5 steps to find your way out of procrastination 

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

Will you do a little experiment with me? 


After you read this sentence, close your eyes and think of the word, "Should" to yourself over and over for about 30 seconds. Do it real quick before you read on. 


How did that feel? Did you notice how your body reacted to that word? 


Ok, now try this. Close your eyes and think, "I wonder..." to yourself, with a curious inner voice over and over for about 30 seconds. 


How was that? Did your body respond differently the second time? 


I wanted to share it with you because it's an incredibly powerful way to step out of fear or anxiety or procrastination and move toward your goal with a sense of playfulness. 


If you want to experiment with this simple technique in the coming week, do this now. . . 


  1. Imagine yourself at a time later today or this week when you feel stressed or want to procrastinate. 


  1. Pretend you're there right now, seeing what you see, hearing what you hear, and feeling what you feel in that situation. 


  1. Imagine sitting up straight, taking a deep breath, smiling, and saying, "I wonder...? I'm curious about the gift this experience is giving me?"


  1. Imagine yourself a month from now being a month closer to your goal. Perhaps having made even more progress than you expected, because you used this simple little technique with consistency. 


  1. Really be in the one-month-from-now moment. Hearing what you'll hear, seeing what you'll see, feeling what you feel.


Smile (like for real - right now).


Tell yourself, "I've got this."


Notice how your body responds to your positive self talk.


I've got some cool stuff for you in the P.S. I'll see you down there.  


Have an amazing week my friend. 




P.S. I did a hypnosis session to stop procrastination a few weeks ago and I'm still getting so much positive feedback about it. If you'd like to watch it, you can click the link below.


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