Can Hypnosis Help You Make Tough Choices?

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

What if there's an easy way to make tough decisions?


This short and sweet cheat sheet contains a gift (at the end) to help you make tough decisions.


Do you ever feel paralyzed by not knowing what to do next? 


This "paralysis by analysis" can happen with simple decisions like...


"What should I have for dinner?" to...


"Should I change careers?"


When I made the decision to quit my lucrative job as a master hairstylist and become a full time hypnotist it was super scary. 


I sat down and did a journaling exercise where I asked, 


"If I quit my job, what's the worst that could happen? And if that happens, can I get back to where I am now?"


I also pretended I'd made the decision and noticed how it felt. 


What if it can be easy?

There is a part of you (yes you) that knows the right path for you.


I love helping people tap into their inner wisdom so they can get clarity and direction. 


Many of you already have my "Answer Room" audio. 


I hear about how it changes lives so often that I wanted to make sure you have it. 


If you haven't already taken 24 minutes to listen to this peace-inducing audio, I recommend making it your highest priority to do so. 


If you can't listen right now, pull out your calendar and schedule when you'll invest in yourself by doing so.


(Because it's not real until you schedule it.) 


There's one more thing I want to point out before you listen. 


During your guided journey through "The Answer Room" you will walk past a plaque on the wall which reads...


"Make a decision and make it right."


That idea has had a tremendous impact on my forward momentum... a business owner and as a human. 


It's so much more valuable to DECIDE NOW then take the chosen path than to stay stagnant trying to choose the best path.


You will learn so much more quickly by trying and failing than by never trying at all. 


What if there's no such thing as "the right choice"?


What if there's no such thing as failure and it's all just an opportunity to learn and grow? 


What if now is the time to make a decision and make it right? 


This beautiful guided journey to The Answer Room lets you tap into the part of you that knows the things you don't know you know. 


This knowledge gives you the clarity and courage to walk the chosen path. 


I hope you love this adventure. 





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