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How to Spark Deep Self-Love

Do you hate looking in the mirror?

Does it seem impossible to truly love yourself?

By the end of this short cheat sheet, you'll realize how easy it can be to love yourself now. 

I have a gift for you at the end of this cheat sheet...

It's a video that walks you through a self-love protocol. It lets you release self-dislike and step into self-love. 

How Self-Love Changes Everything

Most people know me as a weight loss specialist so this cheat sheet highlights how self-love leads to automatic, permanent weight loss.

Self-love will positively impact EVERY area of your life. Here are just a few...

Relationships: I believe we can only truly love others as much as we love ourselves. When you step into self-love, you'll notice incredibly positive shifts in your relationships.

Confidence: Genuine self-love creates true confidence. Without self-love, confidence often seems fake and looks more like arrogance.

Anger issues: People who don't love themselves often lash out at others as a pressure release valve. Self-love creates inner peace.

Self-Love Allows Automatic Permanent Weight Loss

Here's why. 

Your subconscious mind is always driving you toward your focus. 

It's a neuro-science law.

When a person looks in the mirror and focuses on their flaws, it creates a negative focus. When you're busy obsessing about what's wrong with you, it's nearly impossible to change.

It's like having your car in reverse while trying to drive forward. 

When you button your pants and hate your muffin top, you focus on the negative. (Don't worry. A solution is coming.)

When you beat yourself up for eating an extra serving of cheesecake, you focus on the negative.

When you lay in bed at night and think about all the times you "screwed up", that negative focus tells your subconscious to keep up the negative behavior.

Why You Don't Already Love Yourself

You've been trained to not love yourself.

Somebody taught you (probably by example) that criticizing yourself would motivate you to do better. 

How has that been working for you?

Now that you're ready to get different results, it's time to do things differently. And I'm about to show you how to do it really easily. 

Easily Create a Self-Love Habit

You don't remember this, but the first time you were mean to yourself it felt wrong. Somehow you learned to say mean things about yourself.

You repeated this unkind behavior until it became automatic and felt right. 

This is the definition of a habit. 

Now, we're just going to reverse engineer the same process. Here's how. 


Every time you catch yourself feeling bad about yourself ask, "What's good about me?"

I don't care if it's something as tiny as, "I'm wearing awesome nail polish."

You will be blown away by how quickly you get in the habit of noticing what's RIGHT with you. 

That's a positive focus. 

You already know that your subconscious will lead you toward your focus so this positive focus will automatically create more positive behaviors.

Don't try to focus on the positive. Simply ask, "What's good about me?" or "What can I appreciate about me?"

Your subconscious loves questions and will automatically look for the answers. 


Please invest 10 minutes to watch the video below. I'll guide you through an enjoyable protocol that let's self-love become automatic.

I truly believe it will change your life. 



Imagine what it would be like to truly love yourself and feel good about yourself every time you look in the mirror. 

My Weight-Loss Without Willpower program lets you do just that. 

One of the things you'll love most is how your body automatically sheds extra weight as you step into self-love. 


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