R E A D Y ?

Have you ever wished you could attend a live training with Freddy Jacquin or myself? 

Freddy and I had a long talk about our training scheduled for July 4th and 5th in London, UK.

We don't know if things will have opened up by then and we feel this training is more important than ever. 

We've decided to move forward with a virtual training so you can join us from anywhere in the world. 

We're still ironing out the details but so many people have expressed interest that I wanted to make sure you get the first chance to sign up. 

Click the button below to get notified as soon as registration re-opens. 

Scroll down to see all the amazing things you'll learn when you attend. 


D A Y    1

Empower yourself and your clients to make powerful changes.

You'll learn: 

  • Lori's Weight Loss Without Willpower formula for permanent weight release.
  • Freddy's Total Perception Management protocol to take complete control of your emotions.
  • Freddy's Rejuvenation Therapy protocol to turn back time at a physiological level by reprogramming the mind at a cellular level. (I talked Freddy into sharing this one because it's been life changing for me. You can't find this one in any of his other trainings.)
  • Lori’s Menopause Protocol to empower your female clients to relieve the negative symptoms of menopause.

  • Freddy's famous Arrow Technique to rapidly eliminate physical and emotional pain (this training alone is worth joining)

  • Freddy's brand new THanks Protocol to increase self-worth, self-esteem and love and appreciation of your own true value.
  • The Girl on the Train protocol to finally let go of past emotional pain, sadness and hurt.
  • Dream Architectural Therapy to discover answers to the questions we continually ask ourselves.

Day 1 Empowerment training is £275 £147 if you only attend Day 1.

By attending live, you get to engage with us on the call and ask questions in real time.


D A Y   2

Business training.

You'll learn:

  • How to utilise hypnotic phenomena to create fascination in your presentations and therapy room.

  • How to create an exciting online presence and create a successful online business.

  • How to work safely and successfully online, over Zoom or Skype, to increase your business by working worldwide.

  • How to present online sessions in a way that has clients lining up to book with you.
  • How to get the same powerful results with virtual sessions as in person.

BONUS (Just added): 

Experience a life-changing, dual induction hypnosis session from Freddy and Lori that will:

  • Release limiting beliefs that have been keeping you from moving forward in your business. 
  • Unlock clarity, creativity, and confidence to follow your passion to apply your learnings to help those who desperately need you.
  • Stir up lasting excitement and enthusiasm about reaching your business goals so you replace procrastination and overwhelm with ongoing forward momentum.

Day 2 Business training and Hypnosis is £275 £147 if you only attend Day 2.

By attending live, you get to engage with us on the call and ask questions in real time.


Let's Grow Together

Experience two value-packed days of training.

When you register for both days, you receive everything you need to empower clients and move forward in business for £450 £275


"We knew bringing Freddy and Anthony to Toronto would be great. But when the cameras started rolling, we had no idea how much incredible material they would pack into a single weekend."

- Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson

Your best life awaits

Make sure you get notified first when registration re-opens.