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Hi, I'm Lori Hammond

MY STORY: Thin Girl with a Fat Girl Mind

I had already developed an obsession with food by first grade. 

I heard my mom call herself fat so I thought I was fat too and would worry about my jeans squeezing my waist. 

It was only a matter of time before my body caught up to my belief about myself. 


By the time I was 18, I went from being a chubby teen to an obese adult. 

I felt ashamed and discouraged and didn't understand that it was ok to love myself just as I was. 

I was obsessed with food and my weight was always going up (from binge eating) or down (from starving myself). 

I was labeled as a "Food Addict" and diagnosed with "Binge Eating Disorder".

I was told I'd never be free

After decades of yo-yo dieting and seeking help, one therapist looked me in the eye and said, 

"Lori, you're just going to have to accept that you'll always struggle with your weight. You're just always going to be chubby. You'll never be thin."

Oh that pissed me off! I thought, "I'll show him!" 

I decided to try hypnosis even though it seemed a little scary. I grew up thinking hypnosis was magic or witchcraft but I was so desperate I was willing to try anything. 


I thought hypnosis would trick my mind into forgetting I'm really a fat girl. 

I thought I was going to have someone hit an "override switch" so they would control my mind where I couldn't. 

But I learned that I had hypnotized myself to think I was fat even as a small child. And my fat trance had worked so well that I automatically became what I believed myself to be.

I was able to DE-hypnotize my limiting beliefs and realize that I'm free. As I began to accept that I could be completely free of food obsession and yo-yo dieting my body and behaviors automatically lined up with my self-talk.


When I decided to try hypnosis I desperately hoped it would let me be free of food obsession.

What I didn't know is that it would complete change every aspect of my life. I have moved from a state of constant depression into a state of constant joy and optimism.

Hypnosis taught me to control my own mind instead of letting other things in my life control my beliefs about myself and my mood. 

My heart's desire is to show other's that complete freedom is available and you can have an absolute blast on the way there.


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