What if you could lose weight without willpower? 

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

I did something spontaneous yesterday. I swear, I can spend a month planning something and get so-so results.


Then sometimes I'll think, "Hmm, what if I try this?" and the results are spectacular. 


Has that ever happened to you?


Here's what happened. 


I was uploading the exercise module of my program to a new page and I thought, "What if I offer this as a gift on Facebook?" 


People LOVED it! 


So that sparked another idea. 


"What if I give the exercise module away to my Cheat Sheet people?" (I hope it's ok to call you a cheat sheet person.)


So this week's cheat sheet is all about exercise. Here's the question I wrote on Facebook that generated tons of engagement. . .

"If I could teach you a foolproof way to make daily exercise automatic and enjoyable, would you be interested?"


It turns out, most people were very interested. 


A few people thought I was preposterous. 


One guy told me I would achieve demigod status if I could do this.


Another person said I would become rich and famous beyond anything I could imagine if I can really do it. 


And here's the thing. 


I really can do it. 


I really believe you will change on an identity level when you follow this 1-minute process for a month or two. 


This is the system I used to go from an all-or-nothing perfectionist about exercise (I usually choose nothing) to the kind of person who CRAVES daily movement. 


Here is the complete module of my exercise training for Weight Loss Without Willpower.


I guarantee it's not like any exercise advice you've ever heard...


Unless you're familiar with BJ Fogg. 


I double dare you to take 22 minutes to learn this simple, life-changing system. 


If you don't do it now, you can take a minute to schedule when you will, because it's not real until you schedule it. 


I'd love to hear your aha moments when you watch it!




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