What if confidence is just one visualization technique away?  

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

What if you could "cure" fear of flying in less than 5 minutes?


A few years ago I was at the airport with several friends. We had attended a conference together and we were all booked on the same flight home.


My friend, Melissa, was on the brink of a panic attack while we waited to board the flight.


She was terrified to fly and thinking about driving a rental car home instead of getting on the plane.


I was a freshly trained hypnotist who hadn't put my tools into practice yet. I had learned how to help people release phobias and fears but I was terrified to actually "try" it.


Finally, Melissa's fear of flying seemed stronger than my fear of failing so I asked if she was interested in an NLP technique that would stop her fear in its tracks.


She was desperate enough to try anything and gratefully agreed.


I walked her through a protocol I learned from Mike Mandel and I was so afraid it wouldn't work. I doubted myself the whole time but I acted confident.


She felt better right away.


She thanked me and we boarded the flight. Her seat was in the middle of the plane and mine was in the back.


What followed was THE most turbulent, scary flight I've ever experienced. The flight-attendant was telling jokes and singing songs to keep people from freaking out.


I thought, "There's no way that worked. Melissa is probably up there freaking out."


I felt discouraged and a little embarrassed for trying.


When I got off the plane Melissa was waiting for me. She was glowing with excitement as she said,


"That was so fun! I wasn't scared for one second and I comforted the lady next to me!"


A few months later she sent me an email telling me that she'd flown several times and had been comfortable and calm every time. She thanked me for giving her such a powerful gift. 


I was stunned that it had actually worked. 


Sometimes I still feel that way. I've seen these tools work over and over but there's still a part of me that can't believe it can actually be this easy and effective. 


It is.


I spent 5 minutes with her and had deep self doubt. Milton Erickson said,


"I had my doubts that I could help her but I was sure about one thing. I was sure I could keep my doubts to myself!"


Every week I hear from people who are waiting to make a difference in the world because they're afraid they aren't ready to start using their tools...


Or they think they need more tools...


Or they think people will judge them if they say, "I can help you be free!"


Maybe they're waiting for the confidence to get out there and make a difference in the world.


What if I told you that confidence only comes AFTER you take action in the face of fear and doubt?


What if the only way to prove your tools work is to start using them while you're still a skeptic?


What if all you need is permission?


Permission to do it afraid.


Permission to act confidently even if you're trembling on the inside.


Guess what?


Curing the fear of failure works just like curing the fear of flying.


The key is to vividly imagine yourself doing it and being ok.


Don't try to imagine the process. Fast forward to the end and FEEL what it's like to safely accomplish your goal.


If you're nervous about an upcoming hypnosis session, vividly imagine the end of the hypnosis session. Imagine your client lighting up and saying, "Thank you! You changed my life!"


If you're nervous about speaking in front of a group, vividly imagine getting a standing ovation and an enthusiastic invitation to speak again.


Fear of failure only happens because our unconscious mind wants to keep us safe. It thinks that doing something new is scary so it wants to keep us safe in our boring, same-old-same-old reality.


When we vividly imagine doing the scary thing and being safe when it's done, it allows the unconscious mind to let go of the need to freak us out and hold us back.


What is one thing you've been holding yourself back from doing?


I double dare you to close your eyes and imagine success. Imagine it's the day after you've accomplished that goal and you're safe and feeling absolutely amazing.


Then stand back in awe as you notice those old excuses you had falling away as you notice a willingness to move forward in your one great and precious life.


Have an amazing week, my friend.



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