Did you know that hypnosis can help in weight loss ?  

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

"What if hypnosis doesn't work?"


That's the question I asked myself 4 months into my hypnosis training. (Have you ever asked yourself that?)


I was learning hypnosis to lose weight and it wasn't working...yet!!


Before I decided to study hypnosis, I called a well known hypnotist who let go of half his body weight using hypnosis. He wanted $6,000 to lead me to the same weight release freedom.


In hindsight, that would've been easier (and cheaper) than learning hypnosis. But I'm glad I didn't take the deal because I've been able to help so many people through what I've learned.


But four months into my hypnosis training I was still over-eating!


I thought, "Maybe I'm too analytical....Maybe everyone else is faking...Maybe there's some trauma from my past that's left me broken beyond help..."


Then things started clicking into place with one subtle aha moment after another.

I didn't experience a SHAZAM moment that let me know I was "fixed".


Instead, the food obsession started fading...


My body started shifting and releasing extra weight (even though I was 43 years old and afraid I'd ruined my metabolism). 


The guilt and shame that made me feel broken began to lift.... replaced by self-kindness and love.


Four years ago I decided to teach what had worked for me in an online group program. 


It doesn't work for everyone.


Some people drop out and fade away after one slip up. (That's a terrible idea, by the way.)


Some people think "It's too easy!" and never even try it. 


BUT, there are the people who say, "No matter how skeptical I am I'm going all in for the next 4 weeks."


Those are the people who contact me later and say,


"Two months later and I'm down 22 pounds! My inflammation is gone, which is a huge win. I'm not starving. I'm not struggling. It's easy. Thank you!"

(Email from Chelsey D. Used with permission)


When I started my hypnosis career, I had a mission to help people move from the same place of brokenness and desperation I had felt...


...to a place of freedom from extra weight and the guilt and shame that go with it. 


I've run group weight loss programs over and over with hundreds of people for the past 4 years. I've paid close attention to what works and what doesn't. 


I've dropped what doesn't work and I've gotten really good at guiding people through what does.


In January I ran the most powerful and effective round of my weight loss program so far. I was nervous because it's the first time I gave people guidelines about how to eat in a way that signals the body to desire less food and easily drop weight - even if you felt like your metabolism was broken.


People posted comments like the following almost every day in the private, VIP Facebook group.


"I thought I couldn't get better and I was stuck with the weight. The freedom is HUGE. Thank you SO much, Lori." - Sarah G.


(By the way. I stopped doing private weight loss sessions when I realized how much better group programs work. I didn't feel right charging thousands of dollars for 1:1 work when I knew they'd get better results in my online community.)


I've had so many people ask the following questions in the past few weeks...


  1. Can you help me get a handle on my weight? I feel like my metabolism is fighting me and I just can't get on track.


  1. Can you teach me how to better help my weight loss clients? My success rate isn't as high as I'd like it to be.  


I have created a new protocol called the Metabolism Reset Hypnosis Protocol. 


In this protocol, I guide you through my most powerful hypnosis protocols without any extra fluff.


If you're ready to be done worrying about your weight, I believe you're reading this cheat sheet for a reason.


If you want a proven hypnotic weight loss protocol to use with your own clients...no matter how stuck they are... you'll learn it within two hours.


You have my permission to freely use any of my protocols in your own practice.


Click the button below to explore your options.


Have a beautiful week.





P.S. Make sure you check out the BONUS in Option 2 if you're a hypnotherapist who wants to help your clients lose weight for good because I'm giving you a PDF Training Manual for the protocol.


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