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The proven step-by-step system that takes you from overweight to overjoyed in 30 days.

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"I hoped that I might pick up some tools to strengthen my willpower and create a more driven focus and resolve. I was quite quite wrong. I didn't learn about food, I learned and am still learning about me. My expectations have been met and exceeded, my mind blown. If you're looking for number based facts, I lost 23lb in my first month. But for me that was just a garnish to the real life changing results I've experienced. "

Zoe F.

Why I created this program:

I spent decades feeling out of control around food. I was labeled as a "Food Addict" and felt broken.

I prayed for an answer and finally found the secret that let me be free from weight struggles. 

My proven 30-day program gives you the exact formula for PERMANENT weight loss success. You get every single tool and protocol that I used for myself and with my one-on-one clients.

This is everything you need to let food stop bossing you around so you can easily stay at your goal weight from now on. 


"I got way more than I paid for. Most any piece of the program can cause life changing transformation. And the weekly chats are a mighty plus for all those who attend. To be transparent, I am a colleague of Lori's and joined the program to release weight and to find out what she was up to. I'm so glad I did. Now I refer clients to her program for the ongoing support they deserve. "

George Guarino
Certified Hypnotherapist

Have you ever wished you had more support?

You'll get daily support and encouragement. And it fits in your busy lifestyle because you get daily success secrets in just a few minutes.

Reprogram Your Mind

Listen when you need the most support during the day. 

People who listen before bed report deeper, more refreshing sleep.

10 Minutes or Less

These fun videos deliver all the same protocols and tools I give my private clients so you get the same success.

VIP Invite to Secret Group

This Facebook group is the most positive place on the internet. The secret group is a safe, confidential place to share and get daily encouragement. 

"My sense of self has changed dramatically. The weight loss is almost secondary. I've started to realise that I am more in control of my future and that I do have a choice. I'm not afraid to live with myself anymore. I've spent many years resenting myself for not being slim and pretty and smart and worthwhile. This program has helped me see that I am not broken, I'm just out of shape and I absolutely have a choice every day to be who and what I want to be."

Zoe F.


What if it was as easy to lose weight as it used to be to gain weight?




Still not sure? 

Send me an email and we can chat (over email or Zoom or phone). There are no silly questions and I'd love to help you make sure this is right for you. (And I promise not to pressure you.)

[email protected] 


Sign up before registration closes on September 8 to get the following bonuses valued at over $5000.

Daily Coaching 

I'm here for you when you need me. I'm very active inside the secret Facebook group.

I respond to every question and offer coaching as often and as long as you need it. I often post video responses to guide people past obstacles because it allows everyone in the group to benefit. 

If you're not comfortable asking for help inside the group (full of the most positive, supportive people ever), you can private message me anytime. 

I'm here for you!

Group Weight Loss

We will all go through the 30-day program together starting September 9 (mark you calendar now). This is the perfect time to focus on you and put yourself first. 

Did you know that losing weight alongside other people skyrockets your success? 

Weekly Group Calls

These are unlike any group coaching experience. Every week people from all over the world come together for these calls to get encouragement, learn new tools, bond with other members, and have their questions answered. 

These video calls are the highlight of many people's week!

Every call is recorded so if you can't attend live, you can catch the replay. 

Bonus Videos

Some people believe their weight problems stem from emotional eating, anxiety, or past trauma. 

Some people struggle with slow metabolism or feel like overweight runs in the family. 

I created this program to solve your weight problem no matter why it's there. 

When you invest about 10 minutes every day, you'll experience relief from all these things because I've built protocols that do the following. . . 

  • Heal from past trauma.
  • Release fears and phobias.
  • Stop emotional eating.
  • Turn anxiety into peace in under 30 seconds. 
  • Speed up your metabolism.
  • Get your body to cooperate with your mind as you begin to realize you CAN achieve your ideal (for you) body weight. 



"This program exceeded all my expectations. My favorite thing about the program is Lori's dedication and individual help. I want everyone to know this program can be used for any issue."

Lisa Hubbard
Certified Hypnotherapist



I struggled with my weight for 30 years.

I saw therapists, tried different programs, read countless books and tried every diet under the sun. 

Every time I tried something new I prayed, "PLEASE LET THIS ONE WORK!"

They all worked. I believe most any diet will work IF you follow it.

But what happens when it stops working?

And what if you run out of willpower?

I desperately wanted to stop feeling out of control around food.

I knew it had to be possible because I had friends who didn't worry about their weight but still fit in their small jeans. 


After decades of searching for the answer I finally discovered the key to lasting weight loss.

The most amazing part is that it doesn't require willpower. 

There are simple, enjoyable tools that let you quickly reprogram your mind. This reprogramming lets you. . .

  • Stop cravings in less than 10 seconds
  • Believe in yourself and your ability to easily get to your goal weight
  • Change your natural set point to automatically maintain your goal weight from now on

Have you already tried everything and failed?

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

I promise, you haven't tried this. This program gives you a completely different way of thinking about food, your abilities and your body. 

And this new way of thinking translates into the physical transformation that seemed like a far-off dream before. 

Here's what this program DOESN'T give you:

  • FOOD RULES: There are no forbidden foods. There are no required foods. Instead, you will learn to tap into your body's natural ability (yes, you do have this) to eat right for YOU while you enjoy your food more than ever.
  • EXERCISE RULES: You can continue exercising if you enjoy doing so but there are no new workout requirements in this program. This program focuses on MINDSET because where the mind goes, the body follows. You've already proven this to yourself by focusing on being overweight and noticing it gets harder to lose and easier to gain. From now on, you'll move your body because you love the way it makes you feel, not because you have to.
  • GUILT and SHAME: Where the mind goes, the body follows. Have you ever noticed that when you beat yourself up about food choices, it becomes almost impossible to get back on track? You're about to learn the secret to immediately getting back on track without using willpower. 

Do you have more questions? 

Send me an email and we can chat (over email or Zoom or phone). There are no silly questions and I'd love to help you make sure this is right for you. (And I promise not to pressure you.)

[email protected] 

"I had very little self confidence and constantly thought negative things about myself and I had little love for myself. Now that has all changed and I am a happier, more positive and outgoing person. I have shaken off all those demons that had haunted me all my life."

Melissa R

This opportunity goes away on September 8

We'll all start this 30 day experience together on September 9









How Much is Your Freedom Worth?

What are you willing to invest to have a completely peaceful relationship with food and your body?

Imagine looking in the mirror and truly loving yourself. (This will happen before you reach your just-right size.)

Imagine pulling on your favorite jeans and they fit just right. No muffin top.

Imagine forgetting to stand on the scale because you know the number automatically stays at your ideal weight.

This is not a diet or exercise plan.

This program is not like Weight Watchers, or Nutrisytem, or that one book you read, or those shakes you drank for weeks. 

You already know programs that try to make the FOOD behave don't work. 

This program is different because it creates subconscious shifts. It becomes just as automatic for you to eat right as it used to be for you to eat "wrong". 

How awesome will it be to make good choices because you WANT to, not because you have to?

To savor your food more than ever before and just live that way from now on. 

Your body naturally lines up with your new set point - the weight that lets you thrive and feel great and fit in those little jeans at the top of your closet. 

Ask yourself,

"How much am I worth?"

Invest in yourself today. 

Registration closes September 8 and we all begin the 30 day program together on September 9. 

I'd love to see you there and get to know you better in the most positive support group on Facebook! 


Start day 1 together with the group on September 9. Registration closes September 8.



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