What if you do not need to TRY anymore? 

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

I laughed out loud when I decided on the content for this week's cheat sheet because it's pretty ridiculous. 

Then I started unexpectedly crying. 

They were grateful tears of release. 

I've always been a "Tryer" and I've been Trying really hard in my business the past few years. 

Trying to create valuable content.

Trying to help people see their innate value.

Trying to be a skilled and effective hypnotist. 

Trying to be a marketer.

When my dad passed away a couple weeks ago I realized I've been living in low level fight or flight mode for several years. 

Then I had this crazy idea...

"What if I STOP trying and just let myself enjoy life and experience the present?"

That preposterous little question sparked a series of "coincidences" that can only be described as God (or the Universe or my higher self) replying...

"Yeah what would happen, Lori? Why don't you try it?"

A few minutes ago I realized I hadn't put together this week's cheat sheet and that familiar panicky "Trying" feeling said, "What the heck are you doing? It's Saturday afternoon!"

So I sat down and got quiet and really noticed the panic. I asked myself what I'm afraid of?

"I'm afraid people will forget about me and my business will die if I stop constantly trying!"

Then the thought occurred, "What if I send a blank cheat sheet that just says, 'Stop Trying' and it seemed so silly that I laughed out loud."

It turns out, when I sat down to type this for you, this stuff flowed out and this email isn't blank after all. 

My favorite part is that there's been (almost) zero trying involved since I sat down to write. 

So here's my question for you...

What have you been TRYING (or grasping or fearing) that's keeping you in fight or flight mode? Even now, are your shoulders tense or your breathing shallow?

Give that trying feeling a name. (Like really do this right now.)

When you think of the thing you've been trying/grasping/fearing, how intense is that feeling you named on a scale of 1-10?

Now pretend to write the name of that feeling on a helium balloon. (Don't read the last step until you've playfully imagined this one, please.)


Open your hand...

Let that balloon go.

Watch it float up to the sky and disappear.



Now check back in and notice how that trying/grasping/fear has changed on a scale of 1-10.

When that balloon is gone, what do you notice instead? 

When I chose to release Trying a few minutes ago, I noticed laughter in its place. And I thought...

"What if I only make decisions in my business that feel like laughter? What if I have a blast?" 

What do YOU notice filling that space where Trying used to be?

Can you imagine how much easier it will be to find creative solutions from THIS place?

What would happen if you repeat this 10 second exercise whenever you notice Trying in your body?

I'm gonna do it. Will you join me?

So it turns out that this is a cheat sheet after all. I had no intention for that when I started. 

Here's the ONE thing I wanted to convey when I sat down to write. I tried to talk myself out of it because it seems a bit cliché. 

But sometimes I like to do things like this just to be brave and say, "I can do uncomfortable things" even if they seem silly or cliché. 

The ONE thing I want you to know is that I love you. I know that's weird because there's a good chance I don't even know you. 

But if you're reading this, I want you to know that YOU have value...

Just because you exist. 

Have a nice day my friend. 

Love (like really and truly LOVE),


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