I created this VIP Mastermind Mentorship program in response to being asked, over and over...

"Will you mentor me?"

My hourly rate is $500 and I know that can be tricky for someone who's building their business.

I also firmly believe that having the support of a community and being on group coaching calls is MORE valuable than one-on-one coaching.

Something amazing happens when you get in the presence of like-minded people. 

You'll love the inspiration you get on our bi-weekly Zoom calls.


Bi-Weekly Mastermind Calls

You get an exclusive invite to join my VIP mentorship calls on the second and 4th Wednesday of each month.

Click this link and enter your time zone to see the time in your area.

If you can't be there live, it's ok. All the replays are posted in the VIP Facebook group.

Founding Member

You get to have exclusive say in how this group forms. 

There are already 30 members and we just started a few weeks ago! 

Everyone who joins the group now will become a Founding Member who gets to vote on what step-by-step coaching programs I create first.

Coaching From Lori

People who join my mentorship program know I go above and beyond to answer your individual questions and coach you past obstacles to success.

You get access to my "Hotseat Zoom Calls" where I will coach people in real time so everyone on the call benefits from the "aha" moments that skyrocket you toward your goals.


Some of the topics we've covered on past calls:

(You get access to these answers and more when you join.)

What if I have so many ideas I don't know where to start?


You get a clear strategy for choosing the best idea and taking action. 

HINT: The best strategy is to make a decision THEN make it right. You're wasting time by waiting to choose the best option.

I'm so overwhelmed that I just procrastinate!

Learn an empowering question that helps you choose the ONE Thing that will make a massive difference in your business so you can stop multi-tasking (it doesn't really work) and start making a difference.

I'm afraid to charge what I'm worth... am I really worth it?

When you tap into your worthiness to make an excellent living by changing people's lives, you begin to attract the clients who recognize your worth and are willing to invest.

Get strategies for acknowledging your innate worth in the mentorship program.

How do I attract clients without feeling sleazy?

Learn how to connect with potential clients in a way that lets them know, like, and trust you. 

When you use these tools you will have people lining up to work with you.

How do I run private or group hypnosis session on Zoom?

This is one of the options for the first step-by-step training I'll develop in January. 

I'll show you how to structure your session to help with most any problem in a private session or group setting.

Join now to vote on the first training I create.