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The Lazy Way To Enlightenment and Unlimited Happiness

Soak up wisdom, insight, and aha moments as you eavesdrop on my conversation with one of the most brilliant hypnotists in the world.

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If you were haunted and harassed by your own inner critic, if you've ever been curious about why hypnosis works so well, if you're a seasoned hypnotist, or if you suspect that the inner critic is actually hypnotizing you to hold back from reaching the greatness that you know, deep down is inside you, lean in and get inspired to get out of your comfort zone and create your one precious life with purpose and intention. If you like this show, you'll love my powerful hypnosis audio, the answer room, because it gives you crystal clear guidance and direction and illuminates an ingenious way to make triumphant decisions.

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No matter how stuck you feel or how confused you were. This powerful hypnosis audio is my gift to you. When you go to the imposter again, that's the imposter Don't forget the, the, the imposter And yes, I'm done saying it. Thank you. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart for listening. I'm Lori Hammond, and I'm truly grateful for you. Have you ever wanted to reach out to a celebrity and thought they would never pay attention to me? That's how I felt. The first time I contacted Freddy Jacquelyn to tell him that his book hypnotherapy had had a life changing impact on me and to my surprise, he responded and we started communicating back and forth and have since become friends.

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I consider Freddie to be one of the most dear people in the entire world, in my life. And he has such a genuine, beautiful authenticity that has transformed the lives of thousands and probably hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. I hope you hang on every word. As you listened to this powerful interview from my dear friend, Freddie Jaquin, and when you're finished, I encourage you to go and purchase his new book, the lazy way to enlightenment and unlimited happiness. I was fortunate to get a sneak peek and it is absolutely spectacular. Enjoy this conversation. I feel like it's been a month since you said, I'm going to write a book.

0 (2m 18s):
Here are my title ideas. Tell me what you think. And someone threw out a really awesome title. And I think you kind of went with that one. So will you first start off by just telling us a little bit about your book, the book that you just completed?

1 (2m 33s):
Well, this book is really for the public, rather than hypnotists. I expect a lot of hypnotherapists going to pick it up. I'd like to think they get something from it, but really, I, I want you to write a book that people, anyone to general public could pick up off the shelf and change their life with rarely the way they think enable them to let go of their limitations, their fears, their, and there's no mention in a book of about hypnosis, even though it's coming with an audio each, each of the chapters, like the one on changing habitual behaviors and fears and anxieties, there's kind of an audio for that.

1 (3m 15s):
There's one for eliminating useless, unnecessary pain, whether it's physical or emotion. Of course, you're not going to use the arrow technique, but there's no mention of hypnosis in it. And then I'm gonna, then the other audio is with TPN, total perception management, how to have complete control over your emotions. So really I think for, for someone who's picking that book up, who's got the rational fear or anxiety or stress. That's the con the big one that most people would think about that they'd like to be free of, but the idea of being free of any emotional pain they've got about, I read a book. I don't need to have the audio because it's described in the book how to change and how to do that while you're reading.

1 (4m 4s):
So you, but the audio is obviously an add on which I think will be a benefit, but so there's, there's anxiety, stress, and habitual behavior, rational fears, and then there's complete control over your emotions. So a bit of switch and emotional for ramping emotion up. So I think it covers pretty much everything that most of us humans suffer from. And I'd like to think it's only about 10,000 words. So it's not a two, but what I have avoided doing in a book is just making it bigger by putting in pictures and quotes from other people.

1 (4m 44s):
I think it was, I'm trying to think of his name, the singer, the ginger guy, AIDS Sharon, in one of these, one of these can. I love him. I think he's great. But in one of his books, one of his songs, he says, never use other, nobody use other people's quotes. And I, and so anyway, in the book, I've not used any other quotes and I've noticed a lot of the books and people are sending me books saying, you know, can you read my book? And can you kind of endorse it and stuff. And I'm always going to try and help people where I can, but it's almost like since Tony Robbins first started out saying, you know, he was 700 pounds or whatever he weighed.

1 (5m 26s):
And then he went down surf, whatever it was and how he was living in a, in a, you know, a squat in a hole in the ground or something, then he knew that he became the civilian. Now it seems like everybody has to have that story in the beginning of their book. They kind of the tragedy you are, you know, I, I haven't done that. So my book's a lot thinner, but if you want to know about, and you'd give me a call and I'll tell you where all the rotten stuff that's happened in my life, if you like, but I'm not going to put it in my book. So, yeah. So in the book, like with my hypnotherapy book, I'd like to think that I've kind of kayak all the fluff, the things that just make it a bigger book, or, you know, what most people do is just purely do this, do this.

1 (6m 14s):
And you can change that. And again, I think with a lot of these books that I've read that people write, they give me a lot of facts, which I've drawn from Google or anything else. But when you look to get down to the what's, how you change is probably not even a page of actual advice on how to make these changes. So that's what I want this book to be it. I want people to pick it up, read it, maybe make them think differently about who we are as human beings, and then have a way of going, okay, well, that's, this is a negative belief I've got, I'm going to eliminate it. So that's the book anyway, and it's called the lazy way to enlightenment and unlimited happiness.

1 (7m 1s):
I was saying that some of that was done. I know I said the word when I said the lazy way to entitlement

2 (7m 6s):
And that's going to be the follow up.

1 (7m 16s):
So anyway, yeah, that's pretty much the book I'm hoping it's going to be out in like maybe three or four weeks time. I've got a friend who's designing the design and the cover. Yes. And the same friend is actually, she's going to translate it into Italian and Romanian. So hopefully about Australia in three different languages, which will be really good. Yeah. I'm just enjoying it really. Yeah. And then I've got two other books, which once my, how I've got to some years ago, I wrote a book called Jaquin rope workout. I don't know. I

2 (7m 53s):
Might send it to you

1 (7m 55s):
How you can get totally toned on a piece of single piece of rope without skipping. And anyway, I did it. And when I did it, must've been eight years ago. Cause my granddaughter best 2016. She did the, some of that. We, she and I did the photographs for it demonstrating this different techniques. She was 18 then. So it must be eight years ago, but now I want to do it again. Cause I've kind of upgraded the way I think about it. And then what, how she could, how the ways of working some of your ideas on getting your mind right. For the fit for how to get fit. But I wanna make it as a video and to do that, to do that, I've got to get absolutely ripped.

1 (8m 37s):
She's taking longer than I thought. So I'm going to have to come back to you and you're gonna have to advertise me and get me back on track. But so there's that book in the baking because I think, you know, I'm 68. I'd like to think if I can get my body, answer the ice, which I know it can. Then I think that would kind of be a bit of an inspiration. So I've got that one in the pipeline. Once we've got this, this one sorted, which is pretty solid anyway. And then the next one I think we spoke about before, which is a kind of fantasy book. And, but I want, again, I want people to pick it up or kids to pick it up or anyone early age, pick it up. And without knowing it, they get an idea of how they can change their life.

1 (9m 21s):
And I'm coming up with a title for it yet. But there's your, your grant is LD or going to it, isn't it. But the main character is named Zelda after your granddaughter. So give me an idea to the kind of incentive to Mike to finish it because I want her to better read it four or five and know that she was the inspiration for the, for the name. So yeah. So all these things are kind of these books that are in my mind, if I don't come up with something else in the meantime, which I'll add to the list, which is just,

3 (9m 54s):
I am so excited and I know your hypnotherapy book, I feel like I w I hung on every word because I listened to the audio book and you did do an excellent job of not being redundant and putting in tons of extra facts and just, it's all such amazing information that you can apply to your life right away. And one of the biggest reasons I created this podcast is because I want people who listen to start to get in the Headspace of people who are changing the world and the way that you're changing the world and taking action. And you know, so many people get an idea and they wait until they have all their ducks in a row and they wait until everything is just right.

3 (10m 40s):
And they end up never doing it. I personally have been planning to write a book for three years. So when I saw it, you've written Tuesday twos, since I decided I was going to write one. And, and when I saw how quickly you did this, I thought I have to understand your mindset. So will you just talk to me a little bit about just what that process looks like for you from idea to completion like discipline in your mind?

1 (11m 6s):
I think when it comes to writing the book, I think you've got to write into yourself without thinking, you know, who's going to like this will anyone like it? Well, I like it. That's the question I want when I enjoy doing it. That's the other thing, the process itself I'll written. I'll send them to you. I haven't gotten yet, but I've sent you my novels as well. And they were great fun to write. Cause you're, you're in a kind of era in a fantasy world. One's a crime novel. One's kind of a, what's the word I'm looking for? Where you're like the perfect kind of world kind of book anyway, right. In those books, it's not difficult for me.

1 (11m 47s):
Probably people say, I just don't want that cause it rubbish. But yeah. So, but I enjoyed doing it and I, I, I then want to get into it. So I make myself laugh, which is pretty crazy really. And then, you know, it's probably one day making myself laugh. They'll carry me off and say, right, you're going to laugh at yourself. You're going to be locked away. But you know, sometimes we do things and, but I am going to enjoy everything. And that's why I write the books. That's why I've written this book. If it inspires people, if it changed people's lives. Great. But how about I enjoy writing it? That's the big question. And so I think that's where you got today, instead of wondering, am I good enough writer?

1 (12m 31s):
You know, people criticize me, will people go this? And someone takes when I was at the London conference last year, someone I know, you know, I've known him for a long time. He's been up at his own backside. It always has been, you know? And, and, and I'll say it in, if he's, if he, if he, if he remembers him saying this to me, you'll know he is. And if he asked me, I'll say, yes, it's true. You are up your own backside. So anyway, this guy came up to me, he said, I read your books. And he said, he said, I read your book since you're a good storyteller and a very good writer. I said, Oh, that's nice. Yeah.

1 (13m 11s):
How many books have you written? Well, I'm gonna read a book of yours. No, that's my attitude towards it. It's okay. People to criticize. And I'm probably, I never, you know, I left school at 15, you know, it's not going to, we've got Google so I can spell properly now, you know, I don't care. I just want to enjoy my life. And I want to enjoy a story and people who read my stories like them and whether it's actually great literature, whether it's, you know, the proper language or whatever else I write, like I speak. And as you can see, you know, I'm not a hundred percent speaks.

1 (13m 53s):
I, my books, aren't probably I'm going to be as good, but I do have people checking over spelling and stuff like that. People, all friends, I've never had to pay for any of that stuff. People proof read it. And I say, if you've got any felony thoughts on this, but yeah, I don't find it difficult. It's not hard, but I can tell a story saying, well, I never have. And I still don't think, you know, I'm going to change the world. I, and so I said, I'll go about it because I find something I am passionate about. And then I want it to be the best I can be at it.

1 (14m 33s):
So I that's, it really, you know, how far can I, how good can I be physically? You know, now if I'm going to be a hit in the therapist, like I said, all my students, there are a zillion, mediocre therapists out there. You can be one, or you can strive to be the best you can. And I fully expect that some of my ideas, some of my things, I, but that people are going to take them and we're going to move them to another level. That's what happens. I see evolution of mankind, isn't it? Where any of these things start? You know, I stand on the shoulders of people like Erickson and two or three other people I might re re read about, you know, in my two books that I've read in my life.

1 (15m 15s):
And I think it was Bob burns said, you know, he said, Oh, pretty that a tragedy. He said, his library burned down and both his books were burned. So I dunno, I, I, so, yeah, as a, as a kid and I'll say it, cause you know, the man is still alive. My dad's still alive. I don't believe I've got any kind of encouragement from him. And so anyway, when I got into my kind of late teens and I got married very young and so I had to work and I, you know, be a never, it's never been a problem for me to work.

1 (15m 57s):
I've always assumed if I want anything I'm going to have to work for it. No worries. I didn't have any kind of ancestor with loads of money. You're going to leave me a big estate or anything. So I'm going to have to just work. And it's another bald man. I've always felt like I can speak. I can work. And I, you know, that's just who I am, but in my kind of late teens, early twenties, if I had no idea, I'd have this voice in my head, which we spoke about before this can't be pasta monster. And I think you're not going to do it. You know, what's the point in thinking about it, isn't it. You're not going to make it. So why bother? And then I listened to that voice and I listened to it carefully. It wasn't my voice.

1 (16m 39s):
It was my dad's voice. And so I also grew up with a mother that thought the sun, Sean, out on my backside, she thought I could do anything. So I didn't know, I had not heard my mom's voice in my head somewhere. So I listened out for him. And so I, in my own mind, this is crazy. Isn't I was only like young. I picture one of those old radio sets, the wooden ones, you know, with the knobs and the valves in the back. And I had two volumes sets on one of them who had my dad's name. I written one, I had my mom's name over it. So I went in, in my own head and I turned my dad's voice right down. And I turned my mom's voice right up.

1 (17m 20s):
And I'm sure my dad's still there going, I can't hear him anyway. So that kind of thing. And then just, it's a kind of fearlessness. It's about not worrying too much about what people think. Obviously I had, Anthony's now 46, wherever he is. And my older boy is 49. They were kids. So I just wanted to give them everything I could possibly give them the best life possible. So I used to graph. Then we were talking spoiled, came on about me doing the 26 hour translate, but I had worked and this is true.

1 (18m 1s):
48 hours nonstop in the past. Some of the say, you know, I've got this job. I started at it now, what is it? I'll, I'll do it wherever it is. I want my kids to have what they want. And I would do that, you know? So, so it got to a point where I just do whatever I could do. And it was, that was driven by wanting to my kids to have a life. But I'll never, I've never really planned anything. When I look back at staff, it's like, it's just kind of washed over me and I, and I've just gone along with it. And luckily, I suppose I've ended up where I'm at, but then people say, you know, the harder you work, the luckier you get, I think that's what they say.

1 (18m 47s):
Yes. So when people say to me, well, you know what you're doing, that's must be really hard to do that. I've dug holes for a living. I know what hard work is. You know, I've worked 48 hours. I know what hard work is and doing what I do now. It's not hard work speaking to you, having fun, you know, speaking and I love meeting people. So what better job could I have? You know, every hour and a half or two hours or whatever. I like to meet someone new. They tell me their story, which I love. We have some work together and hopefully change their life. Yeah. And so for me as a, my kind of character, I couldn't be in a bad job because they come in, they tell me a story.

1 (19m 30s):
We get to know each other, a bit of banter. We do some work together. They go off, they quit, whatever they're doing, or they live their life. Never see him again properly, but I bet that bit of time. And so none of this is hard. Yeah. None of it.

3 (19m 46s):
I love that. And so a lot of it is just the way you choose to look at it, the things you choose to say to yourself about the task ahead of you. And I think it can often be as simple as that. And I hope anyone listening apply what Freddy said about the radio dials to your own, to the, to your own voices. It can be that simple Freddie, you mentioned TPM, total perception management. And I wonder if you'd be willing to talk to people a little bit about that protocol, especially in the context of people who want to start using the tools that they've learned, perhaps in your amazing training, but they're so afraid of what they're afraid of making a mistake.

3 (20m 28s):
They're afraid they're not good enough. And you would also talk about developing excellence. Like when you use these tools, get, do them really well. So maybe you could talk a little bit about how that happens.

1 (20m 39s):
Well, it's come down to this simple thing and I'm gonna, I'm gonna make this video because I, it will change the way people think about a lot of things. Obviously we're wearing silver on lockdown. So getting one-to-one at someone's car, you know, kind of difficult, but I want to do it. And the idea is that, well, you've heard me say before, nothing exists outside of your skull except as perception. So even what you think, I look like, you know, anyone that's watching this, you could probably describe me and they could describe me. And you think you're looking at the same thing and experiencing the same thing. But if you could have that person's perception of what I look like just for a millisecond, it would be so different to yours, like psychedelic, because nothing exists outside of your skull except as perception.

1 (21m 31s):
And that includes emotions, including love, hate anger, jealousy, and pain. None of it exists outside of your skull, et cetera, perception. So I come up with what I think is the quickest, fastest phobia cure ever. Is there anything spikes you at the moment you'd like to feel differently about when you think about it, it still makes you anxious. I know you've cleared most of your stuff out.

3 (21m 60s):
Well, there I've been, I don't know if I should admit this on the podcast. I've been struggling with a particular person who thinks I did something malicious and it hurts my feelings. It like triggers stuff from my childhood. When I was told I was a bad kid and I wanted to say, I'm not a bad kid. I keep thinking about it and going into that.

1 (22m 23s):
Right. Okay. Right. Okay. So when you think about it on a scale of one to 10, 10 being excruciating, zero being no kind of pain or anxiety at all now, how does it make you feel on a scale of one to 10?

3 (22m 37s):
Well, I've, I've been working on it. So it's probably, if I really try, I can get it at about a five.

1 (22m 43s):
Okay. Right? Come on. Let's do this thing. I'm gonna explain that works. Place your hands together like this. We ask it because say, then squeeze your palms together. At the same time, squeeze your Palm is going to pull your index things an inch apart like that. Now look at the gap between those things. I want you to imagine they're magnets and they should have a gap. Listen to my voice, going to feel and pulling together in a moment I will touch. When I touch your eyes will close. Get ready. It's right. Close your eyes. Sees elders face that beautiful child of yours fill out love. She feels for you. Let that reminds you of just our love gr and our fabulous. You are as a woman, as a mother, as a being, and as you fill out, love those hands are sticking tighter and tighter together are super glued bolted together.

1 (23m 25s):
You can try and pull them apart. Finally, sticking in tighter. Now I didn't want you to pretend pull even harder on a stick, even tighter. That's why see that beautiful child. So those beautiful girls, if you will spell out, love, they feel for you and let that fill you up in a moment. I'm going to count to three. Your hands will come on. Stuck your eyes. Like you're feeling incredible. Get ready. One for feeling wonderful to, to achieve. You want to achieve in your life. Do it brilliantly. Three hands, come in and start guys opening being upset. You wonderful. Okay. Right now, now I'm going to explain how, how a phobia or anxiety begins when this person spikes you, you know, your, you, your imagination runs to all the worst case scenarios.

1 (24m 6s):
What if someone else hears that way? If someone else believes that what's going to happen to me, what are they going to think about me? Right? So your imagination kicks in. But at this point, that point in time, it's your imagination, right? But then what happens after that is your imagination becomes automatic. I think about this person. I immediately feel anxious because you're thinking about the worst case scenario. It happens automatically. At some point after that, you forget, you only ever imagined

4 (24m 34s):
The outcome.

1 (24m 36s):
And when we are imagining something and we forget, we're imagining it, it seems real to your body and your mind. It's real

4 (24m 45s):

1 (24m 46s):
So create a phobia and the irrational fear, not a phobia and something that dog bites you. And then you, so one stop learning. But with an irrational fear, like you'd been feeling about this situation. Yeah. So it's great. Let me do this again. Place your hands together like this. We ask that you can see it. Look at the gap between your fingers and the moment they would touch when they touch your eyes or close this way, close your

4 (25m 9s):
Eyes. Once again,

1 (25m 11s):
See the faces of people. You love, feel that love. And as you fell out loud, those hands are sticking tighter and sighted together. The super glue bolted together to stuck can try and pull them apart from a stick, even sights. Now it's right now, I'm going to remind you. Laurie only ever asked you to imagine those hands were stuck. And when I ever asked you to imagine there were magnets and they were glued together. Anytime you want to stop, imagine that your hands are stuck. Stop, imagining. See what happens.

4 (25m 39s):
Okay. But now look at me.

1 (25m 42s):
Now, I'm going to remind you that that anxiety may be feeding only started with your imagination. It was never true. And it was never real. And each time you want to stop imagining it and imagining the worst outcome, stop imagining it and see what happens. And when you've done that, you can close your eyes. It stop imagining it, reimagine it. That forget. Stop that imagination. When you've done that nod your head.

4 (26m 5s):
Oh no, you've done it. Just stop imagining it in that way. Okay. Open your eyes. Look at me.

1 (26m 13s):
Try and feel that anxiety now and find your cannot on a scale of one to 10. Most anxiety gone there.

4 (26m 17s):
Yeah, it's gone, but you'll never bother you again. I love it. It was never real in the first place.

1 (26m 26s):
Now my attitude towards TPM is yeah.

4 (26m 29s):

1 (26m 32s):
All of our emotions, including fear, anxiety, pain, love, all that stuff. And I know this sounds a bit kind of harsh, but none of that is any more than chemicals, electrodes sign axes and all those kind of words. I don't know about firing off in your brain. Okay. They don't exist outside of your skull so we can then choose what emotion we want. So we can ask yourself, I'm feeling angry. And all I'm saying in my book as well, we indulge ourselves in certain emotions. I have a right to be angry. I have a right to be frustrated. I have a right to feel her.

1 (27m 14s):
Even when that motion is doing us, no good. And definitely not doing the people around us any good, but we indulge ourselves. We say you have a right to feel like this. So I'm going to hold onto it. I'm going to stay angry for the next 10 years because they did something to me. I'm going to ruin my family's life. Ruined my life, ruined my house because I have a right to be angry. I have a right to be jealous. I have a right to feel. So, but once you recognize that that's detrimental, not only to you, but the people around you, you can say, I can't even really, if it's detrimental, I'll switch it off because it doesn't exist outside of my skull except his chemicals. And you can change those chemicals by going for a run by jumping up and down on a spot, laughing out loud.

1 (27m 58s):
That's how quickly you can change the chemicals in your brain. Change it with a glass of water. But once you recognize that, and that's what I'm teaching you in this book and what I teach in, in my hypnotherapy book, because I think when I first breaks your idea, you know what? I'm like, I have an idea. Facebook, I've got this idea. I'm thinking we can try it. And then people came back and said, well, if you could just switch off an emotion, it doesn't it make you kind of robotic. Doesn't it make you less than human? And I did think about that maybe two or three seconds. And then as I do, and then I thought, no, if this is, this makes us a more advanced human.

1 (28m 40s):
And I honestly believe Lori. And I know it's a big thing to say, this is the, this is the evolution of us as mankind, where we have control over our emotions at the moment we're slaves to our emotions. You know, there are people that are looking right now, somewhere on this world, in their fridge. Cause someone's just upset. And they're looking for something nice to eat. Yes. Imagine switch it off. Yes. That's you know, I imagine if it did nothing else, TPN except switch, you know, you walk into a fridge and kids are getting on my nerves. I'm a, man's waking me up a woman's getting on my nerves. So whatever it might be, I'm going to have something nice to eat.

1 (29m 21s):
Hold on a second switch that, Oh, I honestly, I believe it's the evolution of humankind once. And there's only going to be a few people that are going to be doing it because not ever going to understand it, but it is going to put you and I don't know how you can use the word, but you're going to put you in an elite space that you can look at things differently. You know what I've been talking about recently? It's not even just switching an emotion off, it's coming back to neutral because in neutral, we think straight, most of the decisions we make good or bad are made in an emotional state, but that's not your optimum state for making decisions.

1 (30m 3s):
So if you are going to make a decision about anything, to be able to say, okay, this is serious. And I need to make a proper decision here, come back to neutral. So you're not high. You're not low. It's none of that stuff. It's just a neutral space where your is working properly, where you're making a decision from a neutral space instead of heated, or, you know, I don't care none of those spaces, but neutral. And it's this space that I'm trying to get people back to in my book in any situation. But once you understand that you can do that, then you can ramp that feeling up.

1 (30m 44s):
If it's a good feeling, joy love, passion, pleasure. If we can, if we can neutralize a feeling of a negative feeling, we also be able to round up a really good feeling. You know, you could have the best sex ever. If you understand this, this is really great. Coffee got rammed up. Thanks very much. Let's get it to its max. No was just think you'll keep in, choose something. But you know, that's the whole thing about this. And then you can switch off those, those voices. I don't know. It's not even my voice is that voice, you know, is that, is that voice encouragement that do stop?

1 (31m 26s):
Or is it the guiding star? And if it is these voices that we're born with, none of these limitations, people put it on us or you're a very sport your kid, but you're never going to be academic. Okay. Thanks for telling me now. I believe. Yeah. I won't bother with any academic stuff, you know, or just be, do we believe them? Cause we're kids not true now. You really is not true. You can just say, Oh one, what do I want to achieve? But you know, the reason that none of this seems like work for me one it's not work. You know, you say, well, I've written, all right.

1 (32m 7s):
And these books and I'm doing this and I'm doing that, you know, what do you enjoy doing the part when you work, what do you really enjoy doing? I mean, or you go, you, you like running or walking or stuff down. Yeah. I loved being at my gym across the street. Right. Okay. But does that feel like anything other than joy? No. Well, if that's how I look on my, look on the stuff, do I say none of it's hard and none of it seems to take and there's no time either. So it's not like I, Oh, I'm gonna do my hypnotherapy from nine to five. And at some point I'm going to write my book. Cause that's when I'm working nine to five, I now work.

1 (32m 48s):
Laurie worked since 1995 or something. I mean, you know, just not worked because I learned to hit therapy back in 1995 and I haven't worked since. And so there's no time either. There's not Saturday and Sunday and evening and morning. It's just, there's no kind of, if I, Oh, I think I'll, you know, I feel like writing a book on a Sunday. Like I did the other day. I finished my book. This is what happened. I got up and it was raining outside and it wasn't very nice. And I just got out of my bed and I thought that bed's really nice and warm and it's really, can you see, I don't know what I do. I take my laptop to bed and I'll finish writing a book in bed.

1 (33m 29s):
That's what I did.

3 (33m 33s):
I love it. I have, I have a similar mindset. I, I enjoy what I do so much. And it's the same. I, I, the weekends are like my time to do all the fun stuff in my business that I didn't do during the week. And it's, whatever's lighting me up, but I'm so excited and inspired by this, that I just can't stay away and I'll share this. Cause I have this sitting right here. I just ordered this from Amazon it's little timer except for 25 minutes. And I've been, sometimes I'll, I'll push myself and I'll work so hard for so long that I'll just want to fall over and buy.

3 (34m 14s):
This is based on a book called the Pomodoro method where they say that your brain is really productive for about 25 minutes. Then you should step away and take a five minute break. And I'm telling you, my productivity has skyrocketed since I started just working in 25 minute increments. So as I'm hearing you speak, I suspect that there are things that you're not doing that are allowing you to be so productive in your life. Are you, or do you, what are all your favorite TV shows that you watch every night? Freddie?

1 (34m 45s):
I don't watch a TV show, but I love films. I love films. So yeah, I generally just live my life. I love all that kind of drums and stuff, but you know, I've, I've taken my guitar to my office. So it might be that my brain's working in that sway already. Cause every now and again, I just think, Oh, I know I've got a song on there. And you know, I have a bit of a plunk almost on my guitar for awhile, but there's no kind of structure. I was thinking about this with self-hypnosis the other day about why I'm wondering why it doesn't work all the time for me. And I've come to the conclusion. I can't, I don't mind people telling me what to do, even myself.

1 (35m 27s):
So I went on saying to myself, you need to do this. You know, I think that I, you know, I've got to find another way of getting to me that doesn't seem like I'm telling myself to do stuff because the moment someone says, you've got to do this Friday. I think no chance. Even if I, it done, I'm not going to do it now. So, you know, it's just, it's just, I don't know. And it's not like I'm this, I've got ideas for things that I want to lock. I've told you, I've got this goal. It's not even a goal, but I've got an idea about getting this retreat where, you know, you can come over and spend a week and anyone else can come over. We can talk about hypnosis, do some training together, walk it, walk around the lakes or wherever it might be, but are not striving for it.

1 (36m 16s):
I'm assuming that if I did do what I'm doing, I'll be able to do it. But if I don't know, so it, so I'm not, I'm not kind of working towards anything or I'm not, I'm not going through anything. I'm just in it. I feel like. So I feel at the moment I'm in this kind of space, I'm occupying the space where I'm just right here right now with you. And this is what's happening right now. We're having some fun talking about stuff that we want to do and how we do it, but it's fun. And I don't want to, I kind of made my mind. I'm not to do anything I don't enjoy.

1 (36m 56s):
And I know I'm in a kind of privileged space. I'm a senior citizen, I'm an IEP. You know, I could legitimately now by myself, a rocking chair grow along, right? Where a scabby old, countless smoker pipe and rock the rest of my life away. No, one's going to saying, cause I've got, I don't even got grandchildren. I've got grand adults, my youngest grandchild. I saying, you know, so I'm allowed to kind of do that stuff. You know, I could, I could put on another two Freestone. No, one's going to say, Hey, cause I'm a VP, I'm a senior citizen, but I'm not going to cause I'm bloody vain. I'll accept that.

1 (37m 40s):
But if I'm going to, if I'm going to get my body, right, it's gotta be fun. It's gotta be enjoyable. You know, when I see people, weight loss, I say, we do. I call my past negotiation kind of stuff. And I asked your unconscious mind, go and find some new ways of eating and exercising that are fun and enjoyable. And I say to the people that come and see me for weight loss, if what you're doing over these next six months or nine months, if it's not fun, it's not enjoyable. Don't do it because you won't last. But if you can find a way of living, that's fun and enjoyable, okay. Is your goal that you continue to do it, dang it. And it's like your job. You know, if you, if you can find the joy in it. And I did a little kind of webinar for every COVID crisis up in conjunction with the college of medicine here in the UK and integrate health.

1 (38m 30s):
I've been doing a webinar it's down to once every month. Now Freddie's Friday free therapy at four, it's called it's. All the ex told you I was terrible speller. Anyway, last week it was it. The kind of title was finding happiness and joy. Even in a crisis. What I was saying in that webinar was it was about it's on, it's on my YouTube channel, but it's about living in the moment. And so many of us say, I'll be happy when I've written my book. I'll be happy when I've lost 20 pounds. I'll be happy when the coronavirus is over and everything's back to normal.

1 (39m 11s):
I'll be happy when, and if we're saying I'll be happy when what you're actually saying, I'm not happy now. And, and in this book by Michael Neil wants to read it 20 years ago. He S it was called how to be happy now and what he says in it, which I love. He says, if you're doing things in order to be happy, you're doing them in a wrong order, which are I quote, because I love that. If you don't think in order to be happy, you don't mean the wrong order. Find what you can feel enjoy in. Now, you know, you've got your goals, you've got Zelda, you've got your business. You've got people around the world that love ya. You know, all those things find what you can do. It doesn't stop you from striving to have no financial goals or material things.

1 (39m 56s):
But once you're find the happiest in now, then your happiness is no longer dependent on getting those things, which is a different space to occupy then striving, because you're not happy now, but we can all find it. We can find it in walking in the rain. I know it sounds romantic, but walking in a rain on it, you know, when the first one had rain for awhile, when I lived in Florida for that long and hadn't rained, and then you'd have that kind of torrent of rain smell that you get. When, you know, when it's like that, I don't know. The guy, the family friend of mine that was living with the water would run down like deep and everyone go out in it, you know, just like cut paddling.

1 (40m 42s):
It was just, you know, just celebrating this things like that. I have the sun that comes up over the seat. And I think I was showing you before I face my windows face the East and the sun comes up every morning and it's different. But then that's, that's that one thing. But then you can go down the beach when the waves are washing over the, over the top and enjoy that. So it's about finding what joy we can right? In this moment and living in this moment, because so many people, when, you know, cause you were in therapy, not in therapy, you're working therapy, but most people are most things that come with. It are things that have, they're worrying about stuff that happened in the past, or they're anxious about stuff that's going to happen in the future, but they're not living right in this moment is always past or future.

1 (41m 33s):
And once they recognize it, none of those things are real. Then they can change their life. But you've got to start, Anthony calls it, being present. And it is, it's about being present in this moment. But it's hard to get that because most of us so busy, striving to staff or thinking about what other people were thinking about us. What would I think is if I don't do anything for a day, or if I don't shop on Facebook for a day, what if I do another video for a week? You know, all the kind of stuff that people worry about instead of thinking, okay, well, it's true fees. Nobody's thinking about us. Yeah. That's the truth.

1 (42m 12s):
Yeah, no, they're all busy with their own stuff. Yeah. I had a girl kind of save me one. Since she, she said she had a drink problem and what she was doing, she was drinking like a bottle of wine every night or wherever it was. But her real problem was she wasn't taking her kids to school. She had to get some, because one morning she went, she felt she was probably drunk and she probably, she had had a night out or whatever it was. And she thinks that the other mums had seen up and probably thought she was drunk. And this is weeks on. And I said, do you think they're really thinking about you sit down, they've got their own stuff to deal with.

1 (42m 53s):
You know, they're not, they might've thought a moment. She looks like she didn't drink, but then that's it. But we spend our lives worrying about what other people think once you got past that. And my attitude now is I'm going to do my thing. I'm going to enjoy it. You know, I try honestly to be as kind as I can be. And that's my kind of religion really. I don't, I'm not a religious person, but I live my life. I try and be kind and I try and be authentic and good. And I fail sometimes, but I do try, but that's all I can do. And some people are going to get me and some people aren't, it's just the way it is, but I can't be worried about the people that don't get me.

1 (43m 40s):
I could try and be someone else to satisfy him, but popping yesterday, I'll keep it up. So I'm just, I just live it. And I enjoy, I've been putting these stupid things out on Facebook, this thing called re face don't you see my little videos I did one yesterday about we've been yodeling on it. You can just take like, on this refund thing, you can take a clip, like give you clips from different films.

3 (44m 11s):
This is like your pirates of the Caribbean and you're, you're being the rock,

1 (44m 16s):
Right? Yeah. So, and then you just press the button and you put your face on that character. Right. So I just have some funny yesterday. I put one out. It was me Yodlee right. So it was a guy in Switzerland and he's juggling yodeling, all the Laden hoes and on, and the hat with a fluffy thing on the top it's Sunday. So I normally put it on Sunday because Sunday is like, you know, it gives two monkeys. What happens on Sunday? So I put it out and I just put, so, you know, if people I'm often asked our, keep my hypnotic police prepared, and this is how I, every Sunday I Yodel I'll put it out. And a lot of people put that little smiley face or laughter face, you know, and spotty, end of the day, there was at least 50 of those little emo emojis that laughed remind cheese.

1 (45m 7s):
So I'll put another post out saying, you know, I put my yodeling thing out, at least 50 people. I've had a smile or laugh today because of me, my yodeling. And for me, that's a good day. You know, some people say, you know, it's still very serious. It's not very grownup visit putting these things out. You know, that's like a kids app, but you know, people laughed someone who might not have been laughing or feeling pretty bad yesterday, he might laugh at me or with me and my I've lifted him. You know? So my attitude towards now is some people, some people are gonna think we it's just stupid. You know? And he's serious therapist.

1 (45m 47s):
Why, why is he putting the stupid stuff out? But I'm not a serious therapist. I'm a S I'm, you know, I look at it as serious fun what we do. It's I want people to enjoy coming, to see me and changing their life. Yes. I'm not going to put on a serious face and resting all that must. That sounds bad. Yes. It's horrible. No, I'm not going to do it now. Let's think about the people we love. Let's think about, you know, your worth, your value. Let's start from that point as a wage, into changing your life. And that's where I start, you know, and that's song people, the bottom line for people that come and see me.

1 (46m 32s):
I want to once go out there, understand their worth and their value that goes beyond the car. They drive the house, they live in the clothes they wear. And the bottom line for all of this is, am I happy? That's the question. And if I'm not happy or do I need to change that? Yeah,

3 (46m 52s):
This is such a gift. And for anyone listening, I want you, you know, maybe even rewind and listen again and ask yourself, what if it really can be this easy? What if I really can start enjoying the heck out of my life right now? Freddie, you mentioned that you work with people. Will you just talk a little bit about someone who's listening that might want to contact you? What that would look like? If somebody wanted to work with you

1 (47m 19s):
At work,

3 (47m 23s):
Contact me and I will get you in touch with Freddie.

1 (47m 28s):
Well, I've got a website. It's that? It's Freddy, Jack Quinn, Freddy with a Y and Jaquin J C Q U I N. Dot com. You can go on there. I don't, I'm very, as you know, because you've told me off about it. I'm very inexpensive. No, I I'm a, I'm a cheap date, so to speak. So yeah, you can book an appointment with me on there. You can have some time with me. I'm now selling my blocks of four. But what people, even if you change in that first session, we can say, okay, what do you want to learn? Or what else can you work on? So yeah, it's and I'm not expensive.

1 (48m 8s):
So that's how you can, if you want a book to work with me, or you want a book to, to help allow me to help you change. Cause I don't do any of this stuff. I don't believe I do anything in my therapy room except get that person into, in touch with their own abilities to change. And that's the criteria. Do you want to change? I put a little post out the other day saying I only asked two questions. What do you want? How badly do you want it? And that's the question we should ask ourselves. And then why am I not doing it? And if look, look at that and you will find, it's just your imagination. And now you've seen this podcast.

1 (48m 48s):
You can go, okay, I've stopped imagining that or imagine it differently. And if it's an emotion that's holding me back recognize it's just chemicals in your brain. It's not real. Go back to neutral, make a decision from there. None of this is complex for me, Lori anymore. I love it. It's really not.

3 (49m 11s):
As I was listening to you speak, I was thinking about how, when I first started doing this work, when I went, I quit my job as a hairstylist and started doing hypnosis. And I, I was in that space of trying of working of, I was so stressed out and I felt like there's all this stuff that I had to do. And I did need to start getting profitable because I, I stepped out of my career with no savings, no plan B. I just knew that if I pushed myself out of the nest, I would learn to fly on the way down. So I wonder if you could just talk about I about a person who is trying, who is striving, who filled a desperation and maybe a fear of not being successful, how that person can adjust their mindset to get to that place of neutral.

3 (50m 4s):
And then a place of moving in their business from a place of expansiveness and joy. That's the journey that I, that I've been on. And I know that as I finally have understood how to just have fun and you've modeled a lot of that, for me, everything has turned around and the financial piece has fallen into place and everything gets easier

4 (50m 28s):
When you stop trying and just enjoy your life

1 (50m 33s):
In our world. The word, the word try implies failure. Yes, but my two, my two teenage boys were younger. I wanted them to say, look, you know, I can't do this. Then I say, well, you know, just, you know, go and do it. Okay, I'll try and do it. Am I his younger brother? You say, stop trying, just do it. I said it so often. So stop trying, you know, how many people you see, but I see, there've been trying to lose weight for years. They come and say me up. We try to use the loose weight pier. So stop trying, just lose the weight, you know, instead of, and I know we had to have to earn a living and we do have to make that kind of money. But I think if you're in therapy and it's just been my advice, instead of thinking how much money can I earn?

1 (51m 16s):
Think how many people can I help? How many people can I help cause and what do I need to do there? And it might be for your courses on, this is how you present on online. You know, get over your fears of doing online videos or live videos might be just one of those things they need to do apart from the therapy. And the thing about we, what the hardest thing

4 (51m 42s):
To, to

1 (51m 44s):
Learn one of the hardest things to learn. Anyway, maybe it's not, maybe that's like a negative suggestion, but it comes from an app or an Exonian thing that he said. So he was working with someone with pain. And cause when we start out in this work, you know, lacking confidence is one of the main problems. You know, I've only just started to do hypnosis. What if there aren't going to hypnosis? What if they wake up and they say, boo, and you know, make me feel silly and all that kind of stuff, which never happens. But those, those competence problem, but this comes from Ericsson. I wish it was my words. He was working with someone in pain. They had canceled the tour, I believe, and only had a few months left to live, but they were an agony, but I didn't want to keep taking more and more morphine.

1 (52m 27s):
Cause it wasn't touching the pain. Not only that they couldn't converse with their family. And then what did the last few months to be, at least know what's going on in their family. So called Erickson's last was that we're asked to result anyway, whatever he did, this guy's paying rent. So someone asked after afterwards asked Erickson, this question, he said, did you know, you could do that. And this is what Erickson the answer was. And I think it's great. I think we all learn it as the therapist. He said I had my doubts or I could when I had no doubt about it. So I keep my doubts to myself and that's just hard to learn as it, as the techniques, but it's worth learning, learning a bit about doubts about ourself, but keep those doubts to yourself because then you get through it.

4 (53m 14s):
I think starting now,

1 (53m 18s):
If you're doing this, because if you come into this because you come into it because it's like, I can see Lori making a lot of money. I can see I'd be making a lot of money. I think this is a good way of making money. So wrong angle to come at. Yeah. If you're passionate about this, which most people are, that's what I get into it. You got into it because you're passionate about helping people change, you know, use this, these techniques to change your own life. I think I want to, I want to do this for other people, but if you're working from that point, then you will be busy. You will find a way through it. Yes. You have to continue to learn, continue to get new St needs learn, you know, new ideas. You don't have to take them all on board and you don't have to say I'm an Ericksonian hypnotherapist. So I can't learn this stuff. I can't learn anything else.

1 (53m 59s):
This is just the way it is. I like to think of my way I work like Bruce Lee. You know, he, he, I think he came up with the idea of a thing called G can do, but the idea was, if I, cause I've helped people in boxing, I train boxing, I've done, I've done TaeKwonDo. I've done a few of those kinds of things, but I'm going to take the best thing from boxing. And I'm going to take the best thing from TaeKwonDo. And if someone else has got another skill, I'm going to learn it. And so it's the same with my hypnotherapy. There's no school around is the Jacqueline hypnosis Academy, our system there's no, it's not. It's, it's a system drawn from every kind of thing that this worked for me and Antony.

1 (54m 40s):
That's what we do. And there's no, I can't use that because it's not what, I'm my belief. Ultimately, all I want is my client to have the best result. I've learned things from you, Laurie, and I'll be using them. You say something to me, the thing about neutral, even that came from a client, I was working within Australia who said something. I said, you know, I'll get back to neutral. And, and she said a few things. She, she does her own kind of therapy. It's I can't even say what it is even, but she has some, some of these ideas that have affected me, even though she's my client. And one of the other things she said, because I like most people I'd beat myself up about mistakes I've made in the pomace and the things I've done.

1 (55m 25s):
But she said now way God's in training, all of a sudden that changes everything. We're not the finished item yet. So instead of forgiving ourselves and say, well, I learned something from that and yes, I was embarrassed by it or I did this and it made me look stupid or wherever it might be, but sort of beat myself up over it. So, you know, we're, we're in training and we're not even there yet. So I think when we start out, if we were absolutely passionate about it, yes, we got to make a living. And I, I was, you know, a lot of people say, right, I'm learning this, I've done this five day course on it in therapy. I'm going to Jack my job in and I'm going to hope my office and I'm going to start and I'm going to go really busy.

1 (56m 10s):
I would say some of them, one of these Pope things today, you know, hypnosis canopy, she said on part-time at my therapist. She's a, she's a horticulturist. You teach people around the world, how to do this and electronic. So I'm a part-time hypnotherapist. But I said, the thing is really helping the therapy. Let's say you're a smoking specialist. I don't know what you charge in the States. I've heard quotes of 600, $600 and thousand dollars and all kinds of stuff. But it's, let's say in the UK, you could get $150, 150 pounds. Tell someone, quit smoking. The question then

4 (56m 47s):
Is, can I generate

1 (56m 50s):
10 people into, into therapy every week? Cause we can generate 10 people, 10 smokers out of the 10 million smokes in the UK. You can generate 10 of those people into your, into your practice as 75,000 pounds a year part-time as 15 hours work

4 (57m 7s):
A week.

1 (57m 10s):
I don't, I don't mind working part-time I prefer to work part-time I really do. I've got a full time.

4 (57m 17s):
I really haven't. So

1 (57m 20s):
It's just about where you're looking at. But if you do this passionately and if you do it with premier heart and you love what you're doing, then ultimately you'll be busy. You do need, you know, to, to learn. But what I was saying on the translate thing for anyone coming into this, they've got you

4 (57m 38s):
To model and,

1 (57m 40s):
And the things you're teaching them, you're teaching the things that you do. This is how I do a live. This is, are, do, this are doing a video. This is my attitude. This is how you do it. They're not coming in from where you were having to learn it from scratch. Right? They've got people like myself and Anthony and James trip and Cole Smith and all these great people that you can model. Yeah. You can say, okay, show me what you're doing. And every one of them, we've got videos out. You can just go and be in John James trip for a week and you know, and get into his mindset or get into Carl Smith's mindset or any of these great therapists. You don't even have to start from scratch, but you do need to keep learning.

1 (58m 21s):
You do need to keep in, you know, and not only learning to help other people, but clearing out your own

4 (58m 28s):
Stuff thing. Okay. What's holding me back. Is that a limiting belief?

1 (58m 34s):
Oh, there's Laurie too. How has Laurie worked with the imposter monster? Let's watch one of the podcasts. Let's watch one of the videos.

4 (58m 41s):
Yeah, no.

1 (58m 43s):
If I've got, if I've got an irrational fear about success, how do I deal with that? Okay. Well Freddy said stop imagining

4 (58m 50s):
It. Let's

1 (58m 52s):
See what happens if I just stop imagining that success, somehow it's going to be tragedy for me.

4 (58m 57s):
Yeah. We have the tools.

1 (59m 0s):
All of us, but you, it starts with ourselves. It starts. There's no point. I've seen people selling books on weight loss and they are five stone overweight. And I'm thinking who's going to buy your book.

4 (59m 14s):
Now, if

1 (59m 14s):
You're going to, if you're going to get weight loss, get it from a skinny person, someone who's already been there and done it. I just think if they, we should, as therapists, be striving to be as happy as we can be and be as good as we can be. It's not perfect. And I look at me, that's a million miles from perfect, but at least on striving to enjoy myself. And I'm striving to continue to learn and continue to develop even at my age. So people coming into it. Now, when I started doing this story back in the early nineties, it was a very odd thing to do. There was about 70 people around the world, training people to be at a therapist, 70 scores of it in therapy.

1 (59m 58s):
Now look at him. Yeah. So, you know, people signed today, they've got great resources. They've got great people around. You've got a Mike Mandel school, you've got a Jaquin hypnosis school. You've got my book. You got Anthony's book. You've got all the stuff that these great therapists do could just be giant for a week and learn this stuff. And it doesn't take a lot of learning to help people change. You learn parts, negotiation, you know, in the Aero technique. If you learn TPM, if you learn some of the stuff that might Mandale teachers and Chris Thompson teach you go out and the music start changing. People's slides. Yes.

1 (1h 0m 39s):
That's my thinking on it. But you've got to start. A lot of people don't start. They think, well, I'll just need one more technique. Just need to get this right. Or I do it. I tell this story. I think we might've said it before about metaphor when teaching about metaphor. But it's one of the ones I love to use for people who think they're not starting because they have to be perfect. And it's a story about the Navajo Indian and they read these incredible, beautiful rugs. I know renowned for of the world for these rugs into patterns, beautiful colors. They've been doing it for thousands of years making these rugs. But with every one of those rugs, they leave a, not a small imperfection, somewhere, somewhere in that rug.

1 (1h 1m 26s):
And every one of those rugs, if you looked really hard, but you'd find this, not this imperfection. And when they're asked why they leave that, not in the rug, their answers the same as it's been for 2000 years, they leave that night in that rug. So the gods don't think they're trying to be God themselves. And it's okay to be okay. It's okay to mess up now and again, but at least you're doing something, you know, I'm finished messing up yet. You know, I'm, I am going to make mistakes. I'm sure of it. But you know, immediately I think, okay, well I'm just a God in training. So not there yet.

1 (1h 2m 10s):
I'm allowed to make mistakes. And so I don't know if I've helped you and helped the people watching this. But I would say, be passionate about what you're doing. If you're starting out in this, don't throw the baby out with the bath water, start with where your own job, unlike yourself. But you know, if you've got a family to support and things like that think, okay, you've got to make sure they're safe first, but then you start part time. And then you say on a Saturday or a Sunday and wherever it is, can I get six people into my therapy room? Or you'd have to say that you have to just, you say they find themselves fully books, but I've got a space on Saturday, two o'clock or four o'clock four.

1 (1h 2m 55s):
O'clock fine. You know? So get your Saturday filled up until you've got that happening regularly. So you've now got, you know, you know, you're generating people into your therapy room, but if you had, if you had a Saturday filled up with therapy, clients, you'd chart size is more than the money you're earning at your normal job. And you can, okay, now I'm going to throw everything at this, but don't a lot of people do it. They just Jack their job in go and start a hypnotherapy business. They don't make enough money and then have to go back to work and that's tragedy and it's painful. My suggestion would be start like that. Learn smoking cessation, make a living out of that, start with, and then say, okay, well now weight loss, clients, all the other stuff, which you can learn along the way, but enjoy it.

1 (1h 3m 48s):
Be yourself, whatever that is, speakers, you speak, then have to put on any kind of voice. I hear all the time people go to these hypnotherapy schools and they're talking to people like they're talking to you and I'll be talking to you. And then soon as we can do some hypnosis now close your eyes, Laurie. That's right with your eyes closed. You can begin to relax deeper, deeper. You're sitting there thinking, what did Freddy go? Who's just walked in the room. You know, just be yourself. Be passionate. We've been communicating since we were born trust that you can communicate. And then it's about letting people know you were there.

1 (1h 4m 30s):
She's what you do. Brilliantly. You can be the best therapist in the world. And nobody knows you're no, no sure. There is of no use. And like we've spoken about this before the word sell because people say, Oh, you know, I didn't come into the cell myself. I didn't come in. You know, I, I want to help people. And I don't like selling myself. Well, the word sell comes from the Norwegian word, Sally, which means to serve. And if you have a product to a service, which you've, you've learned hypnosis, you have a service, you can, that's a value. If you have a product or a service, that's going to enhance someone's life and you don't let them know you exist.

1 (1h 5m 10s):
You're doing that person a disservice. So it becomes your duty to reach as many people as possible. Because otherwise there might be someone who smokes a cigarette next week. Cause they didn't know you existed this week and that's the cigarette is going to kill him. So you need that. That's most of the trainings don't get into it enough. They teach you the techniques. They teach you the protocols, but they don't teach you how to get, get people in front of you. Yes, but everyone that's listening to this, they already know about you because that's why they're listening. But anyone just comes across this video, go and look at Laurie. And that's what I say to everybody.

1 (1h 5m 51s):
Go on, look at Laurie and see what she does. And model that. When I first went to Las Vegas in 2011, we ran a, our diploma course there. First time I'd been to him. But the first time I'd been in Las Vegas, I've been American before. But in Las Vegas, there was a guy there. His name's Paul legal and he's a magician. And he used to work outside King, Inc, which is the tattoo parlor. I think he only did it once a week. You ran this show, but it was enough for him to live in Las Vegas. Well, he's brilliant. He's fantastic. Paul Vigo, if you get a chance, go and look at him. And so he did about six tricks or six magic effects.

1 (1h 6m 34s):
But what I learned from him wasn't cause I don't do magic. I'm not unlike you. I haven't got a magic trick. Why have I got, I've got a couple. But anyway, what you learned from it was presentation. How he presented, how he, you know, how he got people fascinated and then ratchet. And I say to anybody, that's starting out. If you're going to do present the other percent, go and see Paul, vegal see how he works. He would do this thing. It was phenomenal. He would pull his sleeves up slowly, he's magician. And he would show his hands like this he'd go cannot be any fairer click.

1 (1h 7m 19s):
And it stuck with me. And he said something else. And which I use in the therapist starting to now, he, when I teach people how to do, self-hypnosis used to say, when this happens, when this, when you get this number or when I, when you see this trick or wherever it is, and when you realize he said the power you're going to get from, it's going to be immense. So when I teach, when I do self-hypnosis and I say to him, I'm going to tell you to, you're going to take yourself back and sit here, self hypnosis. I said only a handful of people on the planet can do what you're about to learn to do. And the power you're going to get from it's going to be a man. And those are that poor vehicles words, because they stuck in my head and it is the power they're going to get from.

1 (1h 8m 2s):
It's going to be immense. And so, yeah. Go and see Paul Viega if you're ever in Las Vegas, I don't even know where he is now, but if he's, and it's the same with you, Laurie, I would say the people go and watch Laurie, see how she see how she does her videos. See what her attitude was. And I'll tell you, that's what came across. When you dug me out in that Transaid, if that's like, that's not, that's not rehearsed. It's not kind of practice. This is Laurie Hammond digging my mail out. This is what I'm going to do. Get everyone out, get everyone doing something. And that for me is the best I've ever seen you.

1 (1h 8m 43s):
And I know because that's just who you are and that's what comes across. So I would suggest to people we want to present. We want to get on in this business. Not everyone's going to do it, but, but they got the opportunity to model. You get the attitude. Yeah.

3 (1h 9m 3s):
Thank you, Freddie. How do you spell Paul's last name?

1 (1h 9m 7s):
I think it's V I G I L

3 (1h 9m 9s):
Okay. I'll look him up and put him in the notes below the

1 (1h 9m 13s):
Yeah. I mean, I think he's, I think he's a Facebook friend, but I don't think he's on Facebook law, but for me of all the people I've seen, I've seen some great magicians. I've got friends that are really good magicians and performers, but Paul beagle is top is apps is not even top class. He has class. And when you watch him perform, it's just, you even forget about a magic would. He's brilliant at just watching this guy. It's like a lesson it's like a master class in performance. Yeah. In understated performance, which is but, so anyway that's but yeah, we got people in the model and anyone coming into this business, there's great people.

1 (1h 9m 57s):
And most of the people and you know this in this business. So it's like in other businesses are so generous and they all want to help you. There's you know, there's a few or it's my technique and I'm not going to hear it. Can I know it's mine, it's mine, but everyone else go, yeah, this is that. Come and learn, come and do it show you. Yeah. And that's the joy of it. Everyone has bought my hypnotherapy book, but my audible book who use any of those techniques, I feel I've had a hand in that kind of helping that person change. Yeah.

3 (1h 10m 30s):
Yes you did. Yes. Freddie was, has been, Oh no, this has been so valuable. I, I was so excited for this interview. And once again, you far exceeded all expectations, which were already incredibly high. I'm so grateful for you sharing this. I have taken away so much and I know anyone listening will as well before we say goodbye. Will you just tell people just a little bit more about your Academy and how they can become involved?

1 (1h 11m 2s):
Yeah. The Jack Wood hypnosis, let's go to that website, Jacqueline hypnosis Academy. We've got an online hypnosis training platform. We're running our diploma course over six. So we extended it to 50 hours of training over six months. And we're now on three different time zones. So we saw when we do it. So every month or every two weeks, we start at two o'clock for the UK and Europe. Two o'clock in the afternoon runs through till six o'clock. So that's four hours. And then for the USA and Canada, Brazil and all that area, we start at seven in the evening, which is like two o'clock or 12.

1 (1h 11m 41s):
O'clock your time. It's free till 11 o'clock UK time, which is slight sight from maybe mid data. Four. O'clock your time, depending where you are in the States. I heard on the Sunday after we start at 7:00 AM for New Zealand, Australia. So for that Southern hemisphere. So it's their afternoon. So we're running that over 50 hours, over six months in between each of the units or the lessons where we setting people up, pairing people up as Hypnos buddies. So between each of the units, you go away, you got to hit nobody which you train with. So you're also getting chance to practice your stuff online, which you don't normally do. Then we have a Hypnos circle where pre unit, so maybe four or five people within that group who get together and talk about the staff.

1 (1h 12m 28s):
So it's just a great way of creating this community and answer the IPL, nothing back, everything I've learned, developed everything. And these learned and developed over the last 20 years is there. And it's not just the online live training, everything we've ever done, all this stuff. It might Mandel the two day training we ran. It might may in Dallas on there, you've got all my HDL workshops on there. All of my book, everything that you've gone and it's $47 a month credible, or you don't have to do more than a month. You could, if you say right, $47, I'm saving it up, got me a $47. Spend this seven $47.

1 (1h 13m 9s):
And for a month you could lock yourself in your bedroom, stay in bed, binge on Anthony and my staff. And by the time you come out your bedroom, you could be a fully fledged change, but we hoping you're going to stay with us because each month we put new stuff on and we're running this course over six months. So from our point of view, we want members. But we also understand to do that. We've got to continue to give them value. And which is what we're doing all the time. Every month, we've got new stuff on there. I'm doing more recordings, my little ideas that I've come up with, which I impart with everybody. So I think when Andy said to me bank in last year, October, I'm going to put all our stuff online.

1 (1h 13m 54s):
It's going to cost people $47. I said, well, you're completely mad. You know, why would you want to give everything we've ever done away from $47? Oh, he said, no, we it's going to be great. And it has been, and it's it's we run this, this, our diploma calls live, but honestly, believe this is better than you. Not just because it's a third, a 10th of the price. Normally we ran that live five days. It was two and a half thousand pounds, which is not free enough thousand dollars, wherever it is, you could sign up for a year and get that six months training. I think it's for free $195. Something like that. It's ludicrous. When we did the stuff with Mike Mann, Dell, which is all on now, we were selling that, just that piece alone for free $195.

1 (1h 14m 42s):
My books on it. Anthony's books on there, the arrow techniques, which we were saying tonight, you side $7. You can go and download that and you can practice with me and Anthony, because at the moment, Anthony, hasn't figured out in the zoom things, how to take me out of the one of those rooms, unlike you. So whenever he puts, so every, every unit, someone in our group, it's going to end up with me, is it nobody? I'll say it's like Forrest Gump box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. But yeah. So it's all good fun. And that's what I'm saying. None of this is work. Yes. If it changes people's lives and we want it to bounce people out of chronic pain or out of fear and anxiety, or it is problems.

1 (1h 15m 29s):
It's great, but I'm going to have fun doing it. And I hope everyone that joins us, sees that as well. Serious fun.

0 (1h 15m 39s):
Yeah. It's amazing. And I highly, highly recommend the Jacqueline Academy to everyone. It's there's no better way you could possibly invest your money and your time,

1 (1h 15m 49s):
The 14 day free trial. Or when I go on there now you don't have to pay you just sign up and you get 14, 14 days trial. So in that 14 days, I said, you could, you could binge on the Mike Mann, Dell stuff. You could learn the Aero technique. You could get my book. You can get all that stuff for free.

0 (1h 16m 10s):
Yeah. And I'll put all the links below this wherever you're watching or listening. Thank you so much, Freddie I'm S yeah. I'm so grateful for your time. Is there anything you want to add before we say goodbye

1 (1h 16m 23s):
Only though, you know, I love you. Thousands of people love you. And I may not from my heart. You were just fantastic. And you know, honestly, you're great. And I know other people around the world think the same way because you're authentic and you love what you do. So anyway, look out for the book with Zelle, when she's going to get a signed copy of that, when it comes

0 (1h 16m 47s):
To now,

1 (1h 16m 49s):
Keep an eye out for my book, lazy way to enlightenment and unlimited happiness going to be out in a few weeks. Great. Awesome. Thank you, Freddie. Thanks again. Take care.

0 (1h 17m 2s):
I'm so grateful. You've listened all the way to the end. What is one tiny action step you'll take now based on an aha moment you got during the podcast, maybe that life changing action step is to come accept the gift I have for [email protected] Head there right now to get your powerful, hypnosis audio, the answer room that lets you make important decisions and get crystal clear about your next step forward on this path of purpose in your one. Great and precious life.

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