What if eliminating a few things can give you the freedom you want?  

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

Have you noticed that being told you can't have something makes you want it more? 

When we focus on what we CAN'T have, we feel deprived and desperate. 

You probably already know you'll never find the solution when you focus on the problem. 

Get ready to drop some old, broken ideas from the past as you discover 3 things you can eliminate for weight loss success. 

(Hint: None of them are food.)

1: Eliminate Guilt

What do you say to yourself when you mindlessly snack? 

How do you choose to feel about yourself when you give in to food cravings?

Beating yourself up keeps you stuck in problem-focused behavior. Sometimes a person feels so guilty that they think of themselves as broken or a food addict. (I did this.)

SOLUTION: Next time you're tempted to snack or give in to cravings, imagine watching a movie of yourself . See yourself easily walking away from extra food and feeling great about it. Tell yourself, "Good job!"

This mental rehearsal lets you focus on wanted behavior instead of unwanted behavior. 

Yes, it's simple but it works! Try it right now and notice how much easier it is to make great choices next time. 

2: Eliminate Willpower

Do you white-knuckle your way through the day? 

Do you count down the days till you can have that dessert?

Willpower keeps you focused on feelings of lack and deprivation. 

When we say, "I have to resist cheesecake!" it creates even more focus on cheesecake. 

Willpower does NOT work in the long term. And it feels miserable in the short term. 

SOLUTION: Shift your focus to feel good without food.

When a person overeats, it's because they want to change the way they feel.

I'm going to show you a really cool trick that lets you feel great WITHOUT cheesecake. 

Do this right now.

  • Imagine a string pulling you up from the top of your head as you sit or stand nice and tall. 
  • Lift your face upward and look up. 
  • Take a deep breath and say to yourself, "I can let myself feel amazing!" as if you mean it with all your heart. 

*Bonus points for holding your arms out like an eagle flying above it all. 

3: Eliminate the scale

Have you ever stood on the scale and felt discouraged? 

Do you wish the scale would move more quickly?

Focusing on the scale keeps you stuck. 

When you value a number on an inanimate object, you let that number dictate your worth and value. 

How many times have you felt discouraged by the scale, thrown up your hands, and said, "I'm gonna eat cheesecake because I didn't lose X amount of pounds this week!"

SOLUTION: Cut a piece of ribbon the length of your waist.

Every week or so, wrap the ribbon around your waist and notice the difference. 

When you build lean, compact muscle, the scale may go up, but your waist will shrink and that's what really matters.

When you stop letting the scale judge you, it gets easier to stop judging yourself.   

When you stop judging yourself, it gets so much easier to make good choices.


Have you given up on weight loss till January?

It' ok. I don't judge you and you're not alone. Remember, guilt keeps you stuck.

Have a lovely day !



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