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Chris Thompson

Are you taking yourself too seriously?

Chris shares how he modeled high achievers and harnessed playfulness to take action - even when he felt like a complete novice.

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The Brain Software PDF Chris mentioned at the start of the show: 

The Castle:

Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy:

MMHA Language Cards:

Chris's amazing Talking To Toddlers program: 

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins:

Personal Power Program by Tony Robbins:

Loom screen recorder:


Karl Smith:

Jason Linett:

Victoria Gallagher

Adio Hero (the app sumo offer has ended):

80/20 Sales  and Marketing by Perry Marshall:

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Zebu cards for only $6,000

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Show Notes: 

1:00 - How the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and Chris' mastermind group inspired him to create his Talking To Toddlers program and team up with Mike Mandel to create the business he has today. He had no experience or knowledge of how to sell a program online but did it anyway and learned as he went.

6:00 - Mike Mandel’s reading list and how it impacted his forward trajectory and personal development

7:20 - How Chris modeled Tony Robbins to create energy and engagement as he recorded his Talking to Toddler program

9:00 - When Chris' wife listened to his Talking to Toddlers program.

12:10 - We discuss how listening to podcasts and audio books gave us the experience of virtually spending time with high achievers. 

12:50 - Chris talks about his impostor monster in creating his Talking To Toddlers program. He was nervous people wouldn’t find him credible yet he did it anyway and received phenomenal testimonials about his transformational program.

15:30 - Chris talks about the value of external validation and how modeling other great presenters allowed him to become a great presenter himself

16:00 - Christ talks about important ingredients to creating dynamic and engaging presentations. 

19:00 - How Mike Mandel is a dynamic, flawless presenter because he knows the content so well and has been doing keynote speeches for so long. Chris learned by observing and modeling Mike and other excellent presenters. 

22:20 - Chris’ advice to practitioners who need to focus on hypnosis and business and marketing at the same time. His hindsight insight is to outsource sooner.

25:25 - His dad “Just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean you should do it.”

28:30 - How to find a person to outsource to and how to stop being precious about your business and give over the control.  

30:10 - Chris sneaks in one of his famous empowering questions, “How would an engineer solve that problem?” 

32:00 - Chris walks me through a process to become willing to outsource podcast editing. Listen if you need a mindset shift regarding outsourcing. Here’s a great demo of conversational hypnosis. 

35:47 - Chris explains how they made The Castle and how much people love it.

42:30 - We talk about MMHA Language cards and how useful they are

45:30 - How Chris overcame the “What-ifs” of doing something scary and new

47:30 - Why MMHA is the training I recommend first. Chris explains the process of going from in-person training to creating a digital course and his “aha” moment in realizing it enabled more people to engage with progressively more in-depth trainings.

52:00 - Chris gives a metaphor for a great sales funnel.

54:00 - Getting over the discomfort of doing a podcast etc and moving forward anyway.

56:00 - Don’t worry about always knowing how it will turn out. You just need to be a few weeks ahead of the people you’re teaching. 

59:00 - The story behind “The Chris and Jeff Show”

1:02:00 - Advice for people who have limiting beliefs about their ability to stand out when other people are already doing what they want to do.