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By Lori Hammond

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I've noticed a universal theme among hypnotists. 


We all think we're terrible at self-hypnosis!


(Ok, I'm sure there are a few exceptions.)


Today I want to share a really cool self-hypnosis technique I stumbled upon in June this year. I was actually in an airplane and NOT in a formal trance when this astonishing transformation happened!


In a moment I'm going to share an astonishingly simple 4-step self-hypnosis protocol you can use in any area of your life. 


Watch this 4 1/2 minute video (link at the end of this cheat sheet) to see how I used it to wipe out my cat allergy. 

Then come back and I'll walk you through the exact same process.

What if I told you that writing something by hand is a form of self-hypnosis? 


As you go through the steps below, don't just think about your answers, write them out by hand because it engages the unconscious mind in a unique way. 


A few months ago I was on a plane, reading Victoria Gallagher's "Practical Law of Attraction" book and she suggested a writing exercise for creating affirmations that work. 


I decided to use the exercise for my cat allergies and it completely cleared them. 


Here are the steps I followed. Full credit goes to my wonderful friend and colleague, Victoria Gallagher for inspiring these steps. 


I've adapted them for this cheat sheet and you can find her exact protocol by following this link to the book I was reading on the plane.

Step 1

Write down your "complaint" This is the thing that's bothering you that you no longer want in your life. 

Example: "It's hard to breathe and my eyes swell up when I'm around cats."


Step 2

Turn the statement into a "preference". 


What would you prefer to have happen instead of the thing you complained about?

Example: "I breathe easy and my whole body feels comfortable and peaceful around cats." 


Key Point: Make sure you state your preference in the positive. 


Do not say, "My eyeballs won't itch anymore."


Write down how your eyeballs will feel when that itching is a thing of the past.


Step 3

Vividly imagine and rehearse yourself feeling what you wrote in Step 2. 


Let your self-talk be, "What if I can be great at using my imagination this way?"


Suspend judgement and really daydream. 


Bonus points for getting your body involved by changing your posture to match how you will act when you're free. 


Example: I imagined seeing myself petting the cat and breathing easily and sighing with relief at how peaceful I felt. Then I imagined being inside that peaceful body, seeing my hand pet the cat and feeling my lungs and eyes be comfortable. 


Step 4

Sprinkle some magic.


Your unconscious mind LOVES childlike imagination. 

When you let yourself get silly with this step, you reprogram the part of you that used to automatically do that unwanted thing. 


When I did this protocol, I remembered reading about the magical land of Narnia as a little girl. 


When I let my little-girl self pretend that cat fur has magical Narnian properties, I suspect that it allowed my automatic, allergy-inducing, unconscious realize...


"Oh! I was over-reacting! Cats are safe. I can chill out and relax around cats."


I want you to do Step 4 as your six-year-old self.


Yes, you can. (That's me responding to whatever reaction you had when you read that last sentence.)


If a 6-year-old ‘you’ could create magic to transform your Step 1 complaint into your Step 2 preference, how would it look, feel, sound? 


Here's another example to spark your imagination. 


Step 1: Complaint

I don't like it when I bite my fingernails and don't even realize I'm doing it till later.


Step 2: Preference

I want to notice the instant my hand moves toward my mouth and immediately feel peace and calm entering my hands, fingers, mouth and my whole body. 


Step 3: Imagine and rehearse

Pretend to see yourself bringing your hand to your mouth and immediately relaxing and taking a deep sigh of relief as relaxation enters your entire body. See your hands relax. 

Then, pretend to be in that body and see your hand coming toward your mouth as your body automatically breathes a sigh of relief and relaxes. 


Step 4: Sprinkle Some Magic

Imagine installing a powerful force field that automatically pushes the hand away from the mouth and sends a wave of relaxation over the body. 


Again, vividly imagine this in a child-like - almost comical way. 


See yourself experiencing it then  go through the motions of experiencing it as if it's really happening right now. 


This teaches your body how to do it automatically - just like it used to cause nail biting automatically.


That's all there is to it! 


I know it sounds simple but I encourage you to try it out and let me know how well it works. 


Have an amazing week my friend!





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