3 step formula to savor your food more  

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

Have you ever thought of yourself as an emotional eater?

Do you notice yourself mindlessly reaching for snacks?

Do large portion sizes keep you from losing weight because you hate wasting food?

This cheat sheet gives you a simple 3 step formula you can use right away to release those behaviors while your body releases extra weight.

Read to the end, because I have a gift for you.

PROBLEM: Emotional Eating

Many people struggle with their weight because they're out of touch with their bodies.

They've lost touch with true hunger and fullness signals. So they mindlessly snack or emotionally eat instead.

When a person is out of touch with their body, it can cause them to eat large amounts of food or eat "unconsciously".


SOLUTION: Savor your food

Use this simple 3-Step formula next time you eat to get back in touch with your body and start savoring your food more.


3 Steps to Savor Your Food More

Step 1: SAY "THANK YOU" 

Before you take that first bite, simply pause and really look at the food you're about to eat.

Take a deep breath with a loooong sloooow exhale and say "Thank you"

This puts you back in touch with your body and helps you pay attention to your experience.

*Science shows that when you savor your food, you absorb more nutrients, digest better, and reduce stress and anxiety.


Place that first bite in your mouth and really notice how it feels.

Notice the texture, smell, and flavor. You might even be grateful that your jaw works so well as you chew.


It's pretty hard to build a relationship with someone you never talk to, isn't it? Now that you're becoming friends with your body again, it's time to start talking to it.

As you PAY ATTENTION to that first bite of food, say to your body, in the kindest way. . . 

"I am easily satisfied."

"It's easy for me to notice I've had enough and easily push extra food away."

*Notice the subtle shifts that take place when you say empowering things to yourself.



  1. Say "THANK YOU"
  2. PAY ATTENTION to the first bite.
  3. Sweet talk your body.

Say nice things about your abilities by saying, "I can easily recognize and respond to satisfaction."

This formula works because it lets you notice satisfaction.

It turns your natural "hunger" and "fullness" signals back on.

As you enjoy your food more, you'll notice satisfaction sooner.

Before you know it, you'll find yourself shrinking without even trying.


This 6 minute guided audio will change your life if you listen while you eat. Even if you only use it a few times.

In this recording, I walk you through the enjoyable process of remembering what it's like to notice true physical hunger and fullness.

Listen next time you eat alone to get good at this quickly.

People love the way this recording changes their relationship with food and their body.

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Have an amazing week! 




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