Did you know that there is an antidote to irritation? 

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

A few days ago I had an exchange with an acquaintance that left me feeling so annoyed!


Then I was annoyed, that I was annoyed.


I tried rationalizing with myself by telling myself not to act like a 13-year-old. 


I know that I hurt myself when I let myself get irritated with people but I just couldn't find my big girl pants and get over it!


Last night, I was flying to visit a friend and I looked out the window of the airplane to get some perspective. 


I do this whenever I have a window seat because it's a powerful hypnotic exercise. 


I think about a problem that's bothering me and imagine I'm looking down through the clouds at the situation from WAY up high. 


Then I ask myself, "What's the best advice I can give myself when I see this from way up here."


My unconscious mind creates such beautiful solutions from this empowered perspective.


Hypnosis taps into the part of you that knows the things you don't know you know so you can be surprised by your own wisdom.


As I thought about the "annoying person" I realized that they reminded me of an annoying person from the past. This "aha" moment immediately started unraveling my feeling of attachment to being annoyed. 


Then my unconscious mind reminded me that love is the antidote to irritation. Even though I didn't feel like loving the person, I decided to practice a loving kindness mantra I learned a few years ago. 

I imagined that I was sitting right across from the formerly annoying person, looking them right in the eye and saying, 


"I wish you happiness.


I wish you health.


I wish you safety. 


I wish you peace."


I immediately felt the angst of offense release from my body. 


It made me so happy to realize I didn't have to try to rationalize my way out of my feelings. 


I could simply imagine saying those words and allow my frustration to disappear on it's own. 


I wanted to share this simple tool with you in case there's a person in your life who rubs you the wrong way and you're ready to find peace. 


If so, do the following right now. It's one of the most valuable ways you can spend the next 60 seconds of your life. 


  1. Imagine that you are face to face with the person right now. You can be in any setting you choose.


  1. Look in their eyes. Notice their facial expression. Notice their posture.


  1. As you look in their eyes say,


"I wish you happiness.


I wish you health.


I wish you safety.


I wish you peace."


  1. Imagine seeing their face light up as they receive your well wishes. Imagine their posture changing as they express gratitude for your kindness. 


  1. Notice inner peace in the place of that old angst you had. 


  1. Tell yourself, "Thank you" for doing this simple exercise. . . 


. . . because you re-create what you celebrate.


Have an amazing week!




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