Join now for $59 per month

(That's less than $15 per session!)

Join now for $59 per month

(That's less than $12 per session/protocol script.)

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What if I can't join live?

That's ok! The live sessions are healing and revitalizing. Many people block their schedule and make it their highest priority to attend. 

Some people choose to watch the replay and experience the same healing and revitalization as if they are there live. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You get access to every single replay and all past Trancy Tuesday group sessions.




What time are the calls in my time zone?



Trancy Tuesdays happen at 1:00 pm Eastern Time/ 6:00 pm UK Time.


Click this link and enter your time zone in the blue box to find out when the calls happen in your area.




How do I join the group sessions? 

This part it super duper important. The instant you join Trancy Tuesdays a page with a link to join the Private Trancy Tuesdays Facebook group will open on your device. Click the link to join the group right away. There will be a link at the top of this Facebook page every Tuesday so you can join the live session.



How do I watch the replay?



All replays are in the "Announcement" section of the VIP Trancy Tuesdays Facebook group. In fact, you get access to over a year's worth of past group sessions and scripts. There's no need to watch all of them. Just know that they're available anytime you need extra encouragement and support. 


How it works:


Weekly Group Hypnosis Sessions

You get a VIP invitation to attend a live, 1-hour group hypnosis session every Tuesday. You can choose to...

  • Join every week

  • Or drop in when you need extra support

  • Or watch the replays (just as powerful).



You get resources to use in your practice

Each week I upload the script and hypnosis audio for that week's session. People love getting the script because...

  • They can relax more deeply and not analyze their experience because they know they can revisit the script.

  • They can use the script for their individual or group sessions.



How to access your scripts and MP3s

You get access to a password protected area just for Trancy Tuesdays members. 

Here you can search by date or topic to quickly find exactly what you need for you or your client.



**Please note**

Scripts are a controversial topic. Some people love them, some people hate them. If you're a hypnotherapist, Trancy Tuesdays will equip you to confidently work with OR without scripts.

If you're not a hypnotherapist, this is for you too! You can just sit back and enjoy the heck out of Trancy Tuesdays. 😂



What time are the online sessions?⌚

Click this link and enter your time zone to see what time Trancy Tuesdays happens where you live.

If you can't be there live, it's ok. People get the same breakthrough when they watch the replay.


What kind of issues does Trancy Tuesdays address?



Past Hypnosis Sessions Include...

You can watch the reply of any of these calls to get a feel for my pre-talk (which you can use 1:1 or in a group) and the induction and hypnosis or NLP protocol. 

If you like the idea of using a script, you get immediate access to the script for each of the following sessions inside your Trancy Tuesdays membership.

  • Age with Grace, Joy, and Health

  • Deep Relaxation and Healing 

  • Tapping into Resilience

  • Meet your Spirit Animal

  • Abundance: The Skyscraper of the Mind

  • White light meditation: When life is hard

  • Harnessing Confidence

  • Hypnosis for Physical Healing

  • The Hypnotic, Healing Train Ride

  • Calming Anxiety

  • Healing the Inner Critic

  • Tap into Highest Wisdom

  • Stepping into Self-Love and Forgiveness

  • Healing Relationships (this is such a beautiful script!)

  • Release Fears and Phobias

  • The Breakthrough Protocol (this session is normally $200  by itself)

  • Hypnosis for Weight Management

  • Sleep Hypnosis 

  • The Control Room: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health

You get immediate access to these scripts when you join Trancy Tuesdays.


Future Topics Include...

Here are the sessions I have planned through the end of 2021. Many of these topics were suggested by Trancy Tuesdays members.

When you become a Trancy Tuesdays member, you can suggest topics for future group sessions too. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every session is created to meet each person on the call exactly where they are. You can join TT anytime and receive a transformational experience in any area of struggle...even if it doesn't match that week's topic.

  • The Willingness Dial: Turn up your willingness and desire to stop old behaviors and create positive habits.

  • Hypnotic Metaphors: Experience them and get good at creating your own metaphors
  • The Godiva Chocolate Pattern to quickly break habits

  • Hypnosis Improve Sports Performance

  • Hypnotic Goal Setting for Success

  • Turn Procrastination into Forward momentum

  • Inductions and Fractionation: Experience them and get good at them yourself

  • Hypnosis to Overcome Social Anxiety

  • Enhancing Creativity and Overcoming Writer's Block

  • Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking and Stage Fright

  • Hypnosis to Experience Deep Gratitude as the Cure for What Ails You

  • Hypnosis to Improve Academic Performance

  • Hypnosis to Enjoy the Game of Life

  • Hypnosis for Peace and Direction in Financial Crisis



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What time are the calls in my time zone?



Trancy Tuesdays happens at 1:00 pm Eastern Time/ 6:00 pm UK Time.


Click this link and enter your time zone in the blue box to find out when the calls happen in your area.



Note From Lori:

Trancy Tuesdays is my very favorite thing about my business because the people in that group are like family. If you need extra support or encouragement...

Or even if you feel like you need therapy...

Trancy Tuesdays will fill your bucket every week. You can attend live or watch the replay. You can watch every week or every once in awhile. 

There's nothing to catch up on. 

There's nothing to miss.

Just show up (live or on the replay) if you need extra love and encouragement. 

If you've been toying with the idea of hosting group hypnosis sessions, Trancy Tuesdays will equip you to do that because I'll give you all my scripts and you can model anything I do that you like. 

I encourage "copycatting" (which is really just an elementary school idea that is called "Modeling" in NLP).


What's my investment?

For less than $15 per week, you can immerse yourself in a positive, healing, encouraging environment and get immediate access to the scripts and protocols that let you guide your clients to transformation. 💗

  $59 per month

(Less than $15 per session/script.)




What if I want to cancel?


You can cancel your membership anytime.

People keep their Trancy Tuesdays membership active because they want to, not because they have to. 💗


People join because they need help, support, or answers. They are craving community.


They stay because Trancy Tuesdays are the highlight of their week (even if they just watch the replay) and they love the way hypnosis changes their life.

If you're curious why my group events are more powerful than my private sessions...

This video gives you a sneak peek of why you can expect a breakthrough with group hypnosis sessions.