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SWITCH Off Cravings Immediately with NLP

What if you could get rid of cravings without using willpower?


This simple, playful NLP technique is one my favorites.

I've used this to help clients remove fear of flying, anxiety, phobias, food cravings and so much more.

Since most people know me as a weight loss expert, I'll use the example of releasing food cravings. The applications are only limited by your imagination! (Which I hope will be enhanced by the end of this short article.)

How it works:

The SWITCH works so well because it physically releases cravings from the body and allows you to feel peace instead. 

The best part is, there's no "trying" involved. You'll just be using your imagination instead. 

*Imagination is the language of the subconscious mind.

Step-by-Step instructions:

1. FEEL the emotion. 

This step is super duper important because it shows your body what you're ready to release. 

Don't just think about the craving, (or anxiety, or sadness etc). 

Feel it. 

The best way to do this is to daydream about the last time you experienced it. It's ok to feel it now while you're safe because you're about to let it go.

You can also use this technique in the middle of a craving to release it right away. 

2. How intense is it on a scale of 1-10?

Tell yourself right now, "I can let this be fun and easy."

Now just answer whatever comes to mind without thinking too hard. It's ok to feel like you're making it up. 

3. Where is it in your body?

Where do you feel that craving or stuck emotion? Now just make up answers to the following...

What COLOR is it?

What SIZE is it?

How is it MOVING?

Is it making a SOUND?

4. Pretend to hold it in your hands.

We're just playing here so hold your hands out in front of you and imagine you can see that thing in your hands. 

When you have THIS, what do you say to yourself?

*Just start talking and you'll uncover your hidden self-talk around this feeling. 

When you say those things to yourself, who are you BEING?

How do you finish the sentence, "I AM. . . ."?

5. Toss it if you want to.

Where do you want to put this thing you're holding? 

Here's an option: Count to 3 and throw it up to the sun!

Look up and watch it sizzle and evaporate. 

You can also throw it behind you and hear it shatter. Or put it in the trash or garbage disposal. 

Be playful!

6. Empty Hands

Hold your empty hands out in front of you. 

Let's imaginatively fill them with something awesome! 

What COLOR do you want this to be?

What SIZE is it?

Is it heavy or light?

Does it make any SOUND?

How is it MOVING?

When you have THIS amazing thing, what do you know about that feeling from step 1?

(Go ahead and talk about it out loud to let yourself feel amazing!)

When you say these new positive things to yourself, who are you being as a person? 

How do you finish the sentence, "I AM . . ."?

7. Make it yours!

Now, count to 3. On the count of 3, pretend to pull that beautiful positive thing inside you. Wherever it belongs.

FEEL it radiating into your entire body. Imagine the feeling of every cell filling up with that color, sound, and movement. 

Repeat your new "I AM. . ." statement to yourself while you FEEL AMAZING. 

8. Teach your body to memorize this new emotion.

Keep feeling this. Keep repeating your "I AM. . ." sentence, while you go back to that memory from Step 1. 

Notice how that feeling you had when we started has changed on a scale of 1-10. 

Or can you even find that old feeling you had?

From now on, when you try to remember what it was like to have that old feeling, you'll find that your body has memorized this new, positive feeling in it's place. 

I would love to hear about the amazing shifts you notice. Email me anytime at [email protected] 




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