Do you want to learn the Wonder Woman formula?

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

I send out daily encouragement emails to my ‘Weight Loss Without Willpower’ group and this one was a big hit so I decided to share it with you too. 


If you're in my WWW group, hopefully you'll enjoy the repetition. 


Repetition leads to mastery. 


If you want to get extra value from this cheat sheet, don't just read it. 


Take 3 or 4 minutes to actually make your recipes. 


I suspect it might be the most life-changing 3-4 minutes of your life. 


Today I want you to make a "recipe" that describes exactly how you "do" the unwanted behavior that's been keeping you stuck.


I'll give an example in the context of eating behavior.


If you'd like, you can try out this recipe while you read and notice how well it works.


"Mindless Snacking" recipe:



Feel overwhelmed about the task at hand.


Think about what I have to do later.


Feel bored or uninspired.



  1. Slouch forward and tense shoulders.


  1. Take short, shallow breaths.


  1. Look down.


  1. Think about "escaping" by reaching for a bag of chips.


  1. Say, "This is too much to handle!"


  1. Reach for the bag of chips and start putting them in my mouth without paying attention to how they taste or the fact that I'm eating when I'm not really hungry.


When you write out your recipe, make sure you describe the 3 B's you're using during the unwanted emotion or behavior.


Every behavior and emotion has it's own set of 3 B's:


Body language




Belief (This is just your self-talk.)


The reason this 3 minute task works so well is because it helps you catch yourself in the act.


It makes it easy to say, "Oops, I'm creating the 'mindless snacking' recipe!".


Then you can choose a new recipe.


Click below if you're ready to learn how. (I highly recommend doing so.)



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