How can your subconscious mind be your personal genie?

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

What would you wish for if you found a Genie in a bottle?

Today I have a fun imagination exercise that can change your life in magical ways.

Set aside a few minutes to take this life-changing journey with me right now.

What's About To Happen:

When you play along right now, you will reprogram your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious will prompt new thoughts, beliefs, and habits. You'll notice old, unwanted behaviors fading into the distance like a mist.

How to Use This Cheat Sheet:

Follow these guidelines for maximum success.

  1. Do it now.

There's no need to make a ritual out of this. Invest about 5 minutes right now and be amazed at how different your life is in a month.

  1. Dream big!

Use child-like imagination. As if you're immersed in your favorite movie.

  1. Get your emotions involved!

Let yourself feel the answers.

  1. Set aside your inner skeptic.

Just for a few minutes. You can pick it right back up again when you're done (if you wish).

Why This Works:

People who are stuck in a problem struggle to think about the solution.

When I ask my clients, "When this problem is a thing of the past, what will you have instead?"

They are startled because they're so focused on the problem, they've never imagined life with the solution.

Did you know that your subconscious mind acts like your own personal Genie?

It's always guiding you toward your focus and imagination.

This exercise lets you focus on how good life will be when the problem is gone.

You don't have to solve the problem consciously because your subconscious creates the solution for you!

Let's Begin!

Write your answers down or simply imagine the answers as you read.

  1. What is the very most important problem you're ready to solve today?

(Pretend it can be easy - just for a few minutes.)

If this one thing was fixed it would make everything else easier to deal with.

Problem Example: Emotional eating.

  1. Imagine walking down the street and stubbing your toe on something.

You look down and see an ancient lamp. It’s a bit dirty so you start to wipe it clean. The lamp begins to sputter and shake!

A magic genie appears from the lamp!

The genie is there to completely solve the problem you wrote down in #1.

Close your eyes and really imagine this. Pretend you’re in a Disney movie where you can create a fairy tale ending. Let yourself dream big.

The genie asks,

“When this problem is a thing of the past. . . When it’s been solved so completely, you don’t even remember what it’s like to have it. . . What positive thing do you want to have instead?”

Example: In the place of emotional eating I want to feel empowered and resilient! I want to be so excited about life that I forget about extra food.

It's ok to let yourself get playful and imaginative here.

  1. When your answer from #2 comes true, how will you feel?

Example: I'll feel powerful and joyful! I'll feel relieved to be in control around food.

  1. When you FEEL those things, what kind of things will you say to yourself?

It's ok to just playfully make this up. Once you get started, more ideas will flow.

Example: "Wow, this is actually easy! It feels great to be in control."

  1. And what will you now believe about yourself?

Example: "I did it! I'm free!" 

  1. When the genie grants your wish, how will you know it's happened?

Example: I'll be excited to get dressed every morning because all my favorite clothes fit perfectly. I'll be happy to take left-overs home instead of eating too much. 

Now Install the Change

Simply tell yourself - as if you're speaking directly to your Inner Genie,

"This is what I want."

Pretend to talk to your inner genie and ask, "What is a symbol to help me automatically move toward freedom?"

Just notice what creative symbol comes to mind. It might just surprise you!

From now on, every time you notice yourself thinking about the problem, think about this symbol to remind your inner genie where you're headed.

Focus on what you WANT!

Expect to be blown away by the results.

I hope you loved this imaginative cheat sheet! I've found that when people get really imaginative it creates rapid and powerful transformations. 




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