Did you know the power of a metaphor?

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

You guys...


I started this really brilliant email for you all then my daughter asked me to come watch a movie with her. 


I said, "Can I finish this email while it starts then I'll put my laptop away and engage?"


She agreed. 


The instant the movie began I closed my laptop. 


Something immediately sucked me in and I had no choice but to engage.


I sat on my daughter's bed (because she just installed a new TV in her room so we're pretending it's a sleep-over)...


And we laughed.


We cried. 


And I feel like it changed me a little.


Maybe even a lot. 


When I learned hypnosis, Mike Mandel taught me the power of metaphors…


The power of stories to change people on an unconscious level in a way that makes a lasting change. 


Even before the movie ended I decided I would delete my email and write about the movie instead. 


I would try to convey the deep meaning that was downloaded while I watched. 


Then I decided not to cheapen it for you. 


I would rather you watch and receive your own unique download. 


Sometimes I'm worried about making a video over 5 minutes long or sending an email that's too wordy...


Now I'm wondering, will you spend an hour and forty nine minutes immersing yourself in a beautiful metaphor?


(Don't worry, I promise I'm getting to the part where I tell you what movie it is.)


Ok, now I've gotta go. We decided to watch the movie again. After all, it is Saturday night!





  1. The movie is called SOUL and it's on Disney Plus. If you don't subscribe, I think you can get a free trial or pay something like $6.99 (US) to watch. 


I can't imagine anything more worth the money.

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