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This presentation shares why this simple, fun, self-hypnosis protocol is so life-changing.


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The Symphony Protocol Walk Through

See the video above for the presentation that explains this protocol.


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1. Pick Up Your Wand

Set everything else to the side. (Just for a minute.)

Be. Here. Now.

Take 3 heart centered breaths and sinking into this moment.

Pretend to physically pick up the baton which gives YOU the power to direct your day.

2. Take the Podium

BE the conductor. 

Stand like you're in charge.

Breath like you're running the show.

Tell a story about what a powerful conductor you are.

Say, "I AM the Conductor of my life."

3. Look at Your Orchestra

What EVENTS will happen today?

Imagine a chair for each event that stands out.

ASK: Who is the most appropriate ME to bring to put in first chair for this event?

Notice your . . .



STORY. . .

I AM statement. . .

4. Rehearse Success

Teach your body the When-This-Then-That program to run in each event. 

This step shows your subconscious mind how to run NEW programs on auto-pilot.

Tell yourself, "WHEN (this event happens) THEN (I will BE this person)"

Example: "When I get my kids ready for school, then I will be Mother Teresa."



5. Applause!


Hear it!

Feel it!

Tell yourself, "Good job!"

You AUTOMATICALLY repeat what you reward!

The more you focus on what you did right, the easier it is to keep doing it. 

This is the most important step!


What if you can change WHO you are being in just a moment?

The Symphony Protocol

Have you ever said, "I don't know who I really am"?

Do you sometimes wonder who you really are?

Do you notice yourself acting confident in one moment and insecure the next?

It can be frustrating to question who you are. Or worse yet, to wish you were somebody difference. 

I understand that frustration. I've tried to "find" myself. I've tried like hell to change myself. 

Then I stumbled on a neuroscience principle that changed everything.

I researched and experimented and tested it with dozens of people. I knew I had stumbled onto a tool that lets people change who they are in a way that lets them live their best life. 

I turned this knowledge into The Symphony Protocol and I'm going to teach it to you now.  

First, I'll share why it works so well.

Then I'll teach you the simple 5-step Symphony Protocol you can master right away to change your life. 

I've even made you a video walk-through to guide you through it as if we're in the same room together. 

The Non-Boring Science Behind the Symphony Protocol 

Have you ever noticed that you act like a totally different person when you meet with your boss than when you play on the floor with your puppy?

Have you ever been so excited about a vacation that you forgot to worry about global warming?

Have you ever been so immersed in a project you forgot to eat?

This happens because you're BEING a different person in each of those scenarios. 

Fun Science. . . 

As a child you learned lots of different ways to act by modeling people in your life.

Maybe your grandpa laughed a lot so you learned how to be Happy.

Maybe your mom worried a lot so you learned how to be Anxious. 

Maybe your best friend taught you how to forget about your troubles and be a Dancer. (For me this friend was Cathy and we danced to Madonna.)

You learned how to BE HAPPY from your grandpa.

How to BE ANXIOUS from your mom.

How to BE DANCER from your friend. 

Who Am I?

If I had a dollar for every time a client has said, "I don't know who I really am!". . . 

Sometimes we get confused because we feel happy one minute and sad the next. Or confident one minute and insecure the next. 

When we're confident it's easy to make eye contact and hold our head high.

Later, we wonder where that person went when we stumble over our words or feel judged. 

We ask, "Who am I, really?" because sometimes it feels like we show up to life with a different personality on different days. 

Multiple Personalities?

Each of our "personalities" are physical wired in neural pathways in the brain. We have a HAPPY pathway, a GRUMPY pathway, and ANGRY pathway, a SAD pathway etc. 

These pathways formed early in our lives and each of us has about 150 different neural pathways that lets us BE different people in different life events. 

No, this is not multiple personalities. It's a normal function of the brain that lets us adapt to life.

This happens automatically when we go from BEING playful with the puppy to BEING afraid when we jump at an unexpected noise down the hall.

Who's in First Chair?

You can think of these personalities as an orchestra full of people.

You have Happy, Sad, Angry, Calm, Anxious, Peaceful, etc in your orchestra pit. 

But this orchestra has a special rule!

Only one personality can sit in first chair!

The First Chair personality play's their heart out while every else harmonizes.

If Happy is in first chair, the Symphony is joyful.

If Peaceful in first chair, the Symphony brings peace to the audience.

If Depressed is in first chair, the symphony is flat and lifeless.

How does changing first chair help my problems?

I'm so glad you asked! This chart represents WHERE the "problem" LIVES. 

If you want to change WHAT you do, you're talking about BEHAVIOR. To change behavior, you have to go up a level and change your ABILITIES. 

Example: Sue struggles to button her pants (problem) because she enjoys a huge bowl of ice cream every night (BEHAVIOR). 

Give Sue the ABILITY to have a small bowl, and only twice a week instead and the BEHAVIOR changes. 

Now Sue can button her pants.

* In my experience weight struggle hardly ever happen because of behaviors and abilities. Change must happen on the level of BELIEF and IDENTITY.

If a person has a problem because of HOW they are doing something (ABILITIES) then they must look at WHY they're doing it (BELIEFS). 

When Sue BELIEVES that a small bowl of ice cream is just as satisfying as a huge bowl, it becomes easy to eat less.


When a person has limiting BELIEFS about the problem, 

"I just can't stop eating ice cream!"


"I eat when I'm stressed out."

They must experience change at an IDENTITY level to experience change. (You'll be surprised at just how easy this can be).

When Sue thinks of herself (IDENTITY) as "A Naturally Healthy Eater", the internal ice cream battle ceases. 

So what if we could teach Sue to let "Naturally Healthy Eater" sit in first chair whenever she's around ice cream? 

I'm about to show you how.

It's all modeling.

A moment ago you learned that observing your mom worrying let you learn anxious behavior. 

She never sat you down and said, "Ok sweety, first you knit your brows together. Then you tense your shoulders and take short quick breaths. Next, imagining all the worst case scenarios you can."

When you model greatness by changing your body language, breathing, belief statements, and I AM statements it becomes EASY to be the kind of person who is victorious over those old problems you used to have. 

How to Change WHO You're BEING

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The Symphony Protocol

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