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Learn how Dr. Marina Kostina combines science with an esoteric approach to help her clients achieve life changing results.

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If you were haunted and harassed by your own inner critic, if you've ever been curious about why hypnosis works so well, if you're a seasoned hypnotist, or if you suspect that the inner critic is actually hypnotizing you to hold back from reaching the greatness that you know, deep down is inside you, lean in and get inspired to get out of your comfort zone and create your one precious life with purpose and intention. If you like this show, you'll love my powerful hypnosis audio, the answer room, because it gives you crystal clear guidance and direction and illuminates an ingenious way to make triumphant decisions.

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No matter how stuck you feel or how confused you were. This powerful hypnosis audio is my gift to you. When you go to the imposter again, that's the imposter Don't forget the, the, the imposter And yes, I'm done saying it. Thank you. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart for listening. I'm Lori Hammond and I'm truly grateful for you. Welcome Dr. Marina. Welcome everyone. Who's listening. We are starting if you're watching from video and if you're listening to audio Marina and I both have our hands to heart our hands on our heart, because it's been a frazzled few minutes, us getting everything together.

0 (1m 33s):
And so I, I had asked her if I could just start by with the centering activity that I do on a lot of my group calls. So if you're listening right now, I invite you just to place your hands on your heart. If you're not driving,

1 (1m 50s):

0 (1m 50s):
The way your heart is beating. If you're like Marina and I, your heart may be pounding a

1 (1m 54s):
Little bit. Just notice the rhythm of your breath. No,

0 (2m 2s):
Just the way that you, the feeling of being supported by the surface beneath you Notice the sensation of your tongue in your mouth

1 (2m 15s):
And allow

0 (2m 16s):
Your jaw to soften and your teeth to slightly separate. Allow your tongue to become heavy and rest on the floor of your mouth. And just think to yourself, I am here

1 (2m 32s):
And all is well. And I want to welcome

0 (2m 39s):
Dr. Marina, Christina. She is a best-selling author. Award-winning transformational coach hypnotist, and she guides conscious minded individuals from lethargic status quo to a ravenous life. She has been featured in entrepreneur hay, house

1 (3m 0s):
Hay house, live WGN, buzz, feed thrive, global authority magazine people, magazine USA today, the Chicago Tribune, Telemundo and Chicago Latino TV. She has also worked with numerous celebrities. I was so excited when I read this like Kanye West, Lorna Byrne, Mike Dooley, her holiness. Will you pronounce this name for me? Marina?

2 (3m 31s):
I always say on my, because the last name is,

1 (3m 37s):
And she presented and signed her book alongside Dr. Joe Dispenza, John Hall. Yes, he's amazing. And Rebecca Campbell and was a business mentor at Richard Branson center for entrepreneurship. I am so excited to have you here today, Marina, thank you so much for being here.

2 (3m 56s):
Oh, thank you so much. I love your energy. And when you told me, you know, when you invited me to your podcast, I'm like, wow, this is a celebrity podcast. So thank you so much for having me here.

1 (4m 8s):
You're so welcome someday and will go viral and it truly will be a celebrity podcasts. Well, you and I spoke on zoom a few weeks ago. I've been watching you on Facebook. We've interacted a little bit. And when we spoke, I knew I wanted to have you here because you have such an intriguing story. And I'm sure if I were to ask you to tell me about all the adventures you've experienced, this podcast would be hours long. But if you would tell me in a nutshell, just the highlights of what you would like my audience to know. And what's important about where, where you have been and where you are now.

2 (4m 45s):
You know, it's very interesting. I know that, you know, I'm listening to your podcast all the time. And I learned so much from, you know, our colleagues and I believe that your podcast theme is about, you know, taking action, right? And I am all about life is messy kind of thing, you know, and that if you wait for that perfection, you're never gonna start. You really will not. So I want to share with you that my story is very bumpy and it's really goes against everybody's expectations because, you know, we usually have, you know, like in the storytelling, everything is developed in dramatic. Then there is a climax and then boom, you fall down and that's your metamorphosis, right?

2 (5m 28s):
Well, my life is all about, you know, so it, it seemed like, you know, okay, I'll already cross the border from Russia. I already traveled with one bag, you know, a long time ago I build roads. I have a road and I was seated that I built with this well, hands I cleaned all bathrooms in the world. I think as it seems, I got my degrees. And you would think that's your biggest breakthrough. Right? And once I got all of that, I moved to Chicago. I had really great jobs, VP of whatever, you know, status, downtown Chicago and everything crushed.

2 (6m 9s):
And I found myself being even worse than I was when I came to the States with this little bag of clothes, you know, because I, I was actually homeless. I slept on the floor in a yoga studio where I was teaching yoga. I showered in the gym because there was a free membership. And I used whole foods for work because they had free wifi. I lost everything at once. I lost my husband. I, my, you know, home, my, both of my friends that were close, moved out, you know, moved away from Chicago at the same time.

2 (6m 50s):
I was, I remember that I was laying on the floor. I already had my PhD. I already had all of this. My job finished, they laid me off. So I was like, seriously, universe. What's going on here? What is going on? I already had my combination and already had my downfall. Right. But it's in that moment of completely breaking down where all of my identity, what I ended up identified myself as a wife, as a PHG is a VP, is whatever is how homeowner, right. All of their identities were taken away from me.

2 (7m 31s):
And I was laying there one night. I remember I was crying and I felt so naked. I felt so alone. I felt so little. And I was asking myself, who am I? I'm no longer anything. And at that moment, something happened because that moment, you know, I was staying up late and in the morning I overslept. So I would always set up my alarm. So I wake up before my students and you know, I'm pretending that I'm good. And they knocked at the door and my alarm didn't go off. So I'm laying there, like, you know, I'm sleeping there. And I remember all of these fears, all of this internal conflict that was going, what do I do?

2 (8m 13s):
Do I just pretend that I'm not there? Do I start pretending like I'm stretching? Do I just open the door and run away? You know what I mean? I honestly, and then I just opened the door and I confess my truth because most of my students, they didn't know that I was divorced, let alone that I was homeless. And, you know, instead of because it was such a shameful thing I thought, and instead of a kind of like judgment or ha ha laughing at me, I found this empathy. And I found that people started hugging me and crying with me because I allowed them with my story to share their stories.

2 (8m 57s):
And I think that as therapists, as hypnotherapists, as hypnotists is people who try to help others, right. Not try trays, a bad word, right. Who help others? We, we really need to understand that we should not be all perfect because when you're all cool and your videos are perfection people, you create a lot of distance with your clients. So whenever you have that human side to you, where you stand and say, yeah, I've experienced this too. And I have bad days too, but what do I do about that? That's different now than when I used to be unaware where I didn't have my tools.

2 (9m 42s):
And I think that that's the biggest gift that we, and nobody teaches us that because, you know, we see all of these celebrities, we see all of this amazingly marketed gurus in the field. We see the video production of thousands of dollars that we cannot afford. I mean, you know, this is my production, you know, and I usually do it after Zoomba. My hair is a mess and those are the videos that get most likes. And when I hire somebody and spend this day of shooting, it's okay. But it doesn't really, so I'm not saying you should not be professional here. You know, I, you should not have professional videos, but what I'm trying to say is that we're so trying to hide our truth and be so perfect that sometimes we don't understand it.

2 (10m 30s):
It's actually working against us and in our profession where people have pain, they want to come to somebody who knows what pain is. Yes, no.

1 (10m 43s):
Yeah. It's so true. What a beautiful story. And I love this idea, this concept of identity of finding our identity in the people that we spend time with are the things that we do. I love how you asked this question. Who am I? And I'm curious if you, if you ask yourself that question today and you think of the, who am I maybe rewind six months before all of that happened? What have you noticed about that identity level shift before and after?

2 (11m 14s):
You know, I understood that I was always suppressing my identity and trying to find it in outsourcing my identity to other people and other things in my life. Right. Because I was always told that I'm too much, you know, and in school I was always the loudest one. And I couldn't understand why. I mean, other people didn't much worse things, but I was just loud. You know, people noticed me, my best friend was doing the same things that I did, but she was never noticed. So I always thought was taught by society to keep it quiet, to just speak, be less, be less, be less. And I thought that it was a really, you know, I mean, no, that, you know, I'm not for everybody.

2 (11m 58s):
There's some people who are just running away from my energy. But I also realized at that moment, you know, it was so empty inside. It was like, as if I was dead, you know, and it was the most, the loneliest I've ever felt in my life. It was that moment because I was trying to grab on to something and nothing, everything was in every area of my life, everything was wrong, supposedly, and then I just realized that, you know, yes, we're all love and light, but I am all of that, but I'm a spark. And that's what I understood, you know? And I even have a nickname in among my Latin friends, cheeseburger, cheeseburger means sparks.

2 (12m 45s):
And I know that that's what I bring. I bring to people this little spark, like just a little nudge so they can start their own fire so they can light up their own light. And I think that once I realized that and remember that because, you know, I was a little girl, my mom and I, we were in line standing in line in Soviet Russia for high school items. And I had my gypsy skirt and I was dancing. I was entertaining the crowd because everybody was so boring and dark doll reality. So it's Russia. And I was dancing, you know, and breeding that for, I mean, it was, I was a magician at that moment because I changed people's lives for that particular whatever hour, you know, that we were standing.

2 (13m 36s):
And I think that remembering that about ourselves. So yes,

1 (13m 42s):
I see you still doing that. Sometimes I will be scrolling through Facebook and you'll pop up in my news feed. One week I was actually having a kind of a bad day. I was getting ready to travel and I was staying at a hotel for the night. And your video came up, you were in these bouncy shoes, leading a workout class. And I thought like, I could just feel your energy through my Facebook newsfeed. And it, it brightened my day so much. I know this is kind of off topic off topic, but tell me a little bit about what you were doing there and how you're still leading in person classes or was that from the past? I don't know if that's still happening with COVID though

2 (14m 23s):
It is happening. It is happening. Well, thank you so much. I want to tell you that if you are a Ray of sunshine for me, because you always have this smile that just woo lights up my day. So thank you so much. Yes. I teach Zoomba. I teach yoga and that particular day I was actually a student. I was taking the class because, you know, I thought those bouncy things are online and I'm like, I got to try it. And it felt so natural to me because it's just, I love everything that involves some sort of feeling of flight. You know, I love jumping from buildings and things.

2 (15m 4s):
So it was like, I was bouncing. I was, my energy was big and you expand. And it was an incredible class because I saw many different people of different ages, different shapes. And we're all, we're like this kids, you know, and that's what gets me, we're like bubbly and jumpy. And it was amazing. Absolutely.

1 (15m 29s):
That's why I enjoyed it so much because I love, I love to fly in my dreams and I, I have never jumped off a building and likely will not, but it gave me that that buoyant free feeling, just watching. So it was amazing. Will you talk to me a little bit about what, how you work with people now? I, you had mentioned that you have an amazing book with an enticing title, and I would love to hear more about that, but how that work has led you into the way that you're working with.

2 (16m 1s):
Well, you know, I actually, before I went to hypnosis, I started as an energy healer and that was something that I did when I was a child. I always was interested. I found the book on, you know, at mom's place. I don't even know where some mysterious book, old book. And I was reading about all of the energies and how they operate. And I was always the one who was telling everybody's future or something like that, you know, but it was just for fun. And then when I was healing, you know, after that moment of realization, that's like the name yet. So I need to do something. I got a lot of healing myself, right.

2 (16m 40s):
And once I was healing myself, I think that's a common story. Right? Many of us are in this field because we healed our own wounds and we want to do the same for others. And I was lucky enough. I was fortunate enough to meet really incredible teachers all over the world. I was in South Korea was in Mexico. And then I started to, you know, I love hypnosis because it's kind of like that perfect combination. I love the, I love the science because, you know, I come from the scientific background. I have my PhD in a traditional college, but I was always about those as a Terrick something.

2 (17m 20s):
Woo, woo. Something. Right. And I found that for me, either one is not enough. I need to constantly blend the two because I think that, that gives me a better understanding. So I would describe my hypnotherapy style as energy hypnosis. You know, I scan people's energy because that's, I feel it, you know, I don't see things, I don't hear things, but I can feel things. So I scan people's energy and no matter what they tell me, you know, how it is. Sometimes we come for one reason, but the real reason is somewhere else. And I use that in order to guide my practice.

2 (18m 2s):
So, and before I was trying to keep it compartmentalized and I noticed that that's not, I always need to do to, and that's how I come up with the best result. So, yeah. So I think that I attract certain type of clients nowadays and certain type of people don't come to me at all. The only logical mind, people who don't believe in anything else, they just don't come to me. And those who come to me, we have a really good, fun blend of all of this.

1 (18m 33s):
Beautiful. I love how you explained that, you know, emerging kind of the science side of the neurology side with the more esoteric side, that's been a really recent development for me where I've kind of always pushed away the idea of the Wu, the esoteric. And recently I've started embracing it and starting looking back at all the times in my life, when I have experienced unexplainable things, where I knew things I should know, and I understood things I shouldn't understand. And I thought, you know, what, what if I just embrace, embrace the woo. And it's been really interesting to see how many people are, how many people lean into that.

1 (19m 15s):
I think there's something inside of us. There's a little part of us inside that knows there's something that we, that is not understandable. And when we start to lean into it, it, it guides us in ways that we might not have experienced otherwise. And when we immeshed that with the neuroscience behind a lot of this, Dr. Andrew Huberman talks a lot about the neuroscience, he, and he is a big believer in hypnosis. And so it's, it's been really fun to, to merge the two, you mentioned that you, when you scan energy that you feel it. And so I'm just curious I've I had my energy read once years ago, and they literally were touching and feeling and experiencing things.

1 (20m 1s):
It was really strange to me because this was in my not Wu days, but it was extremely accurate. And they gave me insights that I still use to this day that have helped me tremendously in my life. And so I'm curious, is that something that you can do over zoom?

2 (20m 17s):
Yes, absolutely. Energy is everywhere. Right? So to be honest with you, I usually actually, I don't have it with me today. I wanted to show you, but I show how energy travels it travels across the ocean. It travels everywhere. So I do have Reiki sessions. Rank is an energy healing session. And sometimes I just look at the person, I asked them to get up and move a little bit so I can see all of their energy centers, all of their chakras in order to see what's really going on because energy is one thing. It never lies. You know, I have actually a equipment in my office.

2 (20m 59s):
It's an energy scanner. So you put your hands on it and you can see the entire energetic structure of the person. And it actually is developed by physicists and engineers. So it's not just new age stuff. It's the scientists develop that. And when I show that picture, Kanye West came for, for that picture. And then, you know, he sent all of his stuff for that. You can like, you can have a person who is altogether, everything is fine, you see their energy and you can say pretty much everything that is very important about this people, about their past, about their vulnerabilities, about their difficult times and its talents.

2 (21m 44s):
It's amazing. It really is amazing that

1 (21m 47s):
That is amazing. And I'm, I'm anticipating that someone who's listening to this who might have a similar gift or a similar ambition to do something like that, what would you say to a person who is perhaps afraid of absorbing some, you know, if you see something really negative or heavy in someone, do you have ways of protecting yourself from that energy?

2 (22m 10s):
Of course, the best way to deal with that is even if you don't believe in all of this stuff that we're talking about, you believe in radio stations, right? There was time when people thought it was crazy because you cannot see radio stations yet you can hear the music, right? So what is radio stations? There are frequencies right now, Gloria, I will ask you, can you play rock station and classical music at the same time? Not on the same radio, not on the same radio. The same thing happens. You know, if somebody throws this negative, I was walking the other day and my dog, I have rescue dog. And she pools very closely to one person on the street, you know? And we are here in the times of COVID people are a little bit scared and the lady turned and she started yelling at me and she told me to, she wished me to die from COVID because of that.

2 (22m 59s):
Oh my goodness. Yeah. So it's like one of the worst, you know, negative energies that somebody can send to you. And I looked at her and I said, well, you have a good day. And I started laughing and I didn't understand why I started laughing, but then I understood that it was intuitively I was protecting myself because laughter and you know, a lot of the Joe dispenses research and everything, Stephen Hawkins has this research on the vibrational scale of emotions, love joy. Peace is calibrated at 500 and up megahertz hate is a hundred. You cannot play both radio stations.

2 (23m 40s):
So if something, you know, if somebody throws something negative at you, it's almost like, you know, and then I started thinking, you know what? It's interesting. Have you seen the movie is the witches of it's split with the Nicholas? Was he, Oh my gosh,

1 (23m 60s):
I think I know what you're talking about, but I think I saw it a long, long time ago. I don't remember it.

2 (24m 5s):
Yes. Jack Nicholson, Jack all there. And then there are three ladies who are in love with him. And so there is a scene there where he's trying to pull them into seduction and they start laughing and they start flying in meaningful chloric stories. You notice that in order to defeat the spell, you got to laugh. And now I understand why, because laughter love joy peace, 500 and up. Well, all of the negative energies here. So when you're here, nothing, nothing can hit you.

1 (24m 45s):
Oh that is so beautiful. I love this. I will often tell people because a lot of times people will say, Oh, affirmations don't work for me. And I want to say they work perfectly. If you were to like dig underneath the self-talk of the emotion that you were feeling, you would realize that, that the things you're saying to yourself often unconsciously, you don't realize it are, are really reinforcing that, that mood for lack of a better word. And I'll tell them two things can occupy the same place at the same time. So instead of trying to talk yourself into a better mood, start telling yourself how you want to feel and start reinforcing positive beliefs and, and reprogramming yourself with these positive beliefs in it.

1 (25m 28s):
It's just phenomenal. How well it works. Especially if you adjust your body language and your breathing along with it.

2 (25m 34s):
Absolutely. And that's why hypnosis is so magical really? Because we bypass that mind. You know, there is always a, when people see affirmations, they see it from the mind, that's why it doesn't work because they do not happen to that. Imagine that nation part of themselves, that creative part of themselves, that I can already imagine that I am 10 pounds lighter, lighter, or whatever. Right.

1 (25m 60s):
And really feel the emotion of having it. Yes, absolutely. Do you have any tips for a person who struggles with that for? So I have a Wu weight loss challenge coming up in a few days. And one of the things we'll be talking about is, you know, so often when people struggle with their weight, it's because they can only conceptualize the idea of struggling. They think of themselves as overweight. They think of themselves as a sugar addict, they think they're, their metabolism is broken. And when I say, well, what will life be like when you have met your desired weight, they can't even conceive of it. So do you have any tips that you would offer a person who has a hard time conceptualizing and imagining

2 (26m 44s):
They're getting to a, any particular goal? I want to tell you one thing is that whenever you are in your mind, you cannot be in your whatever spirit, creative energy, whatever. And at the same time, the second year out of your mind, you're there. So our goal is to get a person out of their mind, that chatter right now I can give you of course, all of this ideas of meditation. Of course they work, but many people don't like them because to get to the point of really meditating, like, you know, I'm doing this Joe dispensers where, you know, I sit for one hour and not think of anything now after years and years I can get there.

2 (27m 24s):
But before I would say it, and especially with my personality, I would just say, you know, it was horrible. It was a torture. So I believe that meditation can be anything. It can be anything that gets you out of your mind. For example, I always tell them, this is ways to be in your body, right? It's not about how long you are spending time in the gym. You can be in the gym and still be in your mind, find the activity. I'll give you an example for me, kickboxing is awesome for my body, but it's horrible for my mind because if I know there are 20 reps for those 20 reps, I'm going to be day to day to day, to day, to day in my mind. But Zoomba and why I do Zoomba.

2 (28m 4s):
Zoom is my meditation time. Because for one hour, I, if I make, if I start thinking of something, I lose my step. So for me, it works for somebody kick boxing works because they just get into those numbers. And there's nothing they can think of. So first and the easiest thing is to find an activity that completely gets you in your body. Because when you're from there, from there, you can already get to your creative mind. The second thing is to do any creative project. And the key here is not to concentrate on the result because everybody's like, Oh, I'm not a good painter. And our, all of the limited beliefs kick in, right?

2 (28m 48s):
I tell them you can cook and eat it all through the pigeons. You can buy one

3 (28m 53s):
Canvas and paint over it. A thousand

2 (28m 55s):
Times. I want you to be in the process because we do we're in the process of creativity. We're not in our mind. We tap into the creator, creativity, all of these things that are related, right? We're tapping into something else and it just goes through us. And the more it goes through you like anything, it becomes a habit. So it's easier to, to move. And of course, if you know, if you can meditate and do yoga and do energy work and touchy and all of those things is great. But honestly, the basic things that you can do is be in your body and do something creative. Many people have kids and they don't even utilize the perfect

3 (29m 37s):
Channel of joy and creativity

2 (29m 39s):
And just messing as being messy, where the kids get your hands dirty, go run over the bare feet on the sand.

1 (29m 48s):
I love that. That's that's beautiful. It makes me want to go dig out my paint. Now you had mentioned that you have encountered teachers from all over the world. And I wonder if you were to think back on all the teachers that you have encountered, if there's one particular teacher or one particular lesson that stands out to you as being transformational.

2 (30m 12s):
Oh, I honestly can not choose one because I transformed. And it's that's for me, this, this job is never over the transformation, right? Because the second year your ego kicks in and you're like, well, I'll figure it out. I'm cool. Now then there's going to be another layer. And I always say, the universe is hitting you with a frying pan, right? That's definitely because when you, you energy constantly expands. You always need to grow. If we don't grow with that, that's, that's, that's simple. So you got to understand that any squeezing moments, unnecessary, and they are excited that you are becoming bigger because you know, if you have that much of a form and you want to occupy a bigger form, you have to break it.

2 (31m 2s):
You have to create bigger. So every time I noticed in my life, when I was expanding my form, a teacher would show up. So every teacher that I find is transformational. I would say that for me, you know, I found in hypnosis, I found in a Simpson, she was the one who introduced me to the SP the Simpson protocol that involves that other dimension. That's just so perfect for who I am. Mike Mandelas of course, Freddy, of course, you know, I mean, these are people that I just, I can't even imagine being how I would be as a hypnotherapist without them.

2 (31m 51s):
And back long time ago, after all of my difficult moments, I graduated from a student of the GENCO is a hypnotist who created the whole approach to alcohol addiction. And I, I was, I wanted to get their training and it's very hard to get in, in Russia. And every time I would go to Russia, there was not time. And this time I went and I just don't know what happened. I found the number of the best student of his, and I called him a thousand times. And he's like, no, I don't take students. And I just showed up at his office. And when I came for a session, I said, I don't have alcohol issues.

2 (32m 34s):
I need you to teach me that because I know that's my colleague. Oh, wow. And he just couldn't understand how, how could it be, you know, this person? And he said, okay, fine. And he taught me. And that was also transformational because now I offer this sessions. They're not for everybody, but they are pretty tough, but they work. So

1 (32m 60s):
That is so beautiful. And that's, that's for people that struggle with alcohol.

2 (33m 4s):
Yeah. Okay. That's for alcohol addiction. It's one session. Oh, amazing. I use time. Yeah.

1 (33m 11s):
Okay. And you'll, and I'll be able to give a link for that below the show notes for

2 (33m 15s):
Him. Thank you so much. Yes. Yes.

1 (33m 18s):
Okay. Awesome. This is so amazing. I feel like we could chat and chat all day long, but is there anything that is important to you that the audience knows about you, about your work, about anything you have to say that can help inspire them to take action toward their goals or find, you know, let me back up just a minute, because something you just said, when you, for those of you who aren't watching Marina held up a glass of water, and she talked about how as we expand. And I hope I don't, I, I hope I do this explanation justice as we expand. It's like, we need a bigger vessel. And I have a quote sitting in my walk-in closet that I can't remember where I heard it, but it said, if you, if you want to break through, you need to break something.

1 (34m 3s):
And so if you would just speak to a person who feels like this is such a struggle, like they are inching toward their goal, two steps forward, three steps back, what kind of inspiration? What do you have for someone who is feeling that pressure?

2 (34m 20s):
Well, I would say that look for the treasures there, because your pain is like a marker red marker on your treasure map of your life that tells you that where are the treasuries hidden? Because all of the most amazing things happen. Your, your pain is pushing you towards some resolve, right? And that resolve whatever that is for you is for you, for you, right. For your benefit. And I think that looking for that is the most important thing. And also, I would say that in this life, nothing is, you know, look for your biggest talents in your biggest shortcomings, because for ever I thought that I was a procrastinator.

2 (35m 6s):
And you know, even though you don't see it on social media, but I have days where I just sit in my PJ's and do nothing. And I used to be shamed because my mother's not like that. Right. And nobody's like that, that I know. And then I realized that procrastination is an extension of my creativity. And without procrastination, I would literally die because when I'm in my creative power, I don't eat, I will sleep like this, you know, plugged into something. So I need to have those moments. So those two things that we use with the society teachers is to Denine ourselves, look for the treasure there.

1 (35m 40s):
Oh, I love that. So you can reframe procrastination as rest.

2 (35m 45s):
Absolutely. I love my procrastination moments. Now.

1 (35m 48s):
I love that Marina. This has been so amazing. Can I, do you have time for one final question? I'm stealing this question from Lewis house. I was listening to his podcast the other day and he asked this at the end and I thought it was so cool that half halfway through his question before the guests had a chance to answer, I wrote down what my answer would be to this. So he said, imagine you're at the end, end of your very long, beautiful, successful life. And you have written every book you wanted to read, you have gotten all the information out into the world that you would like to go into the world. And when you pass all of that information goes away as well.

1 (36m 30s):
But you can leave just three things for the world to know the three most important things about life. What would those three things be?

2 (36m 38s):
Oh, that's a very good question. Right.

1 (36m 40s):
So too, I wish I thought of it.

2 (36m 44s):
That's good. Thank you for sharing. I think that honestly, life is with all of the ups and downs. Right? Love life is just one big dance for me. I'm a dancer too. Right. And I believe that, you know, it's like learning choreography. I'm sorry. I'm not answering like exactly. Like, you know, but you know, when, if choreography is thrown at you and it's new, you kind of learn the movements first and then you start adding your juiciness to it, your own personality. And I think that if you understand that life is like that, you know, it's not about necessarily doing anything right.

2 (37m 26s):
Or doing it, how other people want it to do. It's about learning the tools that, of course, you know, I I'm all about education and learning more, but it's also bring it into your own skin and tone in it your own way, because you know, we hypnotists or in any other profession, right. We're afraid even start doing the same niche that somebody else, because somebody already took it. But if you do one thing and I do the same thing, we're going to be completely different, right? Yes. Could be completely different because you have your own perspective. So understanding that life is really a beautiful dance and nobody can ever, they can repeat your steps, but nobody can ever repeat your style because the style comes from all of the experiences that only you uniquely, you had all of the ups and downs.

2 (38m 25s):
And so your pain and all of the messiness, you want to throw it into the dance because when you watch a dancer that expresses pain and sorrow, that's the dancer, right? I mean, can you imagine only happy dancing? That would be right. Echo, dancing. My goodness. There's all of this pain of the whole world there. So dance people have a wonderful time and just be grateful for all of this experiences and leave your Mark. That's so beautiful. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful for you being here with me today. And I can't wait to talk again.

2 (39m 5s):
We too. Thank you so much. Thank you.

0 (39m 9s):
I'm so grateful. You've listened all the way to the end. What is one tiny action step you'll take now based on an aha moment you got during the podcast, maybe that life changing action step is to come accept the gift I have for [email protected] Head there right now to get your powerful, hypnosis audio, the answer room that lets you make important decisions and get crystal clear about your next step forward on this path of purpose in your one. Great and precious life.

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