How to use body language to shut off food cravings? 

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

Last week one of the members of my Weight Loss Without Willpower group posted this...

"I got an unexpected gift of snacks and I'm really struggling! I do fine when the food isn't in the house but I feel out of control when it's right in front of me." 


Does that sound familiar? 

Most people would tell her to use willpower or try to help her see the logic behind resisting the temptation. 

But cold, hard science proves that willpower doesn't work!

Yes, it might get you through for a few minutes, hours, or days but eventually, willpower wears off and makes people feel like they failed. 

The truth is that willpower failed. 

If I could show you how to have complete control around "tempting" foods without using willpower, would you be interested?

Today's tip is brought to you by one of my favorite books, The As If Principle by Richard Wiseman.

Wiseman reveals scientific proof that our emotions respond to our body language. 

Our cravings respond to our body language. 

It's more effective to turn off a feeling of being out of control around food with your BODY than with your mind.

Using logic and willpower to stop cravings is a conscious mind tactic. But cravings are prompted by the SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

Your body is a representation of your subconscious mind so when you shift your body, it shifts the subconsciously generated cravings. 

Here's what I told the woman who was given the unexpected gift of temptation...I mean snacks.


Use Body Language to Shut Off Cravings Without Willpower

I told her to take the snacks and physically push them away from her. She could get really creative and silly (the subconscious mind really pays attention to silliness) and toss the snack across the room. 

Then stand up nice and tall and look down her nose at the snacks. Make a grossed out face and say, "I'm the boss of you!" in her most high-and-mighty voice. 

She commented back that just the thought of seeing chips fly across the room had made her laugh so much that she immediately felt in control. 


What about you?

Think about the time of day you most struggle with poor food choices. Now, imagine yourself - at that time of day - responding in an absolutely ridiculous way with your whole body!

If you're a mindless snacker, imagine yourself thinking about a snack and immediately acting grossed out by the thought of eating when you're not truly hungry. 

Or imagine looking the snack in the eyes and saying, "Huh-uh! I'm the boss of what goes in my mouth!" 

And notice how that silly game makes your "Want to" line up with your desire to be in control. 

Have an amazing week!



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