Your Weekly Wellness Retreat


Every Tuesday You Get...

Get the Script and Audio of Each Session 


HYPNOSIS SCRIPT: You get the powerful script I customize for each Trancy Tuesday session. You get to keep the script so you can use it however you'd like. 

HYPNOSIS AUDIO:  You will also receive an audio download of the hypnosis portion of each call so you can enjoy the healing, deeply relaxing protocol anytime.


A Deeply Relaxing Zoom Hypnosis Session


People love the peace and rejuvenation they experience during the hour long group sessions.

You can snuggle up in your favorite cozy chair or join from the office on your lunch break. 

Wherever you are is just right to experience healing and peaceful relaxation.



Community, Connection, and Support


If you felt isolated during the pandemic you'll love connecting with the Trancy Tuesdays family.

Something magical happens when a world-wide community joins together to experience transformation.

One of the things you'll love most about group hypnosis is how you can receive healing without having to talk about your struggle. 


**Please note**

Scripts are a controversial topic. Some people love them, some people hate them. If you're a hypnotherapist, Trancy Tuesdays will equip you to confidently work with or without scripts.

If you're not a hypnotherapist, you can ignore this note and just sit back and enjoy the heck out of Trancy Tuesdays. 😂

What time are the online sessions?

Click this link and enter your time zone to see what time Trancy Tuesdays happens where you live.

If you can't be there live, it's ok. People get the same breakthrough when they watch the replay.


If you're curious why my group events are more powerful than my private sessions...

This video gives you a sneak peek of why you can expect a breakthrough with group hypnosis sessions.


What's my investment?

For less than $12 per week, you can immerse yourself in a positive, healing, encouraging environment. Experience the healing whether you join the live sessions or watch the replay.💗

Try out Trancy Tuesdays for just $1.

Get a 14 day Trancy Tuesdays trial for just $1. After that, Trancy Tuesdays is $47 per month.

$47 per month

(Less than $12 per session)


What if I want to cancel?


You can cancel your membership anytime.

People keep their Trancy Tuesdays membership active because they want to, not because they have to. 💗

People join because they need help, support, or answers. They are craving community.

They stay because Trancy Tuesdays are the highlight of their week (even if they just watch the replay) and they love the way hypnosis changes their life.

You can email [email protected] if you ever want to cancel your membership. I promise not to make you feel bad or try to talk you out of it. I only want people in Trancy Tuesdays who love it and want to be there. 

Our Next Trancy Tuesdays Session Happens...









What if I can't join live? 🤷🏼‍♀️

That's ok! The live sessions are healing and revitalizing. Many people block their schedule and make it their highest priority to attend. 

Some people also choose to watch the replay and experience the same healing and revitalization as if they are there live. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You get access to every single replay and all past Trancy Tuesday group sessions.


What time are the calls in my time zone?🕗

Click this link and enter your time zone to find out when the calls happen in your area.


How do I join the group sessions? 🔗

This part it super duper important. The instant you join Trancy Tuesdays a page with a link to join the Private Trancy Tuesdays Facebook group will open on your device. Click the link to join the group right away. There will be a link at the top of this Facebook page every Tuesday so you can join the live session.


How do I watch the replay? 🎥

The replay will always be in the "Announcement" section of the Private Trancy Tuesdays Facebook group. In fact, you get access to over a year's worth of past group sessions. There's no need to watch all of them. Just know that they're available anytime you need extra encouragement and support.