Did you know that handwriting can boost confidence?

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

Last night I was writing in my journal and I had an "aha" moment about this week's cheat sheet. 


My intention for cheat sheets is to give you simple, highly effective tools you can use right away to change your life. 


A few years ago Mike Mandel taught a trick to boost confidence and skyrocket a person's odds of reaching goals so you can make your dreams come true.


I've done lots of self-work to boost my confidence over the past few years so I don't know what percentage of my improved confidence came from the trick he taught me...


But I can tell you two things...


  1. My ability to reach my goals is 100X stronger than it used to be. I used to make big plans and never follow through. Now I make big plans and make them happen (most of the time)


  1. Every time I use the trick Mike taught me (that I'm about to teach you) I hear an internal voice say, "You can do anything!" 


This tip is based on the science of graphology and graphotherapy. 


When I heard that handwriting could reveal things about personality, I thought it was ridiculous. 


I used to think hypnosis was ridiculous too. 


By practicing graphotherapy and hypnosis, I have proved to myself that they are both powerful ways to generate change. 


Graphotherapy: Consciously altering your handwriting for the purpose of making desired subconscious changes in your personality.


I'm not here to convince you that graphotherapy is real...


But I double dare you to try this trick and notice how your confidence improves. 


Here's a handwriting trick that creates an immediate confidence boost: 


Cross your "t"s with a firm stroke from left to right (never from right to left) and cross the "t" high on the stem. 

If you're a person who crosses your "t"s backwards (from right to left) please stop immediately.


The backwards motion reveals internal self-sabotage.


This trick lets you improve your confidence in less than one second. It might feel really weird to cross your T's like this at first but that's ok. 


Uncomfortable things soon become automatic. 


Do you want one more confidence boosting handwriting hack?


When you sign your name (it's best to do so legibly) underline your signature with a firm stroke. 


Again, it's important that the stroke goes from left to right. 


Try it now and notice how it feels.


I was in a Clubhouse room with David Snyder the other day and he mentioned that you can take on traits of another person by tracing their handwriting! 


Crazy, isn't it?!


I would love to hear what you think when you try these tips.


Have an amazing week. 




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