Did you know that gratitude can change your state?

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

The state of Colorado, where I live, requires that we wear masks everywhere in public. 


They're uncomfortable and sweaty and my skin is getting irritated. (Yes, I'm whining.)


I understand why masks are required and this email is not about the "politics" of masks.


I want to share an "aha" moment I had while I was at the gym yesterday. (Have you ever noticed that "aha" moments come when your mind is quiet and your body is moving?)


Here I was, huffing and puffing so hard that I'm sucking my mask into my mouth.


I have weights in my hand so I can't adjust the mask.


I exhale hard and wiggle my nose to re-adjust it.


I think a whiny thought like, "Darn these masks! This is so annoying!"


My wiggly mask was pulling my attention to my breath and I thought to myself....


"What if I switch to gratitude?"


I tried it on.


"I am grateful for my breath."


The whining stopped immediately.


Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. 


Rather than chastise myself for complaining, I smooshed the whiny voice out by filling my head with gratitude. 


I had been using the mask as a trigger to whine and notice all the weird stuff going on in the world right now.


I was allowing the mask to be a reminder of what's "wrong" with the world.


I was allowing it. 


It's not the mask's fault.


I like looking at it that way because it puts me in charge of the way I feel instead of a small, inanimate object. 


So here's this week's "cheat".


What if you use the masks as a trigger for gratitude instead? 


What if you notice a surge of positivity and feel good chemicals release every time you notice your mask touching your face?


Have an amazing, gratitude filled week!




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