What is 'money gratitude'?

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

This cheat sheet is short, sweet, and SUPER valuable. 


I'm sharing the "woo woo" thing I've been doing to attract abundance. 


I feel a little silly telling you about this but it's been so effective that I would feel selfish not sharing it. 


And abundant is the opposite of selfish. 


I think it's been nearly a year since I started my "Money Gratitude" routine. 


Here's how it works: 

I set an alarm on my phone to go off at 10:00 am every day.

When the alarm goes off I stop what I'm doing and honor the alarm. I make it my highest priority. 


Then I do something ridiculous. 


I open the app for my bank account...


I raise my phone up above eye level so I have to look up to see my balance. (You probably know how important body language like this is)...


Then I smile the biggest, eye-crinkling smile and tell the money in my account, 


"Thank you! I love you!"


I acknowledge each digit of my balance by name and say, "I love you Six, I love you Three....(etc)"


Sometimes, I'll bounce up and down on my feet or do a little happy dance for my money. 


I express the same enthusiasm when I have a big huge balance as when I have an itty bitty balance.


I let myself FEEL abundant.


I believe something magic happens when we act silly, playful, and light-hearted. 


Something shifts energetically. 


For the first time in my life, I'm not worrying about money...


...much. 😂💲💰


I'm not perfect but there's been a profound shift since I started my Money Gratitude routine. 


When I open my banking app every day, my balance is almost always bigger than it's ever been in my adult life (and my non-adult life obviously).


There's something about Money Gratitude that helps me step into my worthiness to live an abundant life. 


I know this is a simple tip and I challenge you to try it out for 30 days and notice how your relationship with money changes. 


And notice how that peaceful relationship affects your bank balance. 


Have a beautiful week!




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