Did you know the power of one word? 

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

This morning I got to have breakfast with my middle daughter, Cassie (25) and her boyfriend, Chris. 


I love going out to eat. 


As shallow as it sounds, not being able to eat out has been one of the most annoying parts of social distancing for me. 


During breakfast we talked about what a strange year it's been. 


Here's what this roller coaster year has looked like for me. (I bet this year has been a roller coaster for you too, hasn't it?)


January: I decided I was going to make a short, encouraging video every day. It was a lot of work, but I did it - even when I didn't feel like it. 


I felt accomplished. 


February: My dad passed away after a long battle with poor health. 


The very next day, my first grandbaby was born.  


I missed several days making videos - which turned into several weeks/months. 


I felt . . . EVERYTHING!


March: Colorado (where I live) went into lockdown.


I freaked out and practiced anxiety even though I don't consider myself an anxious person. I even bought a "bug-out" bag in case I needed to head for the hills. 


I was having visions of "Gone With The Wind" devastation and sheer pandemonium as a result of the unprecedented events unfolding around me.


I felt scared and hopeless.


April: As a result of the Covid upset, two family members and a big dog moved into my teeny tiny apartment for several weeks.


I realized I was making scary movies in my head that had nothing to do with my reality. 


My reality was that I was safe. My kids were safe. 


I decided to savor the experience of my tiny apartment being stuffed to the brim with loved ones. 


I unfollowed anyone spreading conspiracy theories on Facebook and became hyper vigilant about NOT watching the news. (I was already a not-watch-the-news-er.)


I felt hopeful.


May: I spontaneously started my "Silence the Impostor Monster" Podcast...even though my own Impostor Monster told me I had no idea what I was doing.


I felt like a beginner. (I've learned to like that feeling.)


June: I did a "Silence the Impostor Monster" training and hypnosis session that people LOVED! People are still thanking me for helping them finally move forward in their business. 


If I hadn't let go of my "Sky is falling!" mentality in April, I would've been way too stressed out to answer the curiosity inspired question....


"What if I could help 30 people at a time as effectively as I help private clients?"


(Spoiler: The group session was even more effective.)


I felt excited!


July: I had the honor of doing a wildly successful 2 day intensive hypnosis training with Freddy Jacquin.


I felt honored and exhilarated.


Peace in the Midst of the Storm


At the end of last year I chose a "word of the year". I've done this for the last few years instead of a New Year's Resolution and I LOVE the results. 


This year my word was PRESENCE. 


I'm starting to think presence might just be the most peace inducing, bliss filled sensation in the whole entire world. 


Presence is a better feeling than any roller coaster emotion - positive or negative - and you can have it in an instant.


Every few weeks I think, "What was my word this year?" 


And I realize that my unconscious mind has been reminding me to be more present all year long (minus my April, bug-out-bag freak out) even though I haven't consciously reminded myself. 


Here are the side-effects I've noticed as a result of practicing presence. (In just a minute, I'm going to give you a 3 step formula for experiencing presence in under 30 seconds.) 


Presence Side Effects


ANTI-ANXIETY: I've started to notice that every time I'm stressed out or anxious or sad or mad, or worried, it's because I'm somewhere else. 


I'm making a movie in my mind about something bad happening even though I'm just fine. 


Or I'm narrating my present moment experience with the artistic voice of Eeyore, pretending my life sucks.


Presence reminds me that I'm just fine...right now...in this moment. 


SHEER BLISS: Every time I step into presence I remind myself, "It's ok to feel good. I'm allowed to enjoy life. I'm allowed to be kind to myself."


This was really weird at first because I've spent decades putting my happiness on hold. 


"When I reach ___ weight, then I'll be happy."


"When I have ____ amount of money, then I'll be happy."


"When my kids are perfectly happy, then I'll be happy."


Then I realized that I was actually in a hypnotic unhappiness trance. 


I had conditioned myself to feel "not enough" by stressing out about my weight, finances, kids, health, etc...over and over and over again...for decades.


It slowly dawned on me that I was the only one keeping myself miserable. 


I asked myself, "What if I allow myself to be happy now?"


In all my imperfection.


In the same way a small rudder steers a gigantic ship, sometimes a powerful question is all it takes to change the course of your life.


"What if you can be happy NOW?"


How to be happy now:


I'm a slow learner but I've finally drawn a connection to the level of my happiness and my ability to JUST BE.


I've shared this technique before and, if I thought you'd put up with it, I'd share it in every single Sunday cheat sheet. 


It's an absolute game-changer. 


When you use it regularly, it literally rewires your brain and body to default to peace instead of stress, depression, worry, anger etc.


What if those feelings are just habits you're recycling from the past?


What if freedom is easier than you realize?


Will you try this with me right now?


Read the following three steps as if I'm talking to you in my trancy, hypnotic voice. Let  yourself start to zone out as you read the 5 steps. When you understand the steps, do them immediately. 

Doing it now sets you up to remember to use it when you need it. Use this anytime you notice yourself feeling stressed, sad, or just have that general sense that something is wrong...


...as if your mind is looking for something to worry about. 




  1. Adjust your body language: 


Sit up straight, relax your shoulders and take a deep belly breath. Take twice as long to exhale as inhale.


  1. Focus your eyes on one spot that's a little above your eye level.


Just let yourself "zone out" while you stare at that spot.


  1. As you stare at that spot, name - without judgement - 3 things you SEE, HEAR, and FEEL in your body. 


Here are my favorite things to notice for the "FEEL" part. 

  • The feeling of being supported by the surface beneath me. 
  • The feeling of my tongue inside my mouth. (This lets me relax my jaw and separate my teeth apart.)
  • The feeling of the air on my skin.
  1. Say something powerful and simple to yourself. 




"All is well."


"I am here. And it is good."


"I am ok right now."


  1. Notice and acknowledge the peace of this present moment. 


Notice how 2 things cannot be in the same place at the same time. 


You can't fill your mind with Eeyore thoughts and name the things you see, hear, and feel at the same time. 


You can immediately go back to the stressful thoughts - and you probably will at first. 


That's ok. That's what conscious learning is like. 


Then something amazing happens when you keep repeating The Presence Protocol...


You start to realize that you've duped yourself by looking at life through Eeyore eyes. 


You realize you were just recycling negative emotions from the past and it's ok to feel good now - even though it feels really freaking weird. 


You start giving yourself permission to feel good now - no matter how imperfect you are. 


Because YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. 


Right now. In this moment. 


Will you say that to yourself right now? 


I'll do it with you...




"I am allowed to be happy now."


"I choose to stop recycling old negative emotions and practice presence."


Thank you for reading this my friend. 


This cheat sheet is a bit longer than usual but I've been having such a blissful day (in the middle of all kinds of craziness going on in the world and my personal life) that I wanted to let you know that you too can have peace and calm in the midst of the storm. 


I challenge you to try it, even if you have to set a reminder on your phone to do it once an hour (then honor that alarm as if your life depends on it).


Have an amazing day.




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