How can you go from stress to calm?  

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

A couple days ago I stomped downstairs (because that's so much more righteous than taking the elevator) to talk to the manager of my apartment building. 


Someone had parked in my reserved parking spot and when I talked to them about it they told me that the leasing office had assigned it to them too! 


I was unreasonably mad.


Have you ever been there?


Maybe someone does something that bugs you and your heart starts pounding and you start thinking about all the things you want to shout at them...which makes your heart pound even more.


It's amazing the way our body responds to our imagination, isn't it?


As I mentally rehearsed putting the manager in her place I heard a little voice whisper, 


"Pssst. Hey. Lori. Look what you're doing to yourself. Your heart is pounding and you're about to go in there and make a fool of yourself."


The most valuable thing hypnosis has taught me is how to change my state. 


As I stomped down the stairs, I was in an angry, out-of-control state.


Except I wasn't out of control. That's just the story I used to tell myself when someone "made me mad" (also just a story).


As I continued down the stairs, I let my heart stop pounding and I got into a more resourceful place. Read on if you want me to walk you through how I did it. 


You can do it less time than it takes to walk down 3 flights of stairs. 


How to change your state in less than 3 flights of stairs:

When you notice yourself feeling/acting/being a way that you don't want to feel/act/be...


  1. Ask yourself, "How do I WANT to feel/act/be?

At first it was tricky for me to answer this question because I WANTED to shout at the apartment manager. (You probably won't be surprised to know that's something I almost never do in real life.)


Then I realized, "I want to feel calm and in control. I want to deal with this in a way that solves the issue."


  1. Ask yourself, "Who would be really good at this?" OR "In what situation would I be great at this?"


I immediately thought of my recent podcast guest, Chase Hughes. He's the most calm, cool, collected person I know and he's negotiated with terrorists to solve issues that would give most people a panic attack.


  1. Imagine that person in the situation. Or imagine yourself, at your best, in that situation.


I pictured Chase Hughes talking to the manager about double booking my parking spot. I could picture his disarming smile, his easy going demeanor, and his confident, peaceful physical presence. 


As I neared the bottom of the stairs I mentally rehearsed talking to the manager like he would. 


My body responded to my imagination and my heart rate slowed down. 


Logic doesn't work when your heart is pounding.


The reason this technique works so well is because it uses imagination instead of logic and reasoning.


When our heart is pounding it's as if an animal has taken over our brain and body.


Animals do not speak English.


When you use your imagination and get a little silly, you make pictures and movies that the animal can understand and it puts you back in control. 


Where will you use this technique to change your state in the next week?


Happy Sunday !





P.S. This technique works for weight management too. You can follow the steps above the next time you notice an urge to overeat to get right back in control. 

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