Did you know the secret to attracting clients?

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

I've been working on something special for a few weeks and I have a gift for you!


I'll tell you what it is in just a minute.


I've had so many people tell me, "I know I can help people but I'm afraid to take the leap."




"I struggle to put into words how my products are worth the money"


If I could show you how to talk about your product or service in a way that makes people run to sign up with you, would you be interested?


In this cheat sheet, I'm gifting you part of my new course that teaches you how.


Here is the "How To Talk So People Will Listen" portion of my new program. 


How to Talk So People Will Listen


You could have 27 certifications, 3 doctorates, and 15 years experience. If you don't know how to tell people how you can help them, none of it matters.

I'm about to share one of the most valuable things I've ever learned about marketing.


I used to hate the idea of marketing. I hoped that my work would speak for itself and people would understand the value of hypnosis. 


When I first started my hypnosis career I decided to make a digital product to help people overcome anxiety.  I know that anxiety torments so many people and I could offer relief. 


I spent weeks outlining the content, creating scripts, and recording videos. Then I researched the best way to deliver the program, paid to upgrade my website, and uploaded all the videos and PDF's. 


I spent hundreds of hours perfecting the program.


I didn't sell a single one.


It was a humbling learning experience.


I grudgingly committed to spending as much time understanding marketing as I did to ongoing education as a hypnotist.


That was one of the smartest business decisions I've made. 


The more I educated myself, the more I realized that marketing doesn't have to be sleazy or salesy. One of my favorite things about marketing is how closely it aligns to hypnosis. 


As a hypnotist, my goal is to use neuroscience backed tools to help my clients make the changes THEY want to make. I don't impose my will on them or manipulate them. I use hypnosis to shine a light on their ability to change and empower them to make that change.


As a marketer, my goal is to use neuroscience backed tools to help potential clients make the changes THEY want to make. I don't impose my will on them or manipulate them. I use marketing to shine a light on their ability to change and empower them to make that change. 


At the time that I write this, many people who engage with me are hypnotists. I want you to understand that everything you love about hypnosis, you can love about marketing too. If  you're not a hypnotist, that's ok. 


These universal truths can apply to any product or service. 


When you believe in your product or service, then you rip potential clients off when you DON'T help them understand the value of investing with you.


You owe it to your CLIENTS to understand how to talk about your product or service in a way that lights them up and makes them want to invest.


I'm about to share a secret that turned everything around for me.


Before I learned this I kept torturing myself trying to figure out how to help people understand WHY my stuff was so valuable.


I was using words like....








"The life of your dreams"


People don't pay for "freedom, clarity, purpose, and the life of their dreams." That seems too untouchable. It doesn't compute.


I would talk about my programs by saying things like...


"8 videos + 20 page e-book!"


"One hour session using timeline therapy"


People don't care how many videos are in your course, how long your sessions last, or how many pages are in your eBook.


They want to know what your product or service will GIVE them.


How will it impact their daily life?


Are you ready for the AHA moment?


If you want a person to understand the value of your product or service, tell them how it will change their experience with their ENVIRONMENT.


Environment = the way the problem disrupts their daily life.


The following illustration is based on the work of Robert Dilts. When a change occurs on one level, it transforms all the levels below. Many of us know this so we tell people we can transform their Beliefs, Identity, and Purpose. And we likely can!

But the part of people that is willing to spend money isn't the part of them that understands the importance of upper level change.


Upper Level Change = the top levels of the pyramid below.


Our intention may be to help someone change on an identity level, but if we don't talk about how the change impacts a person's ENVIRONMENT, we never get the chance to help them. 


Environment = the way the problem disrupts their daily life.

How to help them understand...


Based on my own experience, I knew the exhilarating freedom of ending the weight battle.


I wanted people to understand that they can be free! They can look in the mirror and feel good about themselves. They can feel in control of what they put in their mouth and have a peaceful relationship with food.


The more I tried to explain how good it can be, the less people paid attention.


I suspect it's because all those upper level benefits feel completely unattainable.


"Love myself when I look in the mirror? Yeah right!"


Then I started talking about the way the problem affects their environment.


Right now. The way it impacted their life when they got dressed this morning.


When I said, "Want to fit in your jeans?" people couldn't sign up fast enough.


I still gave them the same incredible results as before and guided them to change all the upper levels but that was the "unexpected" side effect.


When I scroll through the posts in my weight loss program I see comments like...


"I have so much mental clarity!"


"I am being kinder to myself."


"I never knew it could be this easy! I feel such freedom!"


Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes to know I'm truly making a difference. People are changing on an identity level. They're stepping into their purpose...


And they signed up because they wanted to fit in their jeans.


Important note: I still talk about things like "Freedom, clarity, improved self-esteem etc." I just always make sure to talk about the environment level FIRST.


How to use this secret to attract clients...


Put yourself in your client's shoes. 


Imagine what it's like to go through the day with their frustration. 


How does it impact their morning? Afternoon? Evening?


How does it affect their quality of sleep? Their relationships?


What kinds of things do your clients say when they come to you for help?


If you want to get good at this really quickly, call your favorite clients. The ones you'd like to have more of and ask them to talk about what it was like to have the problem (before you helped them get free).


Write down their exact words. 


Pay special attention to how it negatively impacted their day. 


Then when you tell others "I can help you!" you can talk about the problem in a way that lets you know you understand them. 


BONUS: Here's one of my favorite questions based on an NLP language pattern...


"If I could show you how to _____ would you be interested?" 


Fill in the blank with the Environment Level problem you're going to help them fix. 


Example: "If I could show you a simple way to fit into those jeans at the back of your closet would you be interested?" 


Example: "If I could show you how to walk past the ice cream aisle with zero urge to walk down would you be interested?"


What are your biggest frustrations when it comes to attracting  your ideal (paying) clients?


Have a beautiful week! 



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