3 to Step out of Depression  

By Lori Hammond

Coach and Professional Hypnotist. Giving you simple tools to stop overwhelm and harness joyful forward momentum.

I recently found out that an old friend has been struggling with depression.


Ok, he's not actually old (he's in his 40's like me...which seems younger every day) but I haven't seen him in over a decade. 


A lot of hypnotherapists are afraid to talk about depression because some people hold the view that it must be treated medically. 


I'm not a hypnotherapist (I'm not allowed to use that word where I live) and I'm more afraid of remaining silent about depression than I am about rocking the boat. 


The biggest reason I decided to become a professional hypnotist is because hypnosis showed me how to step out of decades of deep, identity level depression...


And yes, I was medically diagnosed several times with "severe clinical depression".


Before I share my 3 most powerful anti-depressant protocols for helping a person move from depression to joy, I want to make one thing really, really clear. 



This is not medical advice. 

The anti-depressant tips I'm about to give you can be practiced in addition to any medical recommendations you're following, not instead of following medical advice. 


There are no downsides and no risks to following the 3 protocols I'm about to give you. 


The most common side effect (and it almost always happens) is that a person tends to forget to remember what it felt like to look at life through a lens of hopelessness.


Anti-Depressant Protocol #1

This protocol takes a few minutes to explain but only about 5 minutes to experience.


It works because it rapidly removes the physical sensation of depression from the body. 


The easiest way to teach this is to share a short presentation where I taught this. This was a clubhouse presentation called "The Most Powerful Hypnosis Protocol in the World".


Click here and fast forward to 8 minutes, I'll walk you through the protocol while you listen. 


Anti-Depressant Protocol #2

This one takes the most time and effort.


I double dare you to do it for 3 days in a row then let momentum take over...


Because after 3 days you'll WANT to keep doing it. 


INSTRUCTIONS: Get out of bed as soon after sunrise as possible. Go stand outside for 5 minutes while the sun is still low in the sky. 


Do not wear sunglasses unless you have a medical reason to do so. 


Do not look directly at the sun. 


Simply open your eyes so they're exposed to the magical quality of light that's present while the sun is still low in the sky after or during sunrise. 


This works because there are special photon receptors in the brain that tell the body, "It's safe to feel good. It's safe to feel optimistic."


There are lots of other healing things happening in the body when you stand outside and view morning light but for now we'll just focus on the anti-depressant effects.


Listen, I know this one can seem overwhelming when a person feels depressed. If that person understands that it can change their life to stand outside for 5 minutes every morning it gets a lot easier. 


Anti-Depressant Protocol #3

The hardest part of this protocol is helping you understand how powerful it is even though it takes less than 30 seconds. 


If I told you there is a recipe for creating depression, would you be interested? 


If you could reverse engineer that recipe to reverse depression, would you give it a try?


In order for a person to experience depression 3 things must happen...


  1. They must adopt the BODY LANGUAGE of depression. 


This usually takes the form of slumped shoulders with the head bowed forward. 


  1. They must BREATHE in a specific way. 


This is usually a shallow, almost imperceptible breath with lots of deep sighs built in. 


  1. They adopt a certain BELIEF about life, their situation, or themselves.


The belief often has something to do with hopelessness, worthlessness, or overwhelm.


I call this hypnotic recipe the 3 B's. 


Body Language




People think Beliefs are hard to change. 


But beliefs are nothing more than recycled self talk. 


Many times we've repeated the belief so many times that it has become unconscious and we don't even realize we're thinking it. 


Don't try to figure out why you're depressed or what recycled belief you're thinking to yourself. 


Instead, change the recipe!


When you shift your 3 B's you literally change the chemicals in the body. 


You release your own, natural anti-depressants. 


(Your body is a miracle, you know.)


Do this with me right now...


  1.  (Body Language) Imagine a magic string pulling you up from the top of your head. Sit or stand up straight...as if you're being pulled up from above. 


Let the rest of your body hang, loose and relaxed, as if you're a marionette on a string. 


  1.  (Breathing) Take a deep, invigorating inhale while counting to 4, hold it for 4, exhale for 4, hold it for 4. Repeat 3 times.


  1.   (Belief) Think these words to yourself - as if you truly mean them...








RECAP: The Anti-Depressant Protocol

  1. Do Anti-Depressant Protocol #1 one time. That's often all that's necessary. 

Repeat if needed. 

You'll just keep feeling better and better. 

  1. Repeat Anti-Depressant Protocol #2 daily. 

After 3 days, you might just find yourself looking forward to this as the most enjoyable part of the day. 

  1. Repeat Anti-Depressant Protocol #3 as often as needed. 

At first you might find yourself doing it 10 times per hour. 

That's ok because it only takes 30 seconds. 


Every time you change your 3 B's you give yourself a hit of powerful "feel good" chemicals. 


If you read this far, thank you.


For real. 


I appreciate you and I'm so grateful that I could spend a few minutes with you today. 


I'm sending love and joy. I hope you can feel that joy bubbling up inside as you read this hope-inducing cheat sheet. 


Have a joy filled week, my friend. 





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