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Freddy and Lori's 2-Day Intensive Hypnosis and Business Training

Join Freddy Jacquin and Lori Hammond for this life-changing hypnosis and business training. 

We received such overwhelmingly positive feedback that we decided to make the replay of this training available to the public. 

You will learn, and receive scripts for the following:


  • Armotion
  • Progressive Induction
  • Super Suggestion
  • Verbal Confusion Induction


  • Magnetic Fingers
  • Twist Test
  • Finger on the head
  • Doppelganger Induction


  • The Jacquin Arrow Technique
  • Twist Test
  • The Jacquin Dream Architectural 
  • Introduction to Parts Negotiation
  • How to set up Parts Negotiation during hypnotherapy
  • Quantum Healing
  • Rejuvenation Therapy
  • The Jacquin Phobia Technique
  • The Jacquin Girl-on-the-Train Metaphor
  • The Jacquin Time Machine
  • Total Perception Management
  • Virtual/Hypno-Gastric Band
  • Weight Loss Without Willpower Formula
  • Lori’s “Become a Naturally Active Person” Exercise Program


  • Freddy’s Quit Smoking Questionnaire


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What People Are Saying:

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Freddy Jacquin and Lori Hammond! Thank you for the terrific training last weekend. The amount of knowledge and material you've packed into two days is immense! I loved the uplifting energy and startling commitment from both of you and the lovely people from all over the world. Freddy's confidence and over delivery paired with Lori's authenticity and hearty cheerfulness made these two days truly unforgettable. If anyone is interested either to learn something new or improve the earlier gained knowledge, I can only recommend these two great teachers. You will be amazed as much as I was. My special thanks to the training guest, Kev Webster. Your knowledge and information has provided great value!

Luba Gramann

Freddy and Lori, thank you for one of the most inspiring and uplifting weekends of my life. Who knew that internet training could be so much fun and equally as good (if not better) than face to face training? I count myself so lucky to have been a part of it

Susie Carver