. It's especially powerful if you don't think you're good at self-hypnosis.


How I went from doing it for free to charging

It can be scary to ask people to pay us for helping them, can't it?

What do you believe about your ability to make an excellent living while changing people's lives through your work?

No matter what limiting beliefs you currently have, we will wipe them out during this training. 

You're about to discover that you do a disservice to yourself and your client when you work for free. 

Research proves that people get a bigger transformation when they invest financially. 

How I went from feeling "salesy" to using Magic Words

I hated the idea of "selling" or talking people into signing up with me.

I feel so yucky when people try to push me into buying products and services and I didn't want to do that to others.

Then I learned an astonishingly simple secret to talking in a way that helped people understand how I could help them... a way that made them line up to pay me for the value I could give them.

I'm going to give you my exact Magic Words formula in this training.


Jackie Brennan


"Lightbulbs galore!

In the past I’ve not been very engaged in social media but Lori’s Magic Words is certainly making it easier to amend that limiting belief!

The day seems brighter already! I know that I’m in the right place to figure out what I actually want to do.

Thank you Lori for putting this together!"



When is the training?

Join me on Wednesday, March 3 at 1:00pm EST/6:00 pm GMT. Click here and enter your time zone to see when the training happens where you are. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT have to attend live. I will send the replay to everyone who registers before March 3.










How long is the training?


Your time is important. I have distilled all my most effective business boosting secrets into 2 hours of content. 

During the 2 hour call you will learn:

  • How to get over fear of charging an excellent rate for your product or service
  • How to use Facebook to attract your ideal paying client without using Facebook ads or being salesy
  • How to find the exact words that make people line up to invest with you.


I'll walk you through a powerful hypnosis protocol for:

  • Understanding your worthiness to make a good living
  • Unstoppable confidence to charge what you're worth
  • Programming to overcome self-doubt and keep moving forward


I'll teach you a powerful 30 second self-hypnosis protocol that lets you harness immediate self-confidence in any situation. 

HINT: Both bonus protocols are especially powerful for people who have limiting beliefs about their ability to be hypnotized or use self-hypnosis. 



Why is this a paid training?

One of my biggest business breakthroughs came when I became willing to invest my hard earned money in learning how to put myself out there. 

When we "go first" by investing in ourselves, something shifts energetically and we become confident about asking others to invest in our products and services. 

Scroll down to decide which investment is the best fit for you.


Joshua Wagner


"I'm getting in the "Magic Words" material and seeing how you are doing things is really helpful.

You aren't spending a bunch of time on complicated systems but good, simple, straight forward content.

No elaborate systems. Just building relationships (with us) and giving us solid content that is easy to digest and apply."



$700 Value

  • How to overcome fear of charging an excellent rate
  • How to confidently and joyfully use Facebook to attract your ideal paying client without using ads
  • The Magic Words formula that makes people line up to invest with you.


  • I'll lead you through my  most powerful group hypnosis protocol to give you unstoppable confidence in using the Magic Words to reach your goal
  • A 30 second self-hypnosis protocol that lets you harness immediate self-confidence in any situation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will record this call and you WILL get lifetime access to the replay.




Most Popular ($1200 Value)

Get access to the Live Training...


Immediate access to my Magic Words Program

Before now, this program was only available to The Hammond Inner Circle Mastermind members. 

This program gives you a more in-depth blueprint for the Magic Words formula you learn in the training.

I'll walk you step-by-step through the exact process I used to build a thriving business through Facebook. 


You get The Magic Words workbook that lets you get crystal clear about how to use this system to discover exactly who you want to serve and how to attract them to your business. Then speak in a way that makes them eager and willing to invest.


You get access to the live training, the replay of the training AND immediate access to my complete Magic Words training program




$2,000 Value

Only 10 available

Please be aware that this option will go away when the first 10 people sign up.

Everything in the ADVANCED option


A one hour Blueprint Session with Lori

We will co-create a customized, step-by-plan for implementing the Magic Words system for your business. 

You will finish the call with a clear blueprint for reaching the people you want to reach in a way that makes them eager to invest with you. 


I will infuse NLP and hypnosis into the session to move you past limiting beliefs once and for all.



Tatiana Alexeeva


"I'm reading the Magic Words, and it's mind-blowing! So simple, so true and practical! Pieces of a puzzle start to come together!

 I suddenly clearly see the elements I needed and intuitively knew (but not quite!) + the new elements, of course.

Wow. 😃

I was feeling behind in my business and Lori is showing me that I am where I'm supposed to be right now."