3 steps to free yourself from guilt and shame 

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

I'm writing this cheat sheet while feeling giddy from an amazing group hypnosis call I just finished. 


I have such a blast on these calls as I'm joined by people all over the world who get to experience life-changing hypnosis. 


I'll tell you how you can be a part of this group at the end but first I want to talk to you about this week's cheat sheet. 


This one is near and dear to my heart. If you decide to put only one cheat sheet into practice...


May I suggest you make it this one?


Today's cheat sheet is called Mirror Hypnosis because it helps you undo the hypnotic trance of guilt and shame and step into deep self-love. 


The kind of love that makes it easy to be good to yourself.


The kind of love that lets you look at junk food and realize, 


"Nah, I just don't want it. I'd rather nurture myself with something healthy."


Does it seem unrealistic to imagine easily making great food choices...without willpower?


I used to feel that way too, and Mirror Hypnosis shifted everything for me. 


Here's how it works. 


  1. Decide exactly where in your daily routine you'll practice mirror hypnosis. It's important to do it AFTER an activity you do in front of a mirror.

Example: Immediately after you brush your teeth or fix your hair.


  1. As soon as you finish doing the thing in step one, look yourself in the eyes...I mean really look (it's gonna feel weird) and say, 


"Thank you."


Find one tiny thing to thank yourself for. Even if it's just for doing Mirror Hypnosis. 


Your subconscious mind automatically re-creates what you celebrate. So saying thank you makes it easy to keep doing the thing you thank yourself for. 


  1. Tell yourself, "I love you" while looking in the mirror. 


Yep, it feels so silly doing this. 


But you're brave enough to do uncomfortable things, aren't you?


Ok, that's all there is to it! I know this seems really simple (and perhaps a bit awkward) but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much it impacts your life. 


The other day I was in a place where I usually feel a bit judgy. This time I caught myself feeling compassion and kindness in the place of my former judgmental attitude. 


I thought, "Why is it so easy to automatically release judgment?" and I realized it's because I'd started being kinder to MYSELF with Mirror Hypnosis. 


Do you want to ensure you'll remember to do Mirror Hypnosis? 


If so, do this right now (don't wait till later - you'll forget). 


Close your eyes and imagine doing the activity you'll do just before mirror hypnosis. For example, imagine brushing your teeth so vividly that you can see your reflection in the mirror, taste the toothpaste, feel the toothbrush in your hand, hear the water running as you rinse. 


Then imagine thinking, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna try this mirror hypnosis thing out!" 


Then imagine looking yourself in the eye and saying, "Thank you. I love you."


I can't wait to hear how this tiny little habit changes your life. 

I absolutely know...if I can do it, so can you!





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