Did you know that focusing on what you WANT helps you manage weight?  

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

Has one bite of cheesecake ever de-railed your diet? 

Do you struggle to get back on track when you've "fallen off the wagon"?

Maybe you've been eating well for weeks. You've steered clear of decadent desserts and tempting treats. You're feeling pretty good about yourself. 

Then a little voice whispers in your ear, "One bite won't hurt." So you taste that junk food you were craving. 

One thing leads to another and, before you know it, you've gained all the weight back.

You feel demoralized and vow to never go on another stupid diet again.

You resolve to just be fine with your weight as it is.


Why It Happens:

It's all about the story you tell yourself. 

After you eat the bite (or 2 or 3...or 20), the same voice that said, "One bite won't hurt" says,

"Now you've blown it." 

"You're going to gain 5 pounds."

"You may as well keep going and start again Monday." (We all know how that goes.)

This is guilt, or self-shaming, or beating yourself up.


Why It Doesn't Work:

Self-shaming doesn't work because it keeps you focused on what you DON'T want.

You will always get more of what you focus on. 

Go back and read that sentence again. Your life will change forever when you understand it.  


How to Fix It:

Stop focusing on your perceived screw up and focus on what you WANT instead. 

Think about a healthy meal you're going to enjoy next time you eat. 

Imagine yourself walking by a tempting food and sticking your tongue out as it, as you realize YOU are in control.

Imagine going to bed tonight feeling relieved because you know you're back on track.

Does that seem easier said than done?


Here are 3 simple ways to get back on track:

#1. Change your story!

When that little voice tries to say, "You really screwed up this time!" make it stop by telling yourself, 

"That was just a glitch. It's EASY to get right back on track. I've got this!"

I know it sounds too simple to work, but I double dare you to try it and notice how well it works.


Here's a cheat sheet that makes it really easy to change the negative voice in your head. 

#2. Meridian Tapping to Create Calm

Sit or stand up nice and straight.


Take a deep inhale and a long slooooowww exhale. 

With three fingers of one hand, tap on the point where your ring finger and little finger meet (it doesn't matter which hand you use. 

While you tap, give yourself a pep talk. 

"That was just a glitch. It's EASY to get right back on track. I've got this!"

This works because it turns down negative chemicals in the body. (Self-shaming releases negative chemicals.)

Triple Warmer tapping gives you a new, positive perspective. 

#3 Replace cravings with a feeling of being in control

People love the following NLP technique because it allows them to let go of cravings without using willpower. 

This one is easier to demonstrate than explain so I'll walk you through it, step-by-step when you click the link below. 

Follow along with the short video like you're in the room with me.

The technique in this video works because it re-categorizes the way your brain thinks about tempting foods so they no longer tempt you.

Have a fantastic week!





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