Trancy Tuesdays is Your Weekly Wellness Retreat


Every Tuesday You Get...

A Deeply Relaxing Group Hypnosis Session


People love the peace and rejuvenation they experience during the hour long Trancy Tuesdays sessions.

My group hypnosis sessions are more powerful than my private sessions.

Something magical happens when a community of people from all around the world gathers together for a common purpose.

Group hypnosis works because each person gets a unique experience as your unconscious mind makes the changes that are just right for you.

Click this link and enter your time zone to see what time Trancy Tuesdays happens where you live.

If you can't be there live, it's ok. People get the same breakthrough when they watch the replay.



Keep the Script and Audio of Each Session 


HYPNOSIS SCRIPT: Each week I give you the powerful script** I customized for that week's session. You're welcome to modify and use the script however you'd like. 

HYPNOSIS AUDIO:  You will also receive an audio download of the hypnosis portion of each call so you can enjoy the healing, deeply relaxing protocol anytime.

ARCHIVES: You get access to the Trancy Tuesday Archive where you can enjoy over 50 previous group hypnosis sessions.

**Please note: These scripts are something new I'm doing to support hypnotherapists doing group hypnosis sessions. Scripts are available for all sessions after January 5, 2021. You're welcome to use the scripts as inspiration for your private sessions or self-hypnosis as well.


Custom Tailored Hypnosis Sessions


I love requests! 

If there's something you're struggling with, let me know in the private Trancy Tuesdays group or private message me. 

There's an excellent chance that if it's bothering you, it's bothering someone else too.

I'll create a powerful group hypnosis session based on your request and give you access to the script and audio when the session is finished. **

I believe hypnosis can transform almost any problem you're dealing with so don't hesitate to ask.


**Please note: Trancy Tuesdays is growing every week. The earlier you get in, the sooner I can customize a session based on your request. 


If you're curious why my group events are more powerful than my private sessions...

This video gives you a sneak peek of why you can expect a breakthrough with group hypnosis sessions.


What's My Investment?

People join because they need help, support, or answers. They are craving community.

They stay because Trancy Tuesday group sessions are the highlight of their week (even if they just watch the replay) and they love the way hypnosis changes their life.

They show up week after week because they love being part of the Trancy Tuesday family.

I created Trancy Tuesday's to support people going through hard times and bring them to a place of vibrant wellness. 

Group hypnosis session are shown to generate mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

I want to support as many people as possible so I've made Trancy Tuesdays super affordable. 

Trancy Tuesdays is currently $47 per month. That's less than $12 per session. 

Please note: The investment to join Trancy Tuesdays will go up in the future. When you secure your spot today, it locks your price in for as long as you're a member.


What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your membership anytime. People keep their Trancy Tuesdays membership active because they want to, not because they have to. 💗

$47 per month

(Less than $12 per session)


Trancy Tuesday Video Transcript

About a decade ago. I found myself in a really desperate scary place.

I was a single mom barely making ends meet.

I couldn't even afford to put furniture in my house and someone donated their patio furniture to me to put in my living room.

And before I found a way to afford furniture, I found a way to afford therapy for myself and for my kids because I felt broken.

I felt like there was something wrong with me. I felt hopeless and I paid big bucks to go see a therapist a couple times a month. And I built this relationship with him and I invested all this time and my hard-earned cash to see this guy.

And I remember at one point sitting across from him and him looking me in the eye

and basically telling me that I was always going to be a little bit broken.

That my past had essentially ruined me.

And I remember this righteous indignation welling up inside me and I thought I thought “That is not true!”

There was something deep inside that absolutely knew that there was hope. 

That knew that I was resilient.

That I can live a good life. 

That the past did not have to predict the future.

And I determined, in that moment, to figure this out and to show him.

And I didn't do it for him.

I did it for myself.

When I learned hypnosis it was so powerful for me.

It changed my life in such a profound way that it is my mission to share this with as many people as possible.

For the last three years I have been doing group hypnosis sessions with the intention of finding ways to make these tools incredibly powerful in a group setting.

I truly believe, from the bottom of my heart, that my group sessions are more powerful than my private one-on-one sessions. 

That there's something about the dynamic of the group energy of people coming together for a common purpose and supporting each other from all around the world that creates a sort of a magic on these calls that is unlike anything I have ever experienced in the past.

I would absolutely love to have you be a part of these sessions.

And because I want this to be accessible to as many people as possible, I'm not charging anywhere near what I would charge for my one-on-one sessions.

Even though these sessions are more powerful than one-on-one sessions.

I would absolutely love to have you come and experience the beauty of this amazing Community, the friendships, the camaraderie, and the support knowing that I am here to meet you where you are.

To guide you through this magnificent, sometimes terrifying journey we call life.

So that you can harness and live with passion and purpose and CREATE your destiny with intention in your one great and precious life.

I would absolutely love to have you join me and the beautiful friends that I have made on this journey at Trancy Tuesday's.

You can find everything you need below and you can also reach out to me if you want to make sure it's a good fit for you. 

Have an amazing day my friend.

[email protected]